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  • Could I be pregnant? Or something else?

    I've currently missed one period. I've had 3 periods that have lasted a day and not been red, more brown.

    I've had multiple pregancy tests and all negative and one blood test again negative.

    Could it still be pregnancy? Stress? Any suggestions helpful thanks

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  • Pregnant or not pregnant?? Should I be worried.....?

    So I've been with my partner for almost a year. I'm very on top of my pill taking it everyday. It's the non hormonal pill, so it cant stop my periods.

    Last month I had an odd period for one day but it was very brown and lasted less than usual.

    I've been bloated and not been as energetic as usual. But to be fair for past few months me and my boyfriend have been lazy with our diet so it's been pretty off and on. We did a pregnancy test and was false.

    But I've felt off all month, more snappy etc and been ill a couple of times but it's been a bit stressful for me lately.

    I stopped taking my pill as my usual cycle for 3 almost 4 days now... And no show of my period.... Could it be pregnancy or should I be worried it could be something else??