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  • Whats the most up to date way to get your T-Mobile Browser on a Blackberry Storm?

    I have a Blackberry 5320 Storm. It was unlocked and can now be used on the T-Mobile network. unfortunately I dont have a browser on here. I called the guy I bought the phone from and he said that if I got a Blackberry Data Plan that the Browser icon would show up but it doesnt. I've restarted, backed up, and still no luck.

    My next step was to scour the web for instructions on how this could b done. The best I could find come from these pages

    and unfortunately my phones OS is a higher version then the one used in all of those scenarios so Im finding it difficult to mimic the steps or find the alternatives. Does anyone know of the most up to date way to do this? Thank you in advance.

    Answers that rude people who just want points can keep to themselves:

    1. Yes it is capable even though the phone is originally meant for the Verizon network. I can use it to call and text now and I've seen screen shots of those able to get onto their browser so I know it can be done.

    2. All others not helpful to my cause. Thanks in advance.

    Thank you in advance for not answering with these.

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  • Why are beast boy and Cyborg still Teen Titans?

    I mean the Comic Book not the Cartoon and the thing is that even in Comic Book slow aging it still makes no sense. The Original Wonder Girl and Robin (Donna Troy and Batman (Nightwing in present time)) were teammates of theirs and are now in the JLA and recognizable as adults. How is it those 2 still qualify as Teens? Aren't they adults? Wasn't Cyborg in the JLA at one point?

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  • Why am I unable to jump on the second window board on Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombie on the FIVE level?

    I've read and watched Youtube videos about a glitch that allows you to jump onto a table and be invincible. The instructions have you go to a window and board it up twice then jump on both boards then to the table. I can jump on the first board but attempting to jump on the second automatically makes me jump off. Anyone out there that has sucessfully done this is there something I'm doing wrong? Has this been patched and if so is there a way to get rid of the patch? Thanks in advance.

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  • Why do I get an "Oil Pressure" warning from my '86 Lincoln Town Car?

    I have a 4 door 1986 Lincoln Town Car and it eats oil. I'll put 5 qt in on a Monday and by Friday I'm getting an "Oil Pressure" light on the dash board. It usually occurs after driving the car for more then 20 minutes or being at a slow pace (traffic) or red light. The longer I drive the more consistent I get the light and warning beeps. The car also putters as a result. What is wrong with my car so I can figure out the best way to go about repairing it. If you need additional info or are in the ATL area and could look at it email me

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  • How do I remedy my chronic back pain and spasms?

    I dont' have health insurance so I can't see a doctor for this without it costing more then I can afford. What are some remedies or ways for me to help the pain in my back without needing to see a doctor or chiropractor?

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  • Where in Atlanta can I find gator, ostrich, and other exotic meats?

    I like trying new things. One of the things I'd like to try is gator meat. I'd also like to know if there's somewhere to get Ostrich, Rattle Snake, and other kinds. Does anyone know of such a market in the ATL?

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  • Where can I rent space to have a yard/garage sale in or near Marietta, GA?

    I need to sell a bunch of good items that are just taking up space in my apt. The property manager won't allow us to have yard sales on the property so where else can I go to set up shop to get this stuff sold?

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  • What are some good vegan recipes for a transitioning meat lover?

    I like meat. I'm trying to support my wifes choice to go vegan though by trying it out myself. Problem is most vegan meals I've seen come in the soup category and I'm not a big soup eater (even meaty soups). I'd like something with more substance maybe some recipes with Tempei, Seitan (need to know how to make that too cause the store bough stuff is horrible), and tofu (Need good tofu recipes cause I don't really like the soft texture that much). I need to trick my pallet into accepting that it's getting a "like meat" meal without meat. Someone help me out.

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  • Does being a vegan have an effect on the kind of high you get from weed?

    I'm wondering due to the fact that marijuana is fat soluble does the high last longer or is it more potent to a person with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle? Is the "high" different so to speak?

