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  • Who else thinks that cubs suck?

    being a brewer fan I will give the cubs credit for last year but there is a reason that the cubs have not won a world series in 100 years. The reason is injuries. Every time they get a good player or a number of good players they all get hurt, and are never the same agian. Look at Wood, Prior, Lee. Wood and Prior where once considered to be the best tandem of starting pitchers in baseball, now Wood is the closer, and prior is in the minors for the Padres. now Derrick Lee people forget that three years ago he almost one the triple crown, then he got hurt and has not hit over 25 home runs since. Face it cubs fans all of your good players will eventually get hurt this season and you will finish in last place. That is the great thing about baseball, the yankees and red sox are always the best and the cubs always finish in last.

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  • Does anyone think that the Brewers are for real?

    The Brewers will win there division and be close to the world series. Anyone disagree?

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  • Who thinks that Larry Johnson will get traded to the Packers?

    there are rumors that the packers have offered there first and forth round picks for Larry Johnson. Who thinks it will happen?

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