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  • Is it appropriate to give roses or flowers?

    He is a great guy and he and I have been talking for a few weeks now. We are going out for a date for the first time tomorrow night. From what I know about him so far, he seems really special. I really want to make it a special night for him. I want to demonstrate how special he is. Is it appropriate to give him flowers on the first date? I am picking him up and I want to show up at his door with flowers in hand. I am also a guy.

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  • In Arizona, creating a fake Facebook Page?

    This takes place in Arizona. I was interested in dating someone. When I felt like I was losing this person, I took a name of someone that vaguely remembered from years ago. I created a fake Facebook profile using the name and "friended" the person I was interested in. The conversations between my love interest and this fake friend were never bullying or never used to intimidate. The conversations were normal conversations that might take place between friends. Months later, my love interest finds out that I am behind the fake profile by tracing messages back to my computer's IP address, I assume. He matched that IP address with messages that came from the real me. In Arizona, is this something that I could land in legal troubles for? I took a name that I remembered from years ago and created a fake Facebook person. The fake profile was NOT meant to be malicious, but meant to drive my love interest back to me by saying positive things about myself through this fake persona. It blew up in my face. In Arizona, can I be sued, put on trial, or thrown in jail for such actions?

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  • Thoughts..I am a late bloomer. What do you think?

    I am a 41 year old man who always knew I am gay. However, I never came out to my family and friends until this past summer at the age 40. I decided to come out because I met this amazing man who is now my best friend. He told me to never be ashamed of who I am; something no one ever told me before. He inspires me to be the best I can be in everything now. I have even come to co-workers. But, I am more confident of myself and I feel better than ever. I just wish I had done this sooner. But, I understand why I didn't or couldn't have. Thanks.

  • Could I sue my boss for bullying and harassment and actually win?

    I have documented details and two witnesses willing to come forward for me. We have tried the grievance processes including mediation. It does not work because she lies her through the process. She refuses to be held to account and the district officials believe her and won't talk to witnesses or investigate any charges I am claiming. Or I wondered if it would be feasible to get an Injunction against Harassment on her; a court order stopping the behavior BUT not removing her from the work premises??? Thoughts please.

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  • Is this guy politely avoiding me? I am getting mixed signals.?

    If it matters, this is a same-sex situation. The man I am interested in has gone on dates with me for four months. We finally kissed on our 6th date. Since the kiss, he turned me down twice in a row when I asked him out. The third time I asked him out after our kiss, he completely ignored my invitation by not returning the call. Yet, he says he doesn't want anything to change between us. BUT, he also says he is "apprehensive" to start dating again; and I understand its because he has been hurt in past relationships. I really like him and want to be patient with him. He also says its hard because he works and goes to school. BUT, he made time for me before; working and school didn't seem to be much of a factor before our kiss. I don't get it. He seems fine when we talk. But, avoids the 'dating' when I ask him out now. I am confused. Is he politely avoiding me? Is he politely telling me we can only be friends. I am really confused.

  • Is this person avoiding me?

    I have been going out on dates now with someone for four months. He is an amazing man. As I get to know him, the more attractive he becomes. However, for the last two weeks in a row, I have invited him out for a date and I have gotten the same response out of him. He's "I can let you know." Meaning he'll let me know whether or not he can go out with me. But, then, I never hear anything from him. The first week he gave that response, he did have some legit family business. Maybe give him the benefit of the doubt this time, too? I am a little confused. Is he waiting for me to ask him again later on? Is this is a sign that he doesn't want to go out or maybe slow things down? He did tell me to stop sending him flowers because he wanted me to save my money for doing things. I stopped sending him flowers to save the money. Now, I feel like I am reading into these things as he may not be interested in me in the same way I am interested in him. What to do?

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  • What are some signs that he may not be into me?

    I am a gay man, dating a younger man. After 4 months, we finally shared our first kiss. I felt the emotion of it and I am hoping he did, too. What are some signs that he may not be as into me as I am into him? I really like this guy. We have a lot in common and I feel that those common things are great for us to build intimacy with. Please, serious advice only. Thank you.

  • Sue my boss for mental anguish?

    I am considering suing my bully boss for mental anguish. What can I do in order to insure that I have a strong case? What types of evidence do I need to gather? I know that I am being caused anguish due to the insomnia, the constant headaches, and I feel depressed. But, how do I prove it? I want to be sure I have a case that cannot lose.

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  • An unemployment question in Arizona?

    In Arizona, do I have to be fired in order to collect unemployment benefits? Or can I voluntarily quit my job and still collect unemployment benefits? I ask because I am in a job that I am absolutely unhappy with because of a bully boss. The employer higher-ups allow her to do things she does. I have no recourse; but I want out.

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  • Can my second lien holder foreclose on my house if I stopped paying them but kept paying the primary lien?

    I own a townhome that is currently valued at $38k. I have a piggy-back mortgage; an 80-20 split. I owe $132k on the home. When I bought the home, it was affordable. But, when the economy tanked, other costs went up and I am having problems making the second mortgage payment now. If I stopped making the second mortgage payment, can the lien holder foreclose on the home if I continue paying the primary mortgage? Would the primary mortgage company agree to or allow a foreclosure by the second lien-holder to happen as long as I am paying the primary lein-holder?

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • What is the best streaming devices? Any recommendations?

