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  • Missing wheelchair in assisted living facility?

    My mother is in an assisted living facility in Florida. On Monday, she noticed that a brand new portable wheelchair -- that we have not used for her yet -- that was shrinkwrapped and billed to Medicare (the price is over $4,000, Medicare and the secondary have paid) was missing from her closet. In addition, part of her closet was rummaged through. This is a bad week to be bringing this up with the coronavirus lockdown to management. When we mentioned this to the director, she said that "we have many wheelchairs here and will have to look for it". I have heard nothing back. Should I send a registered letter to the assisted living facility reported this missing, and ask them if a police report has been filed? Should I also call the wheelchair rental facility and report this?

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    Does NVIDIA manufacture good graphic cards?

    I want to purchase the new NVIDIA 2060 - Super edition card. There are many options manufacturers which planning versions (Asus, Zotac, Eva, MSI all the standard vendors). My question is this -- NVIDIA has their own version on sale right now at $399, I can get some discounts off it, and it is quickly available and comes with a three -year warranty. It is a better buy than the ones available on Amazon and NewEgg. My question is this-- does NVIDIA manufacture good cards themselves? I know they supply the technology but I did not know they supply actually hardware. Take a look at the link.

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  • Does upgrading my graphics card to a new "NVIDIA 2060 Super" edition make sense on my system?

    My current graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

    My current processor: Intel Core i7-6700K

    Board: SABERTOOTH Z170

    16 megs RAM, 500 megs SSD

    Note: I am asking about upgrading to the newly released 2060 Super which is benchmarking better than the 2070 and was released last week.

    My question is will I see a noticeable improvement in graphics for gaming in mid applications like Second Life and even high end games like Wolfenstein 2 (the new promotion comes with a free elease of the new game) or is it overkill for a 6th generation I7 processor? Will Ray Tracing even work on my system?

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  • Could adjusting a pacemaker cause digestive issues as a side effect?

    My 92 year old grandmother has had a pacemaker. Three weeks ago,on June 5, they :tuned her pacemaker up since she said she was feeling sluggish. She got used to her new setting, but started developing stomach issues around a week after her pacemaker adjustment on June 12. She says her ability to eat anything other than eggs and soft food has deteriorated, and that she is having problems sleeping. She also claims her stomach is upset and that "she just is not feeling right". Could this be due to the pacemaker? Or is it just coincidental and more likely due to something else?

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  • Prednisone, muscle relaxers, and ultram causing memory loss?

    I hurt my back badly last week -- I basically was unable to walk for two days. The doctor has put me on 40 mgs of prednisone (tapering down to 10 mgs over 10 days), 5 mgs of cyclobenzaprine muscle relaxer twice a day, and 50 ultram/tramadol for pain killers 4 times a day as needed. I am also using prescription strength lidocaine patches. I feel much better and can move around but I have done some things around my house last night that I cannot remember -- like cleaning up and organizing things that I cannot now find. I have never sleepwalked before. Could this medication be causing me to do this? I was able to drive today perfectly, and I do not drink or take anything else that would cause this.

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  • Window 10 Blue Screen of Death Issues lately?

    Anyone else having Windows 10 BSOD issues in the past week? I never had them before -- and I had two today. I think it may have something to do with the latest

    Windows 10 features upgrade. FYI I have a Windows 10 gaming computer with an Intel 7 chip and NVIDIA 970 graphics card -- it had never given me any problems before.

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  • What to do about gecko (?) running down bathtub drain?

    I live in Florida. I noticed 1 1/2 inch gecko in the bathtub last week, I let it be. We are mellow about the critters down here. I just walked into my bathroom right now and noticed a green tail scurrying down my bathtub drain when I put the light on. I am a bit freaked out. My question is this -- could my bathtub drain be being used as some sort of entry route to my house for geckos and other assorted lizards? Should I just assume this is the same fellow as last week who happened to hide when I turned my bathroom lights on and managed to grow a bit in the past seven days? Or should I just ignore this reptilian incident as the price I have to pay for living in Florida, the land of eternal sunshine?

