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  • Compound interest question?

    If you have a large sum of money in savings (for example, $10,000)

    Is it better to keep it all in one account at the highest interest rate you can find, or to split it between several accounts of varying interest?


    Option 1: $10,000 @ .10% interest

    Option 2: $5000 @ .10%, $3000 @ .05%, and $2000 @ .12%

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  • which loan to pay extra towards?

    student loans @ 1.3%, about 5000 left to pay

    car loan @8.12% with $8000 left to pay

    I will be finishing my masters soon and will get a significant pay increase, and I'd like to get out from my debt.

    Obviously the car loan costs me more in interest over time, but I'm wondering about paying off my student loan and freeing up that montly payment, so I can double my car payments while also contributing more to my IRA would be a smart way to get out of debt fastest.

    If I keep making regular minimum payments it will be 3 years before the student loan is erased and 4 before the car loan is done. I have $2000 saved up that I can put down right now towards either loan.

    The way I see it:

    Option 1: Take student loan down to $3000, pay it off by this time next year (freeing up $200 a month to pay towards the car or IRA)

    Option 2: Take car loan down to $6000 and basically shave a year's worth of payments off, and pay off both in about 3 years.

    (I don't feel like investing that $2thou is the best use of the money right now--anyone disagree?)

    Option 1 appeals to me because it puts more money in my pocket sooner, but I know Option 2 is the conventional wisdom since the interest rate is higher.

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  • Technology class for low achievement?

    I am a music teacher that has been mandated to have a technology-driven course to practice Achievement Tests. The program the district purchased (claiming it would do all the teaching for me) is Study Island, which some of you may be familiar with.

    However, the program will not arrive and be ready for use until a couple weeks into the school year. Can you suggest any free online educational game sites to use in the meantime? Must be free and online--this is for middle school age grades 6-8.

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  • middle school teacher with a masters degree--finding a job?

    I am about to complete my masters in education, all I need is the final test/paper.

    My district is going through downsizing. I have 7 years of experience, which is usually good, but I think the number of grad credit hours I have makes me unaffordable to new districts. (I have 181 total between my undergrad & graduate work)

    I tried looking for a new position this summer in case I am cut next year, and I didn't receive a single request for an interview despite a strong resume and targeting positions similar to what I'm teaching now in districts of similar or slightly larger size.

    Are any other teachers finding this a problem? I am in a state that requires us to get our masters X number of years after graduation, and I'm afraid we'll all have a tough time finding new jobs if city districts can't afford us because of state mandated continuing education.

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  • Joining Freemasons, but moving?

    I have decided that I want to become a Freemason. I plan on attending some open houses in my area next Saturday.

    My question: In today's economy, jobs are disappearing. What would happen if I lose my job and have to move in any of these situations?

    1) I have sent in a petition but the lodge has not yet voted on it when I realize I may have to move.

    2) The lodge has accepted me but I have not begun any training and I am laid off.

    3) I am somewhere in the process of the first three degrees when I am laid off.

    Can I continue in another lodge in another city, or will I basically have to restart the petition process over again? Or, would you recommend I simply not petition for membership at this time?

    I am not worried about the financial cost so much as if having to move will disrupt the process.

    also: I am in a small town, the local lodge does not seem very active. Is there any objection to applying to another lodge further away if it is larger/more active?

    I am not interested in hearing from conspiracy theorists, you will not change my mind.

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  • Teaching in another state?

    I have spent 7 years as a band director in Ohio. After next July I will have 26 hours towards my Masters in Music Ed

    I'll be losing my job at the end of the year due to budget cuts.

    It appears that Ohio teaching license has reciprocity with most states. I will begin my 2nd 5 year license next school year.


    1) How hard is the transfer process? It would appear with my experience and education get me out of most additional testing requirements

    2) How do you market yourself to out of state employers? Or is it best not to mention this hurdle until you are a finalist for a position?

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  • Lost my job and assisted living benefits?

    I will be losing my job at the end of the academic school year (June).

