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  • Im told that progynova and climaval are exactly the same,yet being on Climaval i feel unwell?

    both are the valerate,both are at 3mg. Yet Progynova,im fine, no issues but four days on climaval i feel tired,bit sick,breast tenderness,episodes of anxiety bit headachy sometimes and sore eyes.I felt wierd after an hour of taking my daily medication last night.

    is it co-incidence or have others had similar expierences?

    Yes ive contacted my gp and waiting for a call back

  • UK motorcycle. Is it illegal to put tiny white led's that face forward for decorative purpose?

    The LED's arnt very bright, they only run on 5volts and im only using them during the xmas time theyre not super bright and incapable of dazzling anyone. Being white and facing forward they look more like running or side lighting.

    3 AnswersMotorcycles7 years ago
  • How to find out if a vehicle is stolen/written off on vin number only?UK?

    My other question wasnt getting the answer i need. I have been to the Police before with the same question and theyre response is'do you know its stolen?'- so because i say im not sure and wanted to make sure they wont look it up. DVLA arnt interested- saying they cant check via vin number.

    So i could have bought a motorcycle that is either A.stolen B.written off C. import duty not paid d.lost its reg plate and paperwork

    Its a 50cc honda and i have no way of finding the original reg plate via its vin number. Im not going to pay out around £250 to tax,mot,insure,get a letter of authentication, use aDVLA form just to loose discover that its stolen.

    There must be a way to find a uk vehicles history/identity via the vin number- if not then getting a vehicle to assume a new identity is veryeasy!!

    11 AnswersInsurance & Registration7 years ago
  • Suzuki GS650 GX Katana Starter motor toast- what other models will fit?

    I cant get hold of GS650 GX katana starter motor off ebay , so im looking to see if another model will fit, eg

    GS550? GS750? GS850??

    2 AnswersMotorcycles8 years ago
  • ldv convoy , is it normal to have play in the steering wheel ?

    I was looking at buing an LDV convoy, and took one for a test drive. I found it difficult to drive it in a straight line as it would drift left/right and i would have to turn the wheel to counteract it at low speed. Also the amount of play seemed excessive... about 30 degress +/- its like driving a tank with a peddlecar steering box!!...

    Is this normal as the seller said it is and his mot guy said it was too.... that ALL LDV Convoys are like it ...

    6 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation8 years ago
  • If you hold a Class C1 licence and upgrade it to a Class C, will the licence show ....?

    Im wandering if you hold a Class C1 which you took a test for say 5 years ago and then upgraded it to a Class C. Would the date on that catagory entitlement be shown as passing your test 5 years ago or from the date you passed your Class C.

    I also wander if other catagory upgrades retain thier original pass date or are replaced with the new date that you passed your Motorcycle pass an A2 then take a test to upgrade to an A1 and then upgrade to a catagory A... would each time your licence catagory entitlement date be 'reset'???

    4 AnswersInsurance & Registration8 years ago
  • what gearbox would fit into a ford 100E?

    the standard is a naff 3 speed box, so i was wandering if i could put a later box that would line up with the stock sidevalve engine?

    2 AnswersFord8 years ago
  • stumery Archer bicycle 4speed in a three speed hub?

    I have a four speed sturmey archer with a dyno hub and i have bought a 3 speed. I want know if i can take the four speed and put it in the three speed hub, as the four speed dyno will not fit my bike, but the 3speed will.

    2 AnswersCycling9 years ago
  • I have an Epson TM88ii receipt printer and want to know the wiring pinout on the RJ45 connector for my till?

    I worked out that the pin out has two grounds and one 12volt constant voltage. But i need to know how to correctly wire the till up to it so that i will only have the till open once the printer starts printing.

    1 AnswerPrinters9 years ago
  • my circuit board has alot of disc capacitors but the all give diffrent readings?

    On the pcb im looking at there is several 200K disc capacitors, but when i put the multimeter on the legs of each one i get diffrent readings from 1-140K... does that mean theyre ALL defective??.

    There is three on the bridge rectifier and only two i get a reading the other i get nothing.

    Ive tested the power on the board and i have 24volts AC, but zero once rectified, yet ive tested the diodes and theyre fine

    3 AnswersOther - Electronics9 years ago
  • on a circuit board what is the name for the following component?

    it is about the size and shape of a smartie, but flat, a sort of burnt orange colour, as two legs at the 5 and 7 o-clock position and the ones on the pcb im looking at have




    printed on them

    I have tested a few of these on the pcb and they all give diffrent readings varying from no reading to 140k. with my multimeter set at 200K

    I presume this means that alot of these have failed and need replacing, but without a name i cant order them

    2 AnswersOther - Electronics9 years ago
  • broken geller towa cash register, where in the westmidlands can i get it repaired?

    i bought a cash register ( till) which has a fault. i didnt pay alot for it, and it was sold as faulty, so i was hoping to repair it myself, bu t i cant so i need a repair shop that deals with these.

    im in Walsall West midlands

    3 AnswersSmall Business9 years ago
  • make kitten makes this strange sound that is like a hum but high pitched and varies?