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    Do I buy these if I want to change the color of my light switches?

    My light switches control overhead lights without dimmers -- they are simple on and off switches. The ones up now are ivory and were painted over. I want to replace them with white ones. Would these work? They are the same size as the ones that are up there now. Decora 15 Amp Single Pole AC Quiet Switch, White. I am not doing the installation -- but i want to make sure I am buying the right thing from Home Depot.

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  • stinky feet when wearing sandals?

    I live in Florida and wear sandals all the time. I do not know how to put this delicately. It has gotten to the point where I cannot stand the way my own feel smell in sandals. I bathe every day, do not have fungus in my feet (I asked the doctor yesterday), and do not think I have particularly bad personal hygiene. But lately I am very conscientious of foot smell. Here are some steps I am taking. 1. I am making sure I am letting my ecco sandals dry out between wearings (they are the only kind I wear). 2. I using medicated powder on my feet after showers to see if this will help 3. I am even putting my sandals in the freezer in bags to see if that will make them fresher. Does anyone else have any ideas how to make your feet smell wonderful -- without wearing socks -- when living in a hot tropical climate such as Florida year round and only wearing sandals all the time?

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  • New dishwasher will not drain?

    I just had a new Maytag dishwasher installed by the Loewes contractor this week. The dishwasher will not drain. I think the problem may be that the plastic pin in the garbage disposal has not been removed. I have no experience with plumbing, and I just went through a house flood. Is this a repair I could attempt on my tonight, or should I call a handyman in on Monday to attempt to fix it? I would like to get the Lowes installer back here but that might be a chore and a half.

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    Should I replace my kitchen GFCI outlet with an AFCI/GFCI combination outlet?

    I am in the process of buying a new GFCI outlet for the kitchen. Should I also get one with AFCI included- or is it necessary? My condo was built in 1990 and I am updating the color of the outlets. Note that I live in Florida and we get frequent lightning storms here. See my choices below.

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    Which electrical outlets do I need to purchase for my kitchen -- with or without NEMA 5?

    I need to purchase three replacement 15 amp self-grounding "leviton duplex outlets" for the electrician to install in my kitchen for the kitchen counter area. There are two that match the description exactly and are identical at Home Depot The only difference is that one has a "NEMA 5" configuration. The other is slightly more expensive and is described as "tamper-resistant". There replace existing outlets in a different color that are already up. Which do I need to get? See choices below.

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  • Advice on purchasing queen size sheet sets for about $50?

    I want to purchase a new Queen Size sheets set. I would like a set that has one fitted sheet (for a 15 inch mattress) and at least 2, preferably 4 pillow cases. I live in Florida and ideally want an all-cotton, preferably Egyptian Cotton 1000 count sheet set. The problem is the beginning price on Amazon for a 4 sheet set is about $95.00. If my budget is $50.00, what should I buy? Note -- I do get hot here, so microfiber (polyester) which is cheaper is probably not a good idea. Should I go for a lower fiber count? 400 or 600 instead of 1000? Does a polyester/cotton mix make a difference if I get hot in the summer?

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    Coax Wall Plate Replacement?

    I am having a Granite backsplash cut for the kitchen tomorrow. There is an old cable coax plate that is in the corner of the kitchen that is no longer operable. Our homeowners association switched to Wifi routers a few years ago. I need to tell the remodeling company where I want openings cut in the backsplash tomorrow -- for outlets and a light switch. Should I plan on having a new coax cable outlet installed (there is cable in the walls) even though there is no working cable service, or just cover it up with a blank plate in case I sell my condo in a few years?

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  • Are white kitchen appliances out of date? What about resale value?