    My dad was in assisted living, we were supposed to get assistance from the veteran's association but it's fallen through. They say he isn't sick enough. The VA says you have to be blind, unable to dress yourself or manipulate silverware before they consider you disabled, or make less than 12.000 a year, when my dad gets 19000 social security. He doesn't have a terminal illness, but he does not take care of himself--he never bathed until he moved there with a walk in shower and he can't reach his feet so his nails are all ingrown and infected. and can't really cook either. When he did he left the stove on & the water running & can't hear the smoke alarm go off either. My parents ran a very 50's household where she did all the cooking and cleaning and now that she's gone he's very lost on his own, although he's gotten better.

    We tried Meals on Wheels and the food was so gross he cancelled it after two days. He actually liked the assisted living facility, the socialization was good for him after my mom died, and living in an apartment was better than a 2 story house where he can barely make the stairs.

    We haven't sold the house, so I guess he has to move back in there, but we got rid of everything in there thinking we were selling it in April. Also, it's highly unlikely I'll get a job in the area (every school district in an hour's distance is downsizing), so I will not be able to check up on him. I have an older sister out of state that has basically disowned the family and wants nothing to do with us til she needs money.

    He did not share space well with my mom in a two story house, so I don't see how us sharing an apartment will work.

    I've thought about just getting him into his own ground floor apartment, but I doubt he will do that if he still has the house, but it's really not safe for him to live in (plus it's old with many structural/energy efficiency problems)

    He actually liked the assisted living facility, so it's a shame we have to lose that.


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  • P90X Supplements--are they necessary?

    I've just recently started the P90X program. My old workout routine had gone stale and I needed a change, plus my gym is closing. I think the science behind the program is solid and the variety will keep me interested, that's why I chose it.

    I'm 29, 6/2, 185 lbs. slightly overweight, (mostly in the beer belly), hearts in normal shape although I haven't done enough cardio. I lost 30 lbs at one point in my fitness routine, so I'm hoping P90X breaks me out of that plateau, because I'm starting to put fat back on.

    I'd like to lose another 2 inches of waistline if possible, but beyond that I don't have aspirations for amazing muscle definition or anything.

    How crucial are the supplements to P90X? I worry that it's taking in extra calories on days that I'm not able to follow the diet plan. (I know it's important to follow, I'm just thinking realistically) Also, all the supplements they recommend would end up costing a big chunk of change every month. Will I still get good results without them, or will it be a case of being fit but not looking the part?

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  • Teachers Lounge Goodies?

    I am a band director at a small middle school. I could not do my job without the support of the other teachers. The kids miss parts of class regularly to do special performances and take lessons. I like to leave goodies in the teachers lounge as a thank you periodically thorughout the year to show my appreciation after a big performance or event is over. But, I know a lot of my fellow teachers are watching their diets and waistlines, so I feel like my usual thing of bringing donuts in the morning isn't the best way since many teachers opt out of the extra calories. What are some other nice options? Healthy food options or really anything else that in a material way says "thank you" to the entire staff? (Yes, I make a point to say it in person too!)

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  • Vacuum--HooverWindTunnel2?

    I just got this vacuum yesterday. Was using it on an old house that hasn't been cleaned in AGES. Today I noticed the self-cleaning HEPA filter doesn't turn anymore. I cleared out a blockage but it still doesn't turn.

    How much is this going to cost to fix. Will this type of repair fall under warranty?

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  • Unsure about relationship?

    I reconnected with someone from college and we hit it off when we got together one weekend. She's almost 4 hours away from me. She's not very physically active, which is something I've gotten more into since college. In fact she's kind of...fragile. And, she doesn't like eating out, always wants to cook for me, which I hate because it feels like a constant test of whether her cooking is 'good enough' for me, and our dates are about her serving me than treating her. And, it seems like I'm the one whose doing most of the driving on the weekends we can get together. I don't want to close the door over these initial & probably petty things, but I don't know how serious to let the relationship progress in the we continue casually dating, do I have to talk to her about these things so soon, or do I just break it off?

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  • ING Directs plummeting interest rate?

    So ING used to be the highest interest rate for an internet bank, and it's plummeted pretty steadily for the past 6 months or so. When I joined it was 5%, now it's barely it time to jump ship to another internet bank? Is this a sign of money problems and them closing up shop, or just their way of dealing with inflation or recession worries? I've been real pleased with them so far but now I have CD's with higher interest rates at local banks so I'm wondering if it's worth it. Any other current ING customers feel the same way or can give me more insight?

