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  • Do you talk annoyingly on the phone about groceries while waiting in line to cast your vote?

    If so, that’s pathetic and should be illegal.

    2 AnswersElections22 hours ago
  • Do candidates short circuit during debates if you don’t feed them enough data?

    What is this, some kind of simulation game on PC??

    Elections3 weeks ago
  • Should Mitchell RonMoney become a Supreme Court justice?

    Why not, he’s deeply qualified for the role.

    2 AnswersPolitics1 month ago
  • Do political trolls only act dumb so they can sneak into your device’s personal data?

    That would mean even if you “win an argument” over something “stupid” like Joe Biden being more professional than Trump, all the records from your phone/tablet/PC/whatever are compromised behind your back, so election results will always be meddled with no matter what.  I’m certain karma will catch up to them one day however.

    2 AnswersElections1 month ago
  • Attachment image

    So what do you think?

    Cool, right?

    1 AnswerElections1 month ago
  • Is 2021 officially “The worst year ever”?

    At least until 2022 comes around?

    2 AnswersPolitics1 month ago
  • To defeat a pandemic, is “more science” required?

    I’m obviously a normie and do not have a PhD or medical award of any kind, but is there any other type of “advanced science and mathematics” needed, such as quantum physics, to completely remove the pandemic from all relative space and time?  And if so, does the genius of spacetime come in the tangled spaghetti of complex, interconnected equations that make up the full theory?  Einstein made a beautiful machine for pandemics, but he didn't exactly leave us a user's manual. We can trace his path in the seven years of self-inflicted torture that led to the theory's final form, but that route of development was guided by so much of Einstein's gut intuition that it's hard for us mere mortals to make the same blind jumps of genius that he did.  This relationship comes about from the most important, fundamental, can't-ignore-this concept underlying the entire theory of general relativity: the equivalence principle (E.P.). This principle is the assumption that inertial mass (how much oomph it takes to move an object) is the same property as gravitational mass (how much an object responds to gravity). And this is the key that unlocks the whole gravitational shebang.  

    Using that equivalence, we can imagine a scenario to help visualize the connection between geometry and gravity. Pretend you're orbiting high above the Earth, serenely watching the continents and oceans roll under your vantage point.  Only that way can we alongside the FDA completely kill COVID and other viruses.

    3 AnswersCivic Participation2 months ago
  • Does Final Fantasy 7 NEED to be your favorite RPG?

    I mean sure, both the original and FF7 Remake are enjoyable, fun games, but South Park: The Fractured But Whole remains at the top of my role playing list.

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games2 months ago
  • Worst Youtube political campaign you witnessed?

    For me it’s anything Republican-related.

    5 AnswersPolitics2 months ago
  • The worst mask retaliation you witnessed?

    Mine is rather spiffy.  A neighbor told a guy doing garbage pickup that he should be wearing his mask while picking up garbage, and the idiot responds by running back to his truck to play Kid Rock’s Bawtiba on radio at full blast.  He then bangs his head and plays air guitar for hours before the police arrive.  Some people have no shame even if they’re at work.

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases2 months ago
  • Anyone hear the “bad” version of Sister Golden Hair?

    Well it exists: it’s called “Can’t Live” by Air Supply.  And it feels like a very cheap 80s hair metal reboot that uses some of THE EXACT SAME chords, only with stupider lyrics, as America (the band)’s magnum opus.  REALLY shamelessly, I might add.  The minute Can’t Live shows up on the radio while you’re driving just makes you want to bust out your old CD copy of Hearts one more time.

    1 AnswerLyrics2 months ago
  • Why do business people have to be so mean?

    So anyway I work in an office building, and I have a low key job collecting workers’ documents and reviewing them before placing them in the copy machine (we only have one floor level so there’s many fax machines but only one copier).  The thing that gets me though is our boss.  He’s always mad, grunts when I enter the room to collect his paperwork while he’s not in, and always asks me stupid questions like “how long before you clock out?  Cause I’d like to see you throw your sorry butt out for the rest of the day IF you don’t mind.”  At least two other executives give me lame excuses like “oh he’s always like that” or “just part of the routine.  Work harder and it will make him happy”  Yeah well how’s this for PART OF THE ROUTINE since it only gets worse from here.  One day I heard loud banging coming from his room.  He then marched out the building, and when I looked across I saw his office didn’t have its computer monitor, and one window left open, meaning he must have chucked it out the window.  Everyone else stared in their cubicles along with me, except for the two executives who high fived in the break room (we have rules for COVID including social distancing, so they kept their masks on and use sanitizer immediately after that high five moment).  Really though, there’s no excuse for his bad behavior and he should really seek help for anger management.

    1 AnswerCorporations3 months ago
  • Bad internet because of Trump?

    Hey when will the president pass a bill that allows for better wireless internet?  We keep getting fluctuating wireless signals for stupid reasons like sunlight, not to mention modem and router technology sucks.  Just make Congress pass a bill for universal internet coverage already!  Stop treating internet like a it’s a phone carrier plan!  Ugh!

    3 AnswersPolitics3 months ago
  • 2020 Election not actually about the president?

    Is it just me or is everyone running in this election more worried about control of the House of Reps or the Senate?  Like, “yeah, f*** the presidency it’s not like we have any hopes of beating Trump anyway, so we’re primarily gonna focus on turning all House and Senate seats blue!”  To me that just feels more like another Midterm.  But hey, ALL seats turning blue would be nice, yet realistically we might end up with “mostly blue” which is adequate but not good enough.  Still, can we at least shift a little more focus on the White House and not turning a certain seat a different color?  Otherwise we’re just taking a gamble on someone else’s net worth being higher than the person bench warming for the Oval Office.

    4 AnswersElections3 months ago
  • Is a Trump presidency really necessary?

    Because even without COVID I still don’t understand the entire point of its existence.

    8 AnswersPolitics3 months ago