    I have looked online to try and find any other cat recordings of the same sound and i can not find anything similar.

    Its not a purr

    Its not open mouthed

    Its not a short sound like ive hear when a cat is watching a bird.

    Its like a chirpy hum but that quickly changes key.

    Ive noticed it happens when:

    1- i stop playing with the kitten with its toys

    2- i come in from being out and feed him, then i go to the loo... he will eat then make the noise

    3- when he enteres another room or just moves to another part of the room

    4- spots a mark on the wall or a fly...

    Im trying to work out if he is asking for attention, complaining or some other reason.

    He enjoys his food, he loves his toys , seems happy.

    He made the same noise before curling up on the end of my bed to go to sleep....

    4 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • where is there motorcycle parking bays at Birmingham city Hospital?

    I can only find pay and display for cars- which is boud to end in tears.. as there is nowhere to put it on my bike and so it would probably 'ealk' and i would get a fine or my bike towed

    2 AnswersBirmingham9 years ago
  • I sold a motorcycle frame with vc logbook on ebay over 6months ago- but DVLA now want me to tax/sorn it?

    I have had a tax reminder for this frame, even though i sold it over 6months ago on ebay. I have had the same problem with the last motorcycle i sold, which the new owner failed to notify DVLA. I got intouch with DVLA and told them all the details i knew... ebay number but they said the bike is in my name so my responcibility.

    So my question is, IF the current owner fails to notify dvla that they are the owner, can i legally SORN it, write to DVLA and then if i get another reminder, in a year's time to scrap it?.

    When i sold the bike frame the buyer arranged a courier to come and collect it, so he wasnt present to sign the new keepers section,, so i filled in my section and signed it, in hope the new owner would fill it in and send it off.

    4 AnswersMotorcycles9 years ago
  • how many whiskers does a cat have?

    i counted on my kitten

    1- each side of the head

    8- above the eye

    12 each side of the nose

    On some sites they say eye whiskers arnt true whiskers- which i dont get as if i gently tap the end of any whiskers my kitten will be disturbed and react...

    2 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • I had a dream that i was a special guest at an event where i was to meet Jimi Hendrix, what could that mean?

    I had this dream where i was a special guest at a very large outdoor event somewhere in UK and i was to meet Jimi Hendrix. In my dream Hendrix hadnt died and was alot older. I never got to meet him,as the dream took a twist while i was walking along a field with one of the members of staff,chatting to her about how i felt meeting him.. we ended up sneaking into some social club on the edge of the field where there was an exersize meeting for people with prostectic limbs!.It was like a confidence building session for them. We creapt back out to go back to the event and my cat woke me up!.

    Im not a big fan of Jimi Hendrix in that i dont have a huge collection of his stuff or know any of his tunes off by heart. I know of the popular ones and used to listen and try and play someof his stuff years ago.

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation9 years ago
  • I took my cat to the vet to treat it for flees, but i found a flee in my bed and last night i couldnt sleep?

    i took my cat to the vet as i had discovered it got flees even tho its an indoor cat. Last night i couldnt sleep as i was iching in diffrent places from flees.So today the cat has had its flee treatment and i have bought Frontline, but im concerned that my home and my bed has flees in it.. especially after an un settled night and dicovering a small flee tonight in my bed.ive looked over my bedding and i cant see any flees ( white bedding )-

    my freind thinks a flee bomb isnt needed, what do others think?

    9 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • very sick kitten advice needed please-very underwieght,diahrea with blood in- male kitten about six weeks old?

    Its not my kitten, i think my friend has been dooped into taking on a very sick kitten under the guise that the person who gave it away found it as a stray.But when the woman brought it round she also included a bowl, litter tray, and alot of food + litter...

    My concern is as i was watching over it this evening- its grosely underwieght and is doing yellow liquid poo with blood in.

    My freind was advised to feed him a very runny oat and skimmed milk mix.

    Ive got intouch with the RSPCA in hope they can advise me and i can pass the info on to my freind and ive told my freind to take it to the vet as soon as possible. But i thought i would ask on here for advice

    5 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • What cat food is better than Whiskers kitten pouches and biscuit?

    In a recent question, one of the answers i got wrote that whiskers isnt the best, and that i should get better cat food with more meat in it and feed my cat several times a week with either raw chicken or raw beef???

    8 AnswersCats9 years ago