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  • Radioisotope Question?

    Hey guys,

    So someone ask me to help them with their biology and I'm know what radioisotope dating is but it's been a while since I did any problems with it. Their question is awkward and by no means I'm a pro at this stuff that is why I came here. So the question goes something like this: During the edicaran period from 4.6 million years ago and ending in about 542 millions years ago what are the elements presented during those two ages? What formula do you use to find the element and how do you know what element is in that time frame? If someone can explain not just the question but the whole thing to me I would appreciate it.



    1 AnswerEarth Sciences & Geology7 years ago
  • A place that sell 939 motherboard?

    I'm looking for a socket 939 motherboard, which is new since my die and I don't want it from ebay. Do you guys know a place that sell 939 motherboard that is new. I search the internet but could not find any even newegg, amazon, and so on...


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  • Finding a certain song?

    I recently heard a song it's kind of a rock like sound. It goes like this:

    I got to know what you been thinking, I'll find a way to get it from you.

    I got to know what you been dreaming, dreaming of me of what you should do.

    (Long playing of electric guitar)

    Don't give in fight to be free, save yourself from the lights of me, don't give in fight to be free. Cause I got to know.

    Let me know if you guys find the title of it thanks.

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