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  • What is this movie?

    Can someone identify this movie???

    It has been some time since I watched this movie so there is no doubt the movie is an older movie. From what I recall it is about a religious family who had taken a young boy into their home and raised him. I remember the mother was a very important figure in a small local bank. He leaves the family to later return accompanied by friends with the plan to steal and embezzle money from the bank in which the mother worked. The men hold the family hostage and blackmail the mother using their safety to get them the money they have came after. In the end I remember that the barn and the house had been laced with explosives and there is a huge explosion.

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  • What movie/tv show was the song If by Bread played in?

    I am in search of some answers I hope someone can give me. This is probably a long shot but I am gonna shoot. This song was played on a television show or movie but for the life of me, I cannot remember what. If anyone can name any show or movie this song was in I would be so appreciative!!! This is such a wonderful song which I recently just stumbled upon once again

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  • Old educational shows???

    I am hoping someone can help me and if you can thank you so much in advance. I am looking for two shows that a teacher of mine would play when I was in elementary school. One of the shows was completely math related. The show revolved around math. The characters were even shaped as math symbols. Some of the characters I remember was subtraction, addition, multiplication, division. There was even a dog in the show. For the life of my I cannot remember the name of the show.

    The other show was also based upon math from what I recall and the main character in the show was a woman. It was a magic/witch like based show in which mathematical problems were solved in an attic/lab like environment. I do think the woman had short like hair if that helps.

    Please if anyone can help me with the names of these two shows I would be very grateful!

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  • What is this movie?

    I watched a movie a while back and I can t remember the name but I remember some details but not enough to find the movie on Google. The movie involved a couple who were divorcing and for some reason they went on a trip together and ended up getting stranded in a snowstorm, I am thinking they were in an RV. I do remember that at the end of the movie they are in the hospital and one goes to see the other while they are in a wheelchair but I am not sure if they get back together or not! Could someone please help me with the name of this move it is driving me insane!!!?!?!?

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  • Where I can I find the music to songs?

    Does anyone know of a website that I can find music to songs? It has to be the music without singing, like karaoke but it can't have singing in the chorus! And I really need it to be free!

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  • Some one help?

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  • Why Do I Have Horrible iPhone 5 Battery Life?

    When I first got my iphone 5 in September my battery was great. But when I upgraded to ios 7 it started to go bad. It drains quickly, the battery percentage jumps around (for example my phone was on 40% and I Facetimed someone and as soon as they answered I looked at my percentage and it had dropped to 23%, in a matter of seconds.), it also dies around 15 percent. It sometimes varies when it dies though. Sometimes it will die at 10% or 11% or 5% but mostly dies at 15%. It never goes to 1% like it used too. Is there anyway I can fix this?

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  • Fat under my armpit??

    Could someone tell me what this is and is it dangerous? I noticed it about 3 months ago. It seems as if I have extra fat under my armpit toward my back! It starts small at the top of my breast on the right side and around the bottom of my armpit to my back where it gets bigger and is probably the size of a baseball( that's all the extra fat together) I'm sorta concerned! It do meant hut in anyway! Although it has cause my brad to not fit correctly! The strap that goes around my back to latch in the back has to stay under the extra fat because it won't stay on top it just slides underneath! The bra strap does sometimes make sort of a blister or sore spot where it had to stay under that spit all the time but that's the only pain I ever get from it! You can tell it through my shirts and my tank tops do the same thing as my bras! The top of my tank top slides inter the fat! Please someone help me! Is this dangerous? What is it? Could it be cancer? Some kind of Tumor? And how do I get rid of if!!! By the way I am a little over weight not much! I do have fat on the left side but not this much!!

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  • What movie is this????

    Can someone tell me the name of this movie? This woman is a widower and she falls in love with this man, and when she starts to remodel the house and plans on marrying the man she starts seeing her dead husband whom was a tap dancer. I really liked the movie but I can't remember the name or any

    Of the cast. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Could I be pregnant????????????

    I'm 15 and I'm not sure if I should have already started my period but I haven't had my period this month. I have never had sex but I do mastarbate and sometimes on the toilet with a hairbrush it electric toothbrush. But lately I have been having nausea and my nipples were sore to the touch about a week ago. Could I somehow be pregnant? Maybe by sperm somehow getting in me?

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  • Could I be pregnant??????

    I'm 15 and I'm not sure if I should have already started my period but I haven't had my period this month. I have never had sex but I do mastarbate and sometimes on the toilet with a hairbrush it electric toothbrush. But lately I have been having nausea and my nipples were sore to the touch about a week ago. Could I somehow be pregnant? Maybe by sperm somehow getting on me?

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  • What's wrong with me?

    I am 15 and my nipples are sore and my stomach muscles are sore and tight! It's my upper stomach muscles. I don't think it's time for my period but it may because I forgot to write it down last month. I'm still a virgin but I do mastarbate regularly. So could I somehow be pregnant? If not what could be wrong?

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  • Is Helen Cornelius married?

    Is Helen Cornelius married or in a relationship? I'm just curious because I just read an article about her and Jim Ed's affair and it didn't say if she got married again or not.

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  • Where can I watch the old Dallas?

    Is there any place I can watch the old Dallas series that was in the 70's and 80's? It has to be completely free and safe(won't give my computer/tablet a virus)!

    2 AnswersDrama8 years ago
  • Days Of Our Lives episodes?

    Does anyone know where I could find a link to watch the days storyline of the salem stalker? I am really wanting to watch where Maggie Horton is attacked in Marlena's office while under hypnosis. I need the link to be FREE and not have to download ANYTHING! Thank you!

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  • Middle age romance movies?

    Could someone tell me some middle age romance movies of people in like their 40s and 50s?

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  • Why haven't I had my period?

    I am 15 and I haven't had my period since around Nov. 20th. I'm a virgin, I do masturbate while sitting on the toilet with the seat up sometimes. I have been exercising a some and recently I gained some weight 5-6 pounds and then lost it. I have also been really sick with tonsillitis for about a week now! I have taken 2 kinds of antibiotics prescribed by doctors and had 2 shots. I am just now getting better! Also for about 4-5 days I have been seeing pinkish redish coloring on my pad. I don't bleed constantly. I bleed some then stop its like I'm spotting! Could this be pregnancy spotting? Could I be pregnant because of masturbating on the toilet? If not why haven't I had my period?

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