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  • What's a good online resource to help me fix my car?

    I have a 1985 Lincoln Town car and I keep getting the Oil Pressure light, Oil's not staying in it, and it's WAY past due for a tune up but I can't afford to pay a mechanic. I use to own the Manual you buy from Auto Zone but I lost it and rather then buy another one I wonder is there an online resource that is just as useful?

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  • Does anyone consistently have more exciting Wrestlemania entrances then John Cena?

    Self Explanatory. at WM 24 he had a College Drumline with him. WM 25 he had the Cena Nation (Via Eminem 2002 VMA's) of look alikes, and this year he had the AF Honor Guard Drill team. Is there anyone else you can remember with better WM entrances?

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  • Will WWE ever have another Black World Champion as long as Vince "Klannedy" Mcmahon is in charge?

    Self Explanatory. Shelton Benjamin has been the most athletic and consistently hardest working performer in Money in the Bank Matches, Ezekial Jackson is basically a black Brock Lesnar, Kofi Kingston is every bit as charasmatic and entertaining to watch as John Cena yet Who's the last black champ they've had?

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  • Is it possible to get an AT&T blackberry to work on Verizon?

    My wife has a Blackberry Curve 8900 from AT&T and we are now on the Verizon network (not a recommendation). Is there a way to get it to work on Verizon. Also is there a way to bypass Verizon's rule that all smart phones must use a data plan if the phone can be flashed?

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  • What Computer Hardware company uses American Technical Support technicians?

    I am not in favor of supporting outsourced technical support as it takes jobs away from the thousands of qualified Americans. I would like to buy my next wireless router from a company that uses ONLY American tech support specialist. Does anyone know specifically of such a company?

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  • How can I get my Acer Netbook an IP Address from my wireless router?

    My wife bought an ACER netbook and we have a NetGear MR814 wireless Router. We've been trying to get the Laptop to connect however it keeps telling us that the IP address cannot be found. I've tried repairing network settings and ipconfig release and renew but still cannot get the laptop to hold an IP. How else can I troubleshoot or resolve this?

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  • Where can I learn an easy way to debone Turkey, Duck, and Chicken to make turducken?

    Youtube videos aren't much help because most of the instructions are going too fast and reading it is no help if you don't speak butcher. Is there anyone on here that has learned how to make Turducken from scratch and knows where I can find easy to understand instructions for Deboning and reforming?

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  • Where can I learn an easy way to debone Turkey, Duck, and Chicken to make turducken?

    Youtube videos aren't much help because most of the instructions are going too fast and reading it is no help if you don't speak butcher. Is there anyone on here that has learned how to make Turducken from scratch and knows where I can find easy to understand instructions fro Deboning?

    1 AnswerCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • What can I do about my laptop keyboard displaying the wrong characters.?

    About a week back I made the mistake of cleaning my laptop keyboard with windex and I jacked up the buttons. My wife said she did it once before and you just have to wait a couple of days for it to dry. It's been a week and when I press keys on the right side like I, O, P,J.K.L I get numbers and special characters. Can anyone help me with this?

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  • Is there a place that teaches Judo in or around Columbia, SC?

    I would like to learn a martial art that is more about using an opponents attack against them them attacking them and so far in my research Judo is the best one for that. Is there a place to learn Judo somewhere in the Metro area?

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  • What can I buy to make my non wireless router a wireless access point for my PS3?

    Here's the entire scenario. I have a Linksys RT31P2 Router that I got from Vonage. It's a regular non wireless router. I don't want to go out and buy another router because I'm afraid it will interfere with the Vonage service having 2 routers back to back (My modem only has the single port and I got that from Time Warner). I want to be able to get my PS3 online without running a 50 Cat5 through my living room if possible. Is there something I can purchase to send out a wireless signal that won't interfere with my router or do I just have to suck it up and either get a cable or another router?

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