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  • TV production company slogan "what s that mean?"?

    Back in 2009 my husband and I watched shows like South Park and robot chicken and Beavis and butt head. Robot chicken has the "stoopid monkey" there was a show of which I can not recall that at the end would be a guy standing and pointing saying "what s that mean" does anyone for the love of God know what show I m talking about or better yet production company?

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  • Job Corps Joliet illinois HELP!!!!!!?

    Ok so I'm gonna be 19, and I signed up for JB and I had my cousin do it too hes gonna be 18. Well I'm going to the one in joliet and I'm very scared. Is this program for people who have not been to school in along time. My mom put me into homeschooling in 5th grade and that didn't work out and I don't know much about anything but i'm smart just not school smart I haven't been to school since 4th grade * not my doing* so i'm tryn to make a change and go to job corps get my ged and go into cna than RN. Can you tell me if this program is for people who don't no much about school. and are the people nice. and how much do they pay you for your allowance and I have a daughter and she'll be living 2 hours away from me can I leave every weekend to visit my daughter and husband? please help me get some info on this. I no what they provide but are the people nice . I mean what was your experience ? thank you very much.

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  • Am I Pregnate? Please Help me!?

    OK ! I wanna start off sayin its hard for me to get pregnate cause when I was 13 I had one of my Fallopian tubes removed. But I still have one left. Well I was looking it up and for some reason I can't get the results i'm looking for. So I came to yahoo answers . Ok i'm gonna tell you the signs. I'm tired all the time it seems. I do go to the bathroom alot. And i'm really moody. And well before when I took a quiz I wasn't having weird cravings for food I believe I was eating normaly but now i'm eating alot. And my clothes omg lets just say i've gain way to much weight in such a short period amout of time. And i'm not nautious, but neither was my mom when she was preg. But heres the thing with the "miss period" I didn't really miss it. What happend was, before i'm done with my period it like turns a brownish color and well through out my whole period time it was brown it was so light I didn't have to use a tampon OR A PAD! But after my husband and I "bow wow chicka bow wow"

    I bled but only for a little bit maybe a hour or so than it went to brown than it stop now its started. and right now tonite i think it stopped. But its lasting as if I was on my period. Am I preg? Please help me!!!! All comments are appreciated!!!!

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  • Who Sings This Song Please Help Me?

    Lyrics "

    I will go down with the ship there will be no black clouds upon my door no second chances I wont cry my eyes out and surrender"

    normlly I can find them if I have some of the lyrics but, I can't seem to find this!! And I herd it on the radio and I love it... please help me!!

    please and thank you all comments are appreciated

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  • HP WEBCAM NEED HELP Please!!!?

    Ok so I have the webcam..HP webcam it says.But my computer hard drive basicly ... died! So its fixed now and I need to reinstall everything but when I went to put my HP webcam cd in to install it turns out its cracked and I know that you can go online and install the program cause I did it with my cusins microsoft webcam and it was easy to do.But for some reason I can not find the program PLEASE someone send me the page to install it!!! its HP web cam !! PLEASE !! any comments .thank you!!!

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  • RATE ME!! Cause Alot Of People Have Bugged Me About Posting it?

    Lol,I finally got my hair done and my friends have been watching the other comments that I posted and now we have agreed to post and other to see what you all think of my hair cut!I'll put a before and after :)


    I'm gonna do 3 pics so you can see all angels

    After- , ,

    And this is when my hair dryed cause I have naturly curly hair

    plz tell me what you think!! (hahah Jordan says hi!!)

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  • Myspace-How Do I Get A Comment Box With My Comment Beinging Unseen?

    I can get a comment box but ,you can still see what people commented me on my page everytime I think I found one I don't its just the box.I don't want people to see my comments.Do I have to have a small background in order to have that? Please and thank you! :)

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  • how long after when a pregnate dog gets there milk do they have there babies?

    I would like to know,cause my dog is preg-how long after they get their milk when do they have the puppies? Please And Thank You!

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