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  • In the state of Indiana what can happen..?

    if a sibling sold a deceases parents property without the knowledge or concent of the other siblings? My sister in law signed a paper stating that she was the sole child of her mother who passed away in July of 2009. She then sold the property. The other siblings just found out about it. What if any legal issues can she face?

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  • Just for fun! What are your kids names, and why did you name them that?

    Aliya is very talkative, and a social butterfly. She loves making friends with everyone. Very well behaved girl. She is 9 years old.

    Cody is 16 months old and very layed back. He isn't overly friendly, but not shy either. He cracks up at everything!

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  • My friend and I are both pregnant...?

    Her last period was September 4th, and mine was September 6th. My due date is June 24th, and so we thought hers should be around June 15th. Well she went yesterday for her ultrasound, and the baby is only measuring 4 wks, so she isnt as far along as she thought. Why is this? If her period was before mine, how am I further along than her?

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  • Your opinions on these names?

    We have a 9 year old daughter named Aliya Brook and a 15 month old son named Cody Gage. I am currently pregnant again. We have names picked out, and we love them, but just wanted to get other people's opinions.

    For a boy..Xander Logan

    For a girl...Kennadey Ava Paige

    How would you spell Kennadey?

    Do you think these names go well with our other kids?

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  • OMG! Just got my BFP!!?

    Yay!! I can't believe it, but I got my BFP today! AF was suppose to be here, but wasn't here yet. I tried not to get too excited because it was early. On my lunch break though, I went and got a test. Took it here at work and it says ~pregnant~(digital). Whooohooooo!

    Oh yea...gotta have a question lol..Anyone else testing today? Good luck and lots and lots of baby dust to you all!

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  • Embarassed by 14 month old?

    Ok, so you know those kids that you are soooo thankful are not yours? LOL, well I have one of those kids. Don't get me wrong, I love my son to pieces, but he is so mean already. He hits other kids as soon as he gets near them, he hits myself and my husband, he bites, and now he is starting to headbutt, on purpose. We thought he broke my sisters nose. I don't even like to take him to friends' houses anymore because I know he is going to hit them or their kids. Right now when he does hit or bite or whatever, we tell him "No" sternly and then put him down and will not pick him up again for 1 minute( like a timeout). I know he is really young still but I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? Of course I will not spank my baby so do not even suggest it. Thanks!

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  • Question for healthcare workers?

    I have to interview a healthcare worker for school. So, I thought if any of you were health care workers, you could answer a few questions pleae.

    1) How do you personally cope with patients who are terminally ill?

    2)How do you cope with family members that have lost a loved one?

    3) What suggestions do you have for future health care professionals dealing with death?

    If you could also say what you do (RN,LPN, etc) How long you have done it, and only your first or last name please. Thanks a lot.

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  • need help on these math problems please?

    Can someone explain how to get these answers please?

    37.5% of what is 15?

    .5% of what is 3?

    Find 16 2/3 of 30?

    How do I come to the answers?

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • what are the easiest ways to remember..?

    What are the easiest ways to remember how to change a Decimal into a percent and a percent into a Decimal. Also what is the easiest way to remember how to get a what is 10% of 60 just as an would you go about getting that? Thanks a lot

    5 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • very crappily ironic?

    Ok, so my husband and I have been ttc for about 3 months now. I have two other healthy children and have had 3 miscarriages.This month I decided not to buy a pregnancy test and just wait for my period because I keep wasting money and being very disappointed when I get a BFN. So my AF was due this Friday. I promised myself I would wait and not get a test. Well I haven't been feeling well for the last 4 days, stomach upset, cant hardly eat, bloating, and so so tired, just feeling blah. I was talking to my sister who encouraged me to go buy a test because it sounded like I could be pregnant. So of course I run out on my lunch break and buy a test at the nearest drug store. Thinking the whole time, this could be the month!! So I get back to work, go into the bathroom and BAM AF came early! Grrrrrr. Once again all excited for nothing:(

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  • have you had a cystoscopy?

    I was wondering anyone has had a cystoscopy and what I should expect having one. My urine for the last 2 months has showed that I have bladder infection symptoms, but they never culture to be a bladder infection. So my doctor is sending me to have a cystoscopy and I hate hate hate pain so I am really worried. If you have had one, what should I expect during, and after?

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  • what could this be...?

    sorry meant don't not dint..

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  • I know, over asked question..?

    Ok, now I know this question is asked waaaay too often, and I ever answer a lot of them! Buuut you know how everybody is different so I want different views. I know how my body is...but how is yours?

    I am only 7 dpo so too early to test. I think I may be having some early prego symptoms, but I am also very stressed. My husbands mom just passed away after a week of renal failure.This week has been crazy and awful. Anyway... so we are ttc and I think I may have some signs, but then again they may just be in my head. Sooo finally the question, huh lol...what early signs did you get? My stomach is crampy, but has been so for more than a week and I know implantation usually lasts just a few days, I am dizzy and lightheaded sometimes, but not all the time, and I just feel prego, I also WANT to be prego, so this could just be me thinking myself into it. you know:) So how did you know, what did you feel, and when did you test?

    1 AnswerPregnancy1 decade ago
  • what can i do for a constipated puppy?

    My dog is constipated. He is 7 weeks old. He is running around yelping and his butt is poked out and he is trying but cant. What can I do for him?

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  • Sibling name suggestions?

    I have a daughter named Aliya Brook and a son named Cody Gage. We are now trying for baby number 3 and would like name suggestions that would go great with these names.

    8 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • My son acts terrified when he wakes up from nap...?

    For the last few weeks, my 11 month old son, acts terrified when he wakes up from his nap. My husband is a stay at home dad and tried to explain to be what was happening. Well yesterday I experienced it first hand. I heard him whining a little, went to get him up, and his eyes were huge, and his arms were above his head shaking badly, and it took him a minute to focus on me and cried for several minutes afterward. Has this happened to anyone else? What could this be? At first the way my husband explained it, I thought he was having a seizure, but that isn't what it looks like, just like he is absolutely terrified. This doesn't happen in the mornings after sleep, just naps.

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  • How can I find out how long my cycle is?

    My husband and I are trying for baby number three. My husband wants to put a time limit on this one, because he feels like he is getting up in age lol. My other two were not accidents but there was no time limit, so this one feels like "work", but not in a negative way. My periods have always been irregular, but here lately seem to be getting on track. I have an IUD in, and now that it is out, I have had three normal periods. The dates are April 24-29, May 26-31, and June 22-28. All of the sites I have went to try to show me when I am ovulating, but I am not sure how long my cycle is, and all the dates they give me are different. Can someone help me? I also do not understand about the different mucus discharges and such...anyone care to explain? Thanks a million!

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  • How likely after over 4 years......?

    How likely is it that after my brother in law had a vasectomy, 4 years ago, that my sister in law is pregnant with his baby? Some background on my sister in law....she is a habitual liar, she is a huge pot and pill head, she stays at home while my brother in law works. No one thinks that this is his baby. How likely is it that after more than 4 years of being "fixed" that he got her pregnant. He is also a huge pothead so that also lowers sperm count. She has hit on my husband(her husbands brother) many a times, and about a year ago she cried rape, but didnt call the police of follow up on it, and the guy lived down the road! Her own husband didnt even believe her then.We all think she cheated and got scared so she cried rape. My husband is very upset and wants to talk to his brother, but doesnt want his brother mad at him. So how likely do you think this is his baby? Ohh and btw, no she is not planning on stopping smoking pot!! My husband is just tore up right now but he knows there really isnt anything he can do:(

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  • How likely is this?????

    My sister in law is pregnant. Her husband got a vasectomy over 4 years ago. No one in the family likes her, at all because she lies all the time. and I mean ALLLLLL the time. No one thinks that the baby is his. My husband( her husbands twin brother) is very upset by this and wants to talk to him about it but is worried that he will be mad. We are trying to get some facts about it. On all the websites we have looked at it says there is a very very slim chance. Also they are BIG potheads so that also lowers sperm count. ok so with him having the surgery, plus pothead, do you think this baby could be his? Ohhh and no she is not going to stop smoking pot with this pregnancy!!!! This also upsets my husband very much but he knows there isnt anything he can do about it. He already doesnt want anything to do with this baby:( Its really a sad situation. We think it is very likely that she cheated because she has hit on my husband multiple times, and her husband works while she is at home or wherever while he is at work. She also "cried" rape about 1 year ago, but didnt call the police or anything, and the guy lived right down the road. We think that she cheated then and was worried about becoming pregnant. My husband hates her and wants his brother away from her, but he wants to know the odds before he talks to his brother and risks their relationship. Any advice would be appreciated....sorry so long:)

    1 AnswerSTDs1 decade ago
  • Legally changing my daughter's last name...?

    My daughter is 8 years old, and her dad has never really been in her life. He was ordered to pay child support and did for about 2 years but has not done so for the other 6. He lives out of state and does not call or write her. He is not on her birth certificate either. I am not married, and my daughter looks at my husband as a father, we also recently just had a baby. So my daughter is feeling left out that she has a different last name as the rest of us. We live in Indiana, so I was just wondering if anyone knew the process of changing her last name here. Does he have to adopt her, or can we just change her name. He would love to adopt her but right now we are just trying to go the cheapest route. Thanks in advance for your answers.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago