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  • Can you die from eating too much weed?

    I don't somke or anything. I just wanted to know if you can die from EATING too much weed.

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape7 years ago
  • In what TV show or movie does Rachel Bilson faint?

    A friend and I are doing a fainting video. We are missing one from Rachel Bilson. We've been researching, but we just can't find one. Can anyone tell me in wich movie or TV show she faints in?

    1 AnswerCelebrities7 years ago
  • The Who vs. Queen. Which one is better?

    I like doing band vs. band questions. It's fun. For the record, I don't hate Queen. I just hate their commercial music like We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, Somebody To Love, I Want To Break Free and Another One Bites the Dust. I hate how people say they're the best band after The Beatles based on those radio-friendly songs. They're not even their best songs. Queen's less known songs are pretty good, though. Those are the Queen songs I do like. I also love Bohemian Rhapsody. That's their one popular song which I love. My vote for this one still goes to The Who, though. Queen are good, but their least known material. The Show Must Go On is their best song, in my opinion.

    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys7 years ago
  • Comfortably Numb solo vs. We Will Rock You Solo?

    Which guitar solo is better?

    10 AnswersRock and Pop7 years ago
  • Pink Floyd overrated?

    Okay, it's pretty obvious that I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan. I get how some people may not like Pink Floyd. However, when people say that they are dull and overrated, it's just stupid! If they don't like their music, fine. They just don't know how to appreciate it. But saying that they're bad is the stupidest thing ever. I know everyone has different opinions, but there are some musicians you just don't mess with. Pink Floyd is one of them. It's like if someone said the Mona Lisa is bad artwork. If you don't know how to appreciate the Mona Lisa, it's your problem, but you have to recognize it's good art. It's the same thing with Pink Floyd. Their music is art. Everything about their music is excellent.

    11 AnswersRock and Pop7 years ago
  • David Gilmour vs. Slash?

    Okay, I wanna know how many of you actually know about true rock music. The end solo from Comfortably Numb vs. the solo from Sweet Child O' Mine. I already know what the answer is and it's pretty obvious. Those of you who are gonna vote for Slash, listen to the solo from Comfortably Numb first. Just type on YouTube "Comfortably Numb lyrics." It starts at 5:09.

    3 AnswersCelebrities7 years ago
  • The Dark Side Of The Moon vs. A Night At The Opera?

    Okay, I already did Pink Floyd vs. Queen. Pink Floyd won because even though Queen had one more vote, Pink Floyd fans have actual reasons of why Pink Floyd is better. All Queen fans said was, " better" That's it. No real reason. Now, I'm doing The Dark Side Of The Moon vs. A Nigh At The Opera. Which one do you think is better and why?

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys7 years ago
  • Pink Floyd vs. Queen?

    I'm just curious, having listened to both, which one do you think is better? Do not choose a band just because you haven't heard the other band. That's just stupid. Base your votes on which band had more musical talent. Also, if you're gonna vote for Queen, don't say, "because Freddie was the greatest voice ever." Go deeper than that. I'm talking about musically talented, not just the voice. Which band made better albums? Which band played better? Vote for a band and state your reasons.

    Thank you

    11 AnswersPolls & Surveys7 years ago
  • How many Siberian tigers remain in the wild today?

    Last time I checked, there were an estimate of 500 Siberian tigers in the wild, but that was in 2009/2010. Today, 2013, how many of them remain? Have their numbers increased or decreased?

    1 AnswerZoology7 years ago