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  • My wife has a love for Lolicon & Shotacon Which is a sub category of Japanese art of hentai what's your opinion?

    My wife and her love for Lolicon & Shotacon and are open marriage

    My wife as a fetish in which I share in some what her fetish somewhat . I met my wife 5 yrs ago on we got married we both use to have husbands from previous relationships, I got divorce hers died in a car accident. I couldn't find a man that I love as much as him. I met her at lowe's we started to talk about roses next thing I know we were wife and wife she inducing to hentai I found some of it to be cute and or romantic. But hers is a little weird she mostly likes Lolicon and shotacon to which is a sub category hentai but I might being coming around to it but don't tell anyone. We both still haves are kids living with from previous relationships ages 5 and a half 11. So what do you think about lolicon and shotacon is it OK with children in the house or what?

    PS we didn't go full lesbian we have a open marriage and once the government legalize plural marriage we're going to get a husband or two to join us. And then I guest we're going to have to buy a double or triple size bed.

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