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  • Weight loss stall?

    I have been on a diet for over a year. I started out just cutting calories. I think I am mostly a mesomorph. I can't seem to put on any muscle. My body just wants to stay at 169 pounds. Everytime I think the scale is going down, it goes right back up to 169-173.

    Calories: 1200-1400

    Excersise: Incline walking & workout videos (crunches, high knees, ski lunges, etc.) Sometimes tennis.I don't know what to do. At first I cut calories. And doubled the exercise. I can't do a lot of exercises because of Asthma. Fat = 50% or more, protein 20% or less, and about 100 net carbs a day. This made me lose a lot of weight.Keto didn't work. Maybe my metabolism had slowed down?

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 months ago