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  • What is the salary range for an operations manager?

    Employer is PetSmart based out of Calgary, AB. It is an on-the-job training position. I have retail experience and a degree in management. I know the approximate pay range for operations managers at my current employer, but I'm curious as what I can expect from PetSmart.

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  • What is a reasonable salary for a Customer Service Manager - Trainee?

    Job is with TD Bank. I have both bank and retail management experience as well as a university degree in management. This job supervises the tellers and front end operations. It's a training program aimed to placed me in a permanent position within Calgary.

    This would be my first bank job in over a decade. I'm not sure what the pay ranges are like for banks anymore. Thanks.

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  • What qualifies as a small business?

    I am considering doing craftwork (making scrapbooks, jewelry, plaques and other cutsey projects you can find at Hobby Lobby or Michaels) as a side project and mainly selling online to the USA only.

    I have no delusions of grandeur or even making a minimal living from this- just doing it because I enjoy it. I have the capital in my own savings to provide for materials and plan to use Paypal as my main method of payment. (Which means it will be traceable to the IRS.)

    I've been told by friends that until my income reaches a certain level, I don't have to register as a small business and get a business license. Does anyone have reliable data on what that number is? I doubt I'll even come close to this number, but I would like to know what it is so I don't accidentally exceed it. Also, knowing the threshold would be useful just in case I do have a success.... haha.

    When I say reliable data, I'm looking for information from the Federal government or State of Ohio, where I am a resident. (I have tried looking, but can't find it... sad face.)

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  • iPod synced to laptop?

    Two weeks ago, supposedly my iPod synced to my boyfriend's laptop without either of us plugging them up. I was in his apartment overnight, in the same room as his laptop. He originally synced everything to his Apple ID when he bought the iPod before I took it over and replaced it with mine.

    - I never plugged the iPod up to his laptop

    - My iCloud is turned off

    - the back-up in question is Yahoo Messenger, which was originally from his Apple ID.

    If you can't guess, he's read my chats with friends... He swears up and down he didn't sync my iPod while I was asleep and I don't exactly believe him.

    Is is possible for an iPod to sync with a laptop without being plugged up? They were on the same wireless and at one point had the same Apple ID and password. Can Yahoo Messenger back-up automatically if iCloud is turned off?


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  • Prepaid Cell Phones questions?

    I'm visiting Calgary from the USA for several months and I'm looking to get a prepaid cell phone while I'm here. (I obviously don't want a contract because the longest I can stay is six months...) My friend has an old LG phone with Telus she let me have. What is a good plan/carrier? I need free incoming calls, some outgoing time, (not a lot), and messaging. Data/Internet packages not needed.

    And lastly, can other carriers turn on a Telus phone?

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  • Tuition reimbursement for Nursing Degree?

    Are there any hospitals or programs in Calgary, AB that offer tuition reimbursement for a Nursing student? Usually, you sign on for a number of years and the hospital will then pay back part or all of your student loan.

    2 AnswersHealth Care9 years ago
  • What's a good bank in Calgary?

    What's a good bank that has branches in Calgary? I'm from the US, so I'm used to free banking... aka no monthly fees, no check card fees. From speaking with my family, that's not a common thing in Canada. However, if a smaller, local bank offers a better deal than one of the big 5, I'd be fine with that. I rarely travel outside Calgary (1-2 times a year to B. C.) so having a 'nation wide travel network' isn't important to me. I mostly want a bank that's customer friendly and has a reasonable fee schedule. I live in the SE with easy access to places like Marlborough and Downtown Core if that helps. Thanks.

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  • How much should I charge?

    I am new in Calgary, AB (Canada). I have two interviews this weekend for regular babysitting work, one 50-55 hours weekly, another about 20. (No, I won't be working both.) They both have asked what I charge. I have no clue what the going rate is in Calgary. What do you charge or what do you consider acceptable to pay? I want to be fair to the parents, but don't want to sell myself short either. It's for one toddler.

    Note: This is Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'd appreciate answers from those who live in the Calgary/Edmonton corridor or formerly lived here...

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  • Translation into Chinese?

    I am looking for the English to Chinese translation of a word for a foster mother or a woman who is like a mother to you and a foster sister or a friend who is like a sister to you.

    I don't care what dialect is used, any answers are appreciated.

    I am looking for the answers in English characters. I don't speak Chinese, so Chinese alphabet won't help me :P


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  • I have a multitude of questions about dairy farming?

    I need an experienced farmer or farm hand willing to discuss the dairy farm with me. I have very basic knowledge from spending time on my uncle's farm when I was a child, but I have forgotten a lot of details. Anyone with first hand experience on a dairy farm would be fine. I need someone willing to discuss this with me on a live chat or willing to reply to several emails. As to why I need this... I guess you'll have to find out the hard way ;)

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  • What are some good hard rock or heavy metal rock songs I can pass off as love songs for my boyfriend?

    I would like to give him a CD I made myself, but so far all my choices are fairly... girly... My boyfriend really likes bands like Tool, Korn, Staind. Does anyone have any suggestions? It doesn't have to be a dedicated love song. (I am putting Bring Back the Sun by Our Lady Peace on there afterall.) Thanks.

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  • Does this count as suicide?

    If you let yourself get hit by a truck and die, does that count as suicide? Saying you could've moved, but didn't want to.

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  • Is this a bad sign?

    I found out last night my boyfriend has lost/spent most of the money he saved to buy me an engagement ring. I am not sure how or where the money went, except he maybe blew it eating out.

    Two years ago, I told him I wanted a ring and gave him a date to accomplish this by. He was working full time at the time and I paid most of the bills. However, he kept quitting his jobs and waiting until he were broke to get a new one. Needless to say, I never got the ring. I told him to forget it. He since got, and managed to hold down, this job for over a year while going to school too.

    I am worried about his level of responsibility. Should I be or am I overreacting?

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