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  • are there any recreational drugs that would prevent you from feeling cold temperatures? ?

    not asking if any drugs can make you impervious to frostbite/hypothermia etc. just trying to figure out if you could take something and be under the delusion that you're warm, even hot, despite being in a cold environment.

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  • Desperately need help finding a gore GIF that floated around tumblr in 2015-16?

    saw this GIF at least two years ago when it made the rounds on gore blog tumblr (i know, it's weird, but bear with me) and i haven't been able to find it since. it was of a kid/young adult grabbing another person's forearm and biting it hard/rapidly enough to tear off a good sized section of skin, which instantly started pouring blood (there was a strange like...water balloonish quality to their skin when it ripped, like it stretched out before it snapped off). they appeared to be outside; both were white and had a sort of emo/weird high schooler look going on (i think the biter was in a hoodie with the sleeves rolled up, had dark short hair); there may have been a third person in frame but they weren't fully visible. the person getting bitten didn't seem immediately freaked out, which makes me think it was some kind of bet(?) and not a random sneak attack. it's literally driving me insane that i can't track it down or find anyone else who's seen it (thanks for the purge tumblr you ***). i...don't need it for any reason. it's completely useless yet in all seriousness it's keeping me awake at night. if anyone else has seen it or has it downloaded i would be INFINITELY grateful if you'd help me out and send it/tell me where you saw it. thank you so much in advance