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  • How do I get my previously abused dog to feel safe? ?

    I recently adopted a 5month old mixed breed pup from Romania. She is from the worst public shelter in the country and at only 5 months old has been physically abused most of her life. Whilst in the shelter she was also starved as she was on a kill list so no point feeding her in their eyes! She isn't aggressive at all in fact she has only bit once when she fell in the pond and we had to drag her out. When we first got her she ran straight to the nearest wall and faced it since then she has made her dog bed at the side of the sofa her home. The issue is she is so scared of us she wont walk past us to go outside if she needs the toilet. She wont move to get food we have to bring it to her. She doesn't play she just sleeps all day. She doesn't like a crate either I assume it reminds her of the kennel environment. We have a huskey that she plays with at night when everyone is asleep as I hear them running around, however in the day she will not come near anyone! any help would be appreciated. 

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