    I am redoing my kitchen. I have selected white modern kitchen cabinets with a marble top. There is a white tile floor, and my walls are neutral silver. The room is rather dark -- and I like the bright white space. I want to pick white appliances (kitchen, range, dishwasher) to go along with the cabinets. But it seems everywhere I look stainless steel in in vogue. I really do not like stainless much (it looks cold to me) but there is no price difference these days between the two finishes -- and white is harder to get. I think I will end up selling my condo in about two years. Would I be better off going with stainless even though white appliances match the room better now?

    11 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling2 years ago
  • IRS CP-12 Adjusted Refund Notice - They sent it dated 10/29/2018 and I still do not have the check?

    On 10/29/2018, which is coming up to 10 weeks, the IRS sent me a notice that I was due back a check for almost $200 due to some miscalculations on my 2016 tax returns. They said if I agreed with this, I did not have to do anything, and that the check would be mailed to me in 4-6 weeks. I think I actually got this letter in mid November. I have not received this check yet. I do not feel like calling the IRS, it is not that great an amount, and there is a government shutdown. I do not think I owe anything for 2017, I filed on time and did not hear from them. Do I need to be concerned? Could the check have been lost? Should I just forget about this for now? (today is 1/12/19)

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  • How do I tell my aging mother she can no longer handle her job as association treasurer without causing a fight?

    My aging mother lives in an assisted living facility. She is the association treasurer. No one else wants the postion- there are about 300 residents. My mother does not want to lose control of her postion and is becoming more and more forgetful. She just told me she cannot find over $500 of cash gifts (we counted the money together this week) for the staff. I have to go over and search for the money tomorrow. My mother also told me we would have to go into her savings account to make up the difference if the money is lost (or stolen). I keep on asking her to resign the postion, and she refuses. There is a bank account involved that she has signature authority over. She was supposed to resign the postion this month, and she apparently has not done so. She is now fighting with the executive director. How do I convince my mother -- or demand that she give up this postion -- without causing a huge fight? I am worried that they are going to hold me accountable for the cash (I am her guarantor). or accuse me of stealing the cash, or even worst determine that my mom is alzheimer's (she is showing signs of early dementia) and move her into the memory care unit. What do I do here?

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  • Is this inappropriate behavior?

    Is this inappropriate behavior? You are sitting on a long distance bus in Spain. There is an empty seat next to you. A mother with two children, a young boy (say 7 years old) and a young girl (say 6) eyes the empty seat and sits the young girl next to you (you are sitting by the window). You (a middle aged male) say hello to the young girl and her mother. The mother looks annoyed, rudely seizes the young girl away from the seat, and seats the young boy next to you instead. You start looking out the window and laugh loudly at this incident. When I told my Spanish friend about this I said that I found the mother's behavior rude, and he said that "in Spain, one never speaks to anyone's children like this". Was I innapropriate in giving a brief greeting here? I was not leering at the child as I remember.

    8 AnswersEtiquette2 years ago
  • Cleaning dried mud compound sanded "powder"?

    There is dried mud compound sanded "powder" all over my white tiled living room floor from a sloppy repair drywall project. The maintenance people left this. All they did after installed new drywall - include sanding the new mud -- is sweep the old stuff up. My vacuum cleaner will not get it all off. Can I mop this up or will it cake up? How do I completely get rid of the very fine powder all over my living room? Is there some sort of cleaner that makes this process easier? Are drywall installers expected to vacuum up after themselves?

    4 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling2 years ago
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    Correct Drywall Repair Question- Is this a good job?

    My condo association is repairing drywall today after a kitchen flood. They are responsible for the drywall, I am responsible for the paint and the baseboard trim. I am concerned that the worker is doing a substandard job. After cutting out the new drywall and drilling it in the wall the workers are mixing up alot of "mud spackle" and just laying it in the sheetrock cracks. There is no tape that I can see, some sanding, and little smoothing. Check the photo out-- is this a good job (they say they will finish in one day). More importantly, will I be able to bring my own workers in and clean up after them and salvage this? I read that any job without tape will result in cracking in the future.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs2 years ago