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  • How do I change a fuel gauge in a 1992 ford ranger?

    The fuel gauge doesn't work in my 92 ford ranger. It has a 2.9 efi engine regular cab I did all the diagnostics and it can only be the fuel gauge I think. How do I change it out?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • How do you take off a 1990 ford truck throwout bearing?

    im trying to replace my clutch in my 1990 ford truck with a 2.9 engine but I can't figure out how to get the throw out bearing off please help

    1 AnswerFord9 years ago
  • Some how I got this virus called xp security 2012 and it wont go away?

    I opened an email from a close friend allegedly and it put a virus on and the window constantly pops up saying I got all kinds of trojans it says it is xp home security 2012. It diverts all my clicks to system restore to it's window and most anything else I click gets diverted to it's sales and register page i went to add & remove programs but it wont show up. I can't get to system restore at all nor does it show up in files and folders. It's KILLING me! HELP! I don't know how I got this far on this page I did not use the tool bar to get here I had to google search and here I am!

    6 AnswersSecurity9 years ago
  • How can I make my external terabyte my main hard drive?

    I got an external hard drive and I want it to be my main hard drive can I do it and if so how?

    4 AnswersAdd-ons10 years ago
  • Can an HIV positive child be born to an HIV negative mother?

    a friend of mine says her son was born hiv positive. She has been being tested for several years and with the most current tests and all are negative. Is this possible?

    8 AnswersSTDs10 years ago
  • In nevada if an illegal immigrant uses his fake identification to get married is that marriage valid?

    A marriage license is an affidavit so if any information obtained for it must be true and correct, right? Otherwise What?

    8 AnswersMarriage & Divorce10 years ago
  • In Nevada, What are the procedures when an individual is determined to be in the country illegally?

    In Nevada, After an individual has been determined by any local or state law enforcement entity to be in the country illegally what can be expected by this individual and what is the desired outcome concerning this individual. Also maybe, The Nevada Revised Statutes on the matter. Thank you.

    3 AnswersImmigration1 decade ago
  • windows movie maker won't recognize or send my movie to youtube. It only has a coupla sites that don't exist?

    I have Windows movie maker and it won't upload to youtube. It has a menu of two other video sites that no longer exist. Can I update wmm or something? so i can do so.???

    2 AnswersYouTube1 decade ago
  • kia sephia cam gears?

    What marks on the cam gears do you use to install them on a 1.8 engine

    1 AnswerOther - Car Makes1 decade ago
  • I need someone that knows the Nevada revised statutes on providing emergency medical care?

    My wife died 18 may of this year of congestive heart failure they said. She awoke in the night and couldn't breath so we called 911 at about 12:30. The ambulance driver and an assistant arrived and determined that she needed more care than they could provide. so they loaded her in the ambulance. But because the clinic we have here was closed in the night due to the fact that the doctor the town Board hired don't do nights, she instead of going to the clinic that's literally 200 yards away from our home had to go to the hospital in Pahrump 77 miles away. Needless to say she didn't make it. So after all that settled a little, two seats on our town board opened up. I decided due to the previous events I would run for one of them. I lost of course but I did find out that there's a Nevada revised statute that states that by law there has to be emergency facilities within 30 miles of our community at all times. The details got a little sketchy when the head of the town board realized just what he was saying and just who was in the audience. My question is. Is this true witch I think it is and should I get a lawyer. This is obviously very important. I am also extremely poor so a lawyer well.... I don't know what to do.

    Law & Ethics1 decade ago
  • What were the stages of the saturn5 rocket and...?

    How many stages to the saturn 5 rocket and what were their names such as main stage and such Also how many motors in each stage.

    and also the L.E.M. and what did they do with the assent stage of the lem some say they crashed it into the moon to record what the moon would do. thus bringing forth the myth that the moon is hollow.

    I know it's a long ? but I like to get my points worth.

    2 AnswersAstronomy & Space1 decade ago
  • What do I do with my self? I'm a widower now and I have no social skills?

    I'm 51 years old. A man. and father of 6. I was married for 33 years. Being most of my life.On 18 may my wife died of heart failure. We were 17 when we met and it was on from there. Our "romance" due to power of necessity was about 2 days long, so I didn't get much experience at "chasing girls" or whatever. I don't even think I should be concerning myself with this yet but the physical aspects of being alone are rearing their ugly head. I know There's more than that reason for having a mate and I'm missing "the more than", as much as anything. So my problem is that I'm 51 and have utterly no clue as to how to go about... well I don't even know how to put it. I guess that's how bad off I am. I've never even really talked to another girl while we were married. Just regular stuff, feeling that it would be rude and dishonorable. So after 33 years of marriage here I am. I don't know what to do. how to act or what to say. It's like I'm 17 all over again, only a lot less of a "catch" as it were. I'm also so confused as to what I should actually be doing at this point in my life given the circumstances. I don't know weather to do the tuna or bark at the moon.I'm not doing that well and this isn't making things any better but being with someone for 33 years and suddenly "not" I'm Totally lost. Thanks.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Does it make a difference who the "bread winner" was with social security survivors benefits?

    My wife died in may. and she was the head of household. Should I have told the ss worker that or does it make a difference? I don't think I'm getting what I'm supposed to. Please don't get me wrong I hate bone picking but I still have 2 kids in the house. I'm in a real situation and have to have all that can help me out. What makes me wonder is that she was a she and typically it's assumed the wife isn't in that position so they might have dealt with my claim under that assumption. Please help, and thanks when you do.

    2 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • memory storage, so I get a terabyte storage thing to get some stuff off of my comp but I cant transfer?

    My computer is so full I cant defrag or a lot other things so I got an external hard drive hoping to relieve my disc space problem but I don't know how or if I can do that. can I run a program from the external hard drive like google earth and take it off of my computer?

    4 AnswersAdd-ons1 decade ago
  • Can I transfer my iTunes library to a memory stick and if so how?

    so like I have 1200 or so songs in my iTunes and it's killing my computer. So my daughter said to get a memory stick and transfer all of them to it. She however didn't tell me how to do it. I bet she don't know how either. First, can it be done. Second, if so how?

    3 AnswersAdd-ons1 decade ago
  • How long should it take for an insurance company to pay on a life insurance policy?

    On 18 may my wife passed away. She had a life insurance policy with mutual of omaha through her work. I submitted all the necessary paperwork that her work instructed me to and had sent to me. 0n 2 June. On 28 july I was informed that the insurance company had lost this paperwork and her work sent me more paperwork to fill out of witch I did. They also requested another certified copy of her death certificate being the first one sent was lost. I complied with these instructions that day. I also have serious concerns about the original documents and there true whereabouts. So, how long should I wait before expressing further concerns.The date of this question is thursday August, 20 2009 Thank you.

    5 AnswersInsurance1 decade ago
  • HELP, I have an antivirus virus?

    I will be durnd if I didn't get one of those personal antivirus viruses. it's called PAV of all things and norton doesn't recognize it. Now it's messing everything up. How do i get rid of it

    8 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • Has anyone gotten an LLC ein package from legalzoom for Nevada?

    I have heard of "other fees" the state has and wish not to be surprised

    Also, how is legalzoom?

    2 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • So can I run more than one EIN under one LLC?

    My first questions were somewhat backwards. So an EIN is a business income number. Now my question. Can I run more than one business EIN under a LLC. I have more than one idea going so how best to do it is what I need to know. Thanks

    3 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago