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  • Does anyone know how to fill out injured spouse for the economic stimulus payment?

    I have back child support that happened when I was out of work due to an injury. I am current now but I still owe extra from that timeframe. My wife and I both work full time jobs and have one child together.  We filed our 2019 taxes but owed instead of a refund so my wife did not file injured spouse. We filed before the pandemic.  My hours have been cut drastically but I have still paid the full amount. Our entire stimulus payment went to my back child support. How do we fill out the injured spouse for my wives portion and my daughter's?

    5 AnswersUnited States2 months ago
  • What is biting my wife?

    For the past couple of weeks my wife has had multiple red itchy bites. They are down her arms on her ankles or hands. One even on her face. My daughter and I have nothing!! We have seen mosquitos around but why just my wife? We have checked the mattress and find nothing. Can mosquitos bite multiple times even at night in bed and just one person? I feel so sorry for her and don't know what to do.

    3 AnswersSkin Conditions2 years ago
  • Why is my wife so jealous and how can I ease her concerns?

    I work at a car dealership recon center as a mechanic. There are only 2 females that work there and they are in the office. The rest are all male mechanics. About 4 months ago I was moved to customer care and had to work under one of the females as she was the customer service rep. She did call and text me on my personal phone but they were about customers except for one and it was from a time frame where I was in our parts department and she worked for another dealership. My wife found her number on our cell phone bill an began to freak out especially the number from last year. I honestly do not remember why she had to call me back then and I have explained this to my wife but she doesn't believe me. We have been married over 8 years and I adore my wife and would never do anything to hurt her or compromise our marriage. A couple of weeks ago I was moved back out to just working on the cars we sell and do not have to work with this woman any longer but my wife is still convinced that we have contact and that we have a friendship. Yes I do have to have contact with her on occasion but it is only work related or just a hi in passing. I want this past us but I do not know what else I can do to convince my wife that there has never or will never be anything but a work relationship and that my wife is my world. Please HELP!!!

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  • What could be wrong with daughter?

    I have a 2 year old daughter that fell a week ago and started walking with her right foot lifted and not putting any weight on her heel. She would scream out with pain. We took her to the doctor and he examined her but didn't x-ray. He felt she just bruised her heel. She will run and play hard for a couple of hours and not mentioning it and putting full weight on both feet and then just all of sudden drop down to ground and start screaming. Tonight she refuses to walk at all and is scooting across the floor. I feel if anything was broken she wouldn't be able to do all the running and jumping she does. I don't know what it could be.

    1 AnswerToddler & Preschooler8 years ago
  • Can I request a DNA test?

    I was married 8 years ago and during that marriage my ex and I were seperated for an extended period of time. She announced she was pregnant and I came back for the birth and stayed for a few months in which we did divorce. I have always in the back of my mind questioned if he was mine because he looks nothing like me but I believed her and never requested a DNA. I have not seen the child in over 3 years except a recent picture and he looks nothing like me. Of course I have been paying child support all this time. I would really like to know if this kid is mine or if not would like to sign over all rights and hopefully she can find the real father. In the state of TN is it too late to request a DNA test?

    5 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • 101 outside and 83 that normal?

    I have a split foyer with a heat pump. Hottest temp yet of 101 today. It kept the temp around 76 all day and yet this evening 8pm it has crept up to 83. The air coming out of the floor registers seems cold and you can see curtains moving so I know it is blowing. I just feel it should keep it cooler than this especially if it can before sunsets.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • What could be wrong with my heat pump?

    The past couple of days have been our coldest so far at 37 and we noticed our heat pump is blowing cold air instead of warm. If we leave it on it is actually dropping the temp. instead of raising it. We replaced the compressor this summer and they did notice a small freon leak. It was struggling at the end of summer keeping it cool so we thought maybe low freon. Just not sure if this would effect the heat. Any suggestions would be most helpful.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • What company will hire somebody with a felon?

    I did a stupid thing when I was 17 but was convicted as an adult and have a felony. It has been 10 years ago but today I was discharged from a new job due to this. I did fill it in on the application but it was through a staffing agency and the company they placed me with didn't hire ex felons. I have a family to support and I have to find a job. Does anybody have any help they could give me to find a job? I want to work and will work hard if given a chance.

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  • Is there any help when you can't find a job and pay child support?

    I have a court date next week. I have been out of work for a year and have desperately tried to find employment. I had a job interview 2 weeks ago but they still have not made a decision on hiring. What can I do to avoid contempt charges at this point?

    2 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 years ago