    I have been looking at purchasing a device for streaming media through my television. I have researched Roku and taken a look at Sony. I have also looked at Apple TV. Are there others besides the three I have looked at so far? I am not sure which is the best. I want something that will allow me to take advantage of free channels and any music media that is available. After my research, I am still unsure of which one to buy. Any suggestions? Any advice will help. Thank you for your time.

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  • Is my boss trying to force me out?

    Lately, nothing I do at work is right anymore. I constantly get corrected for everything I do, I receive multiple emails per week from my supervisor making issues out of the most trivial things. The emails are written to appear that I have done something wrong and she is re-directing me or correcting my actions. With each email, the ability to do my job is being further restricted because she keeps tightening the boundaries on what I can or cannot do. My concern is that this is all documentation in the process to get rid of me. My boss has been angry at me for three months. Someone within our company wrote an anonymous complaint to our CEO complaining about her. She believes I did it. I did not and I have stated that many times. I had nothing to do with it but my boss does not believe that. As a result, her treatment of me stinks.

    3 AnswersLaw & Legal9 years ago
  • Is it possible to buy a home immediately after a short sale on one home?

    I still owe $132k on a home that is worth only about $40k. The loan was modified in 2010; that didn't help. My credit score is 689. From May 2009, there is a chapter 7 Bankruptcy on my credit. I have made my mortgage payments on time as well as my other bills (student loans and car payment). I am in a financially stressful situation; money is very tight and paying into a home that isn't worth it only makes the situation more stressful. Getting into a cheaper home would save me hundreds of dollars per month. I have considered everything from a short sale to giving the deed back to the lender in lieu of foreclosure. Is there anything out there for people like me? Thank you!

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  • Do I have any legal rights if my boss makes false statements about me to other employees?

    Apparently, there was a whistle blowing incident that took place at my employer. It was brought to the attention of all employees through the head of company administration, our CEO. My immediate supervisor believes I am responsible for blowing the whistle. I had nothing to do with it; I didn't do it. However, as a result of her belief that I blew the whistle, she has been bad-mouthing me to other employees. My immediate supervisor is telling others that I did it and the reasons she gives for my doing it are completely made-up in her own mind. She is also telling other employees that she blames me for the whistle-blowing. My supervisor is also calling and telling other employees that I am bad-mouthing them behind their backs, which is completely untrue. My supervisor has been keeping track of how many times I use the restroom in a day. I am being ostracized from the rest of the group. I have learned that my supervisor has also put other employees to the task of finding out whether or not I am gay and then reporting the results of their findings back to her. Is this harrassment? Is this slander and do I have any legal recourse to stop this? I feel like I am being bullied by my supervisor in the workplace. Please help!

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • Did my boss discriminate against me?

    This is in Tucson, Arizona. On Thursday, my co-worker and I were listening to the Rush LimBaugh radio program. My boss insisted that we silence our radio show and basically keep it to ourselves because, in her words, she hates the ideaology of the political right. With that said, my boss and my co-workers who are liberals, discuss politics and religion quite often; one co-worker will even tell stories and jokes with sexual innuendos. However, my boss refuses to silence the others and she refuses to keep her thoughts to herself. Also, I am not allowed to defend myself. My becomes angry and begins to tell me about all the good things she has done for me. Isn't this a form of abuse also?

    10 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • The top news story of 2009?

    I am interested in knowing anyone's opinion on which national news story would be the top story for 2009. My friends and I discussed this and some of us believe the death of Michael Jackson will be tops while Obama taking office as President. Then, we started talking about others such as balloon boy, Susan Boyle, etc. What does everyone else out there think?

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  • Brand New Transmission jumps on a cold start first thing in the morning?

    One week ago, my 2002 Buick LeSabre had a brand new automatic transmission installed with a 12000 mile/12 month warranty. Since then, when I start the car for the first time in the day or after the car has sat for several hours and the engine is cold, the car gives a little jump/shake when I shift into Drive; It does not shake/jump when shifting into any other gear on a cold start. Other than this, the car drives great and shifts smoothly; it's just this incident on a cold start. The mechanic seems to think it is a sticky valve and I should keep driving the car for 500 miles to see if it won't work itself out. Does anyone else have mechanical experience that can offer a second opinion off the top of their head? Does it make sense that the valve could be sticking and will work itself out? Thank you for your time.

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  • Please read my details: Where does my responsibility begin and end if my dog bites someone?

    My little bichon and I go to Petsmart or the park and she is calm and quiet as long as no one bothers her. She doesn't bark or growl at anyone; nor does she walk up to other people for attention. She basically wants to be left alone and is content. One day, a child came along and was excited to see my dog, calling her cute. The child, making a lot of noise, quickly ran up to my dog and my dog growled and snapped back at the child, though not hard enough to break the skin. My feeling about the situation is that a parent should be teaching their children not to approach animals that they do not know for this very reason. I feel that I have my dog under control because she is not reacting toward anyone until a stranger approaches her. Any third party observing my dog with me would see that my dog does not bother anyone until she is being bothered. Who is right here?

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  • Why would someone need to seek professional help after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship?

    I have done some research on emotionally abusive relationships. Everything I have come across describes the need for professional help for the one who was abused. I don't understand this. Professional help has such a negative sound to it and I thought leaving an abuser would be a happy time for the one who is abused. Why is there a need for professional help? What kinds of emotions or thoughts does one go through after leaving the relationship? Please explain.

    5 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago
  • How often should the battery in my 2002 Buick LeSabre Custom be replaced?

    Are there any signs that I should look for that would tell me it's time to look at replacing the battery?

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago