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retired kibbutznik and world traveler. spend 1/2 of every year in the Upper Galilee where I have 2 sons and 9 grandchildren and 1/2 the year in Boulder Creek, California. Landscape gardener, Kibbutz Caterer, Senior Lecturer in K.Seminar Center, Efal. Born, UK, have brothers, sister and nephews and nieces still there. Reading, digital photography, watercolour painting, gardneing, cooking and Internet. I like meeting people. I really like to travel. Been to:-China, Costa Rico, Turkey, Alaska, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma, Cyprus, Mexico, France, Italy, Egypt, Sinai, Scandinavia and Ireland. Love the UK and Israel equally well.

  • have you ever received 10 points?

    for giving an answer, in a foreign language you don't understand, with a google paste, and been told. 'thank you so much.!' and 10 points.?

    I saw Alguem teria uma conta nos seguintes sites?

    obs:( melhor reposta para o primeiro que me enviar no minimo uma conta de algum destes sites.)

    I replied and pasted:

    com grano salis....


    Os conceitos deste Movimento são uma mistura de várias ideias e projectos já existentes. Poderão ver na BIBLIOTECA as fontes desses projectos, e o seu estudo aprofundado facilitará a compreensão e aceitação dos conceitos defendidos pelo Movimento.

    Este Movimento tem como objectivo a constituição de um partido político que defenda o seguinte conceito:

    Uma sociedade que considere todos os seres humanos como iguais, que funcione como uma família global, utilizando um modelo económico colaborativo em substituição do actual modelo nocivamente competitivo.

    I'm glad the answer didn't include insults.

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  • Why do Christians keep silent..?

    Christians in Iraq have been, and not for the first time, deliberately targeted in a major terrorist attack. Indeed, from Indonesia to Pakistan to Iraq, from the Gaza Strip to Egypt to Sudan to Nigeria, Christians are being assaulted, intimidated, and murdered by militant Muslims.

    Yet virtually never do Christians in any of these countries-perhaps with some occasional exceptions in India--attack Muslims. In the West, there have been no armed terrorist attacks on Muslims or the deliberate killing of Muslims. There does not exist a single group advocating such behavior.

    Have you seen any of this in the Western mass media? Have any Christian church groups-some of which find ample time to criticize Israel-even mentioned this systematic assault? Indeed, on the rare occasions that the emigration of Christians is mentioned, somehow it is blamed on Israel, as one American network news show did recently.

    I'm not writing this to complain about double standards, since one takes this problem for granted, but out of sheer puzzlement. Presumably, much of the Western media and intelligentsia-along with a lot of the church leadership, assumes that it is impossible for a non-Western, "non-white" group to ever be prejudiced. There is also a belief that if one dares report the news about pogroms carried about by Muslims against Christians it will trigger pogroms by Christians against Muslims.

    The Catholic Church is quiet because it fears that complaints will increase persecution. Indeed, at a recent high-level Synod for the Middle East, leading Catholic clerics from the region blasted Israel and talked about how wonderfully Christians are treated in Muslim-majority countries. Iraq was singled out as a country where there were no problems in Muslim-Christian relations. Apparently, though, appeasement isn't working.

    The al-Qaida terrorists said that all Iraqi Christians would be "exterminated" if two "Muslim women" in Egypt were not freed. Apparently, these were two young women, both married to Coptic Christian priests, unlikely candidates for conversion to Islam. They were in fact kidnapped and forcibly converted.

    Thus, aggression against Christians is turned into a rationale to persecute Christians, a pattern we have often seen used elsewhere by Islamists. Yet many of the attacks in these countries are not carried out by revolutionary Islamist groups but simply by regular people, sometimes in large groups.

    Here's a very partial chronology of such attacks and for the situation in Egypt go here.

    According to the Iraqi terrorists' statement, the church was a, "Dirty place of the infidel that Iraqi Christians have long used as a base to fight Islam." Increasingly, Islamists are making it clear that any presence of Christians in Muslim-majority countries is unacceptable, just as the existence of a Jewish state in the Middle East is unacceptable.

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  • I don't want to wait 4 months to delete an old yahoo account..?

    someone is using my old account to send out spam offers for Viagra. My old account is/was and now I use I want to delete the account as soon as possible because friends are writing me that they are continually getting spam from my old address.

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  • what's the best way for a pensioner to find the cheapest flight tickets, the Net, newspapers or travel agents?

    with limited resources, the cheapest travel deals are the most attractive, Thailand, the US, European riverboat tours, small groups, no hidden taxes or extra costs are an essential part of the search.

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  • ww2 miniature field gun used in street fighting by the germans in defence of berlin. small 3 man gun.?

    during the german defence of berlin in 1945, they used a tiny artillery field canon manned by 3 men. what was it, who made it, where can it be seen now..? what was its range, weight of shell, weight of gun.

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  • are there still kibbutz volunteers?

    in the 1970's through to the late 80's thousands of young people spent a month or two on a working vacation in one of the 282 kibbutzs. Do they still accept volunteers..?

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