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  • What to do with a large collection of Religious books?

    My mom died and left a large library of religious books--Christian, Jewish, New Age, as well as Far East and Islam. She was very interested in learning about all sorts of beliefs.

    What can I possibly do with a collection as eclectic as this? Would a seminary have use for them? It's way too many to list on Ebay, and I have 8 other rooms to clean up, so don't suggest that. I need someone/someplace that is willing to either pay for them or accept them as a donation in bulk

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  • Where to become a Freemason?

    I am interested in becoming a Freemason. I live 2 blocks away from the local lodge. But, I live in a very small town with a very senior demographic--I think if I join I'd be the only one in my age bracket (early 30's). I think there's only 7 other members, most in their 70's, and that just doesn't sound like I would fit. Is it bad form to ask to join a lodge further away, like in the larger city 1/2 hour away?

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  • Selling/donating fabric materials?

    My mom passed away and left a huge collection of fabric from her sewing/quilting hobbies. I have seven TV sized boxes of fabric, ranging from small squares to several yards of fabric. If I were to try selling them, what is a fair asking price? Where can I look to donate if that is not possible? The Goodwill store in town is not interested.

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  • For teachers--career mudslinging?

    I replaced a very popular high school coach who was fired for a number of reasons--mismanagement of funds, questionable relationships with female students, fighting/namecalling with the staff, administration, even his assistants. I came in and had a very rough year--every time I had a problem with a kid it was "Mr. X is going to be back soon anyway". The following year I had trouble even fielding a team, but I made it work and two years later I'm doing a much better job.

    Well just recently the legal wrangling with my predecessor was closed and his wife writes a letter to the editor(small town newspaper)saying what a failure I am as an educator and coach, citing the problems I had cleaning up HIS mess. Nothing she said about the problems I had were untrue, but they were exaggerated. She is a school secretary and at the very least I find her behavior repugnant and unprofessional. I know I don't have a case for slander but do I have any recourse, whether legal or through union?

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  • Parents moving...Drama?

    My mom has cancer. My dad is ten years older & unable to care for her. They found an asst. living facility to move to, but they won't get rid of anything. They think they're going to move from a five bedroom home to a 3 room apartment with all their stuff. And it's an unhealthy amount of clutter at that...magazines & coupons going back ten years, old knickknacks of some $$$ value but no function, etc. When I try to help them sell anything they say they are too tired to do all the homework involved and don't trust me to sell it for a good profit. When I try to box things up for goodwill they don't want to give it away. Mom only wants to get rid of Dad's things, Dad only wants to get rid of Mom's things. Now they say today to just leave the house sitting til they die and auction everything off and they don't care about seeing the money after all. How did anyone else get through this phase with their parents?

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  • Paying on A deferred loan?

    I am enrolled in Graduate school part time, which I did not realize qualified my undergrad loans for deferrment. I only found out by getting a letter from the loan company saying I was eligible & approved (no paperwork on my part!)

    My question: I'm really not hurting for money, so if I keep paying on them (Subsidized Stafford Loans), will 100% of my payment go to the principal? Is that allowed? The letter says that these loans have interest paid by the government during my deferment, so that's the only thing I can figure my payment can go towards.

    Seems too good to be there a catch?

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  • What would you do?

    I have about 10,000 cash available to my name. I just started a grad school program (4500 a summer)...I was hoping to get through the final two sessions without taking out student loans. I usually have 2-6 hundred dollars left in my budget for savings at the end of the month.

    I'm afraid I have a costly car repair coming up. It's either headed for the scrap heap or the repair cost will be so high I'm not sure it's worth it (it has 120,000 miles).

    If I have to buy a new car, would it be best to get an auto loan, or pay cash for a high mileage used car & take out loans for grad school? I don't think I'll be able to afford both now, but I need to complete grad school & I can't do it without a car.

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  • Transferring old files to Quicken 2007?

    I just upgraded from New User ed. 2002 to 2007 Home & Buisness. It's bugging me how my bills aren't categorized as bills on the homepage (they are in the Other Expenses category)...anyway, the math is right but I'd like my Rent & Utilities to show up under bills & for other expenses to cover everything else. How can I make that happen?

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