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  • not sure if i’m crushing on my best friend ?

    sooo i know i’m bi i’ve liked girls before but now it’s different. i’m not sure if i like my best friend as more than a friend. i get the feels when i’m around her she’s so pretty and so funny but i can’t really imagine us in a relationship together it’s confusing me so much. also i’m extremely scared it could ruin our friendship. but at the same time she’s also been acting a bit as she’s crushing on me even tho she’s apparently straight but you never know. she’s just more touchy than usual and wants to spend more time with me. i really don’t know what to do i can’t figure out if i want to be more than friends please help.

  • i feel like i’m boring my girlfriend and it’s making me feel awful and even more depressed?

    i have a gf we’ve been together for almost 5 months and she’s the best and we’ve had absolutely amazing times but sometimes i feel like i’m boring the **** out of her. she doesn’t rlly want to talk to me/ takes ages to text back. i’m already depressed and i always think she deserves more than me and lately it’s been getting worse and worse i never know what to talk to her about i just hate myself.

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