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  • Need some help with "waterproof" paneling?

    Need a little help here.

    My friend is replacing the "waterproof" paneling that surounds his bathtub on three sides. We are trying to install new "waterproof" paneling. We purchased the 4x8 sheets from Home Depot along with the edging, corner molds and the union joint.

    I have cut the two panels to size that will be placed on the back wall. All the edgings are placed on now I am trying the place on the union joint that will connect the two pieces. Fortunately I have not used the adhesive yet.

    I can get the union joint on one panel section but I cannot slip it onto the second panel. I have tried standing the pieces up and lying them down and sliding the union joint - but no luck. I have also tried soapy water.

    A little help would be appreciated.

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  • if HELL is a place to go....?

    where I may go and all my friends may be there too - then won't it also be possible that alot of my enemies will be there also???

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