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Dances with Unicorns

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I'm interested in just about everything. I seem to know lots of trivia that occasionally comes in handy. I'm a member of Mensa since 1972, a computer programmer, a grower and hybridizer of African violets, a ham radio operator and trained storm spotter, a classical pianist, and a botany student at Univ. of Wa. working on a PhD. Like I said - just about everything... I appreciate the interest of those sincerely wishing to become fans; however, I found that this often gets used to "follow" a person within the Answers site, so I have, sadly, found it necessary disallow fans, and to hide my e-mail (I don't use Messenger). If you honestly want to contact me after I've answered a question, and it's not just to squabble, I usually go back to a question at least once; so, you can edit your question and give me an e-mail address, and I'll respond, but there's no way, with the crazies here that I'm giving my address out in public.

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