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i am mad about tortoises and bullterriers, i have bred and shown bully's for over 11 years, although now i have retired my last breeding girl to the couch and no longer breeding i don't claim to know every thing but do spend a lot of time researching my animals i believe you need to keep looking at new ideas to keep up to date with the care of any animals, i can't stand cruelty and get frustrated with people who breed with out looking into it first it is not all cute puppies but hard work that needs time and research so the dog does not suffer. my tortoises are my passion but i have had lots of reptiles in the past so al though i do not know everything i do have a good knowledge of reptile care, animals are an important part of my lifeand are treated with as much love as my family, animals need to be respected and they will show you love and loyalty,

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