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  • Out of the three anime characters in Bleach, who contributed the most to Aizens imprisonment. Ichigo, Uruhara or Mayuri?

    Ichigo was important because he physically brought Aizen down to such a level that allowed Uruhara seal to work and because of that seal he was then imprisoned in the mugen chair a creation of Mayuri which caps reiatsu and keeps said prisoner in hella check.

    Without ichigo uruharas seal would be useless there for no imprisonment

    Without uruhara no seal, Aizen would have kept evolving after that last battle him and ichigo had

    Without Mayuri nothing would be able to hold Aizen, he'd evolve and continue on with his plans because no one would be able to stop him at that point.

    I for one think mayuri and that chair is a life saver because it was said that Aizen is even more powerful than when he was defeated by ichigo and that much power would be simply ridiculous . It's insane that technology can restrain such power .

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  • What's up?

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  • If God Is all knowing and everyones destiny is pre written how is that truly free willl?

    They say God is all knowing.which i like to believe and makes perfect sense. Then they say we have free will.. Which In many ways contradicts the first statement.

    Some people say even though god knows the decisions we make doesnt make them any less important or any less our decisions to make. Which i agree, but when you get down to it you cant have both .. It makes more sense in my opinion to say god has a plan but we choose to follow that plan. For ex. He knows what we will choose but if we choose something else then he didnt know and we have changed our course with each decision .. But to say that no matter what choices we make its all pre determine by our path of what we are suppose to do is contradicting is it not.. We are following a script so to speak already written it would seem its more of an illusion of choice.. Ex. We feel like we are making these decisions cause to us we are but if you believe everybody has there own path already written then are we not just obeying our own programming. Our decisions are still ours but when you think deep enough how can that be our decision if its chosen for us.. And I'm sure many of you can simply explain this away but, if you had a mechanical dog and you program it to eat every day at 5 o'clock and it could think randomly wouldn't it do what you program it to do when you said but it would still say to itself i choose to eat at this time. To the mechanical dog it has free will as well or at least it thinks it does but you are the one who programs it when to sleep, eat, pee, bark, but if it could think but still obey its programming it would also question free will you can't have an all knowing God and fully cling to the idea of free will.. Of course we choose but its already going to happen.... Please no smart remarks people come here for answers not to be mocked or criticized thank you

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  • Why do people that believe in the Bible whole heartily dismiss the act to think?

    I do believe in God before i start this

    For example..

    anything not in the Bible people dismiss

    1.Dinosuars= okay even with scientific proof people still aren't convinced because its not in the Bible

    2.alien life = this is the universe people there are billions of planets millions of galaxies do you really believe there is only us because the Bible doesn't mention it. Absence of evidence Is not evidence of Absence. There are more people these days with more proof of alien and ufo proof than the Bible gives on God and Jesus

    3. Do you think Jesus will damn a gay person for being gay ..nooooo so why would you and even if he would don't you have any sense of control God put you her with free will to think freely branding someone as an outsider because there different is wrong in any case.. Regardless of what the Bible says there's right and there is wrong

    4. Can you really blame or look down on an atheist. I mean if you were God and you had a book with a bunch of magic and ghost ,boatnged people boat with all animals in the world on it splitting rivers walking on water.. Things that people these days automatically deem not real allot of people don't believe in magic but you believe in a entire book filled with it....

    Atheist are no different if you were God could you and would you really blame people for questioning your exsistance with no proof you exist.... Knowing you gave them nothing to even slightly reassure them. I understand that..If God is so wise then wouldn't he understand that as well.. can't even get a job without proof of some skill in that filled everything in life require proof ... Ufo ...hahaha that's preposterous lmao...... Oh but God is taboo and the Bible you don't need proof it just happen says it did .God didn't create you not to think.. And if you believe in God you know he himself even makes mistake s.. s

    6. Why most people believe in God... why you think beauty is what you think it is learn for urself the meaning

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  • If Adam and eve were the first man and woman what ethnicity were they ?

    What were Adam and eve"s ethnicity ?...and whatever it was, how does that explain all the other ethnicities we have? if basically we all come from two people... And also if they were the first two then does that mean back then they mated with there siblings and we still do in a way?

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  • I have park place# 945 from mcdonalds who has broadwalk 945?

    i have park place# 945 from mcdonalds who has broadwalk 945 we can split the profit

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  • Obito can use his eye techniques even if he wasn't in ms mode so if he lived he could have avoid the massacre?

    Now if Tobi really does have obito eye which all signs point to If obito had lived, apparently he would be able to use that intangible dimension technique even if he didn't awaken ms . So who's to say if he survived that day that he wouldn't have unlocked that technique at least so itachi couldn't touch him. I mean all signs point to him having the exact personality and effort of naruto and you seen what he can do and plus awakening his sharingan before sasuke a apparent genius. Judging from what we seen i believe that's possible

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  • Which girl should i choose?

    I am currently in a two year relationship with a very caring women who treats me very good, but over a few months span I have met and conncected with another women in which we have everything in common and I love spending time with. she is like me in a lot of ways,

    I feel myself getting tired of my current girlfirend and thinking a lot about this other girl, my current girl is a terrific girlfriend but I keep thinking I want to give this other girl a chance but I don't wanna hurt my current girl.. who should I choose?

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