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  • What is the basic principle of Nature Cure?

    We see that people suffering from chronic ailments who have tried the medical system for many years get more and more diseases and they follow Nature Cure and get well. What makes Nature Cure so effective? We have only seen people taking medicine for their illnesses. Nature Cure practitioners do not give any medicine and still, the patients get cured. How? What principles effect this cure4?

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  • No matter what faith you are from, what is religion according to you?

    There are so many fights riots, and even wars all based on religion. Some people attach their symbols, name of God, and differentiate their religion with others and want to show it as superior. Is there such a thing as superior religion? Is it the religion or its followers who bring disrespect to their own religion? How can certain practices be insisted as strictly religious when it is impractical in certain parts of the world ? How can some practices be still followed even if it is wasting a lot of useful food products and other things without benefitting any one? Is there such a thing as one God is superior to another? Where does God come into religion? Can we still be religious if we do not worship God?

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  • Given a chance to live all over again, what would you change in your life?

    Hindus believe that we are born again and again until we see no difference in rich and poor, black and white, high or low, good and bad. My question is to review your own life and see what you regret having done and what would you change in your life if you were given a chance to live it again. There are things which we can still change in our life and what would you need to do that?

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  • Is there a chance for me to do a master's degree course on line of any Indian University - from USA?

    I am over 65 years of age (not old) I have done 2years of college here in USA and obtained an Associate Degree in Accounting. I do not wish to go through Bachelors for another 2 years of college and then do the masters. I was told that for persons over 40 some University in India offer direct MA degree if such a course is undertaken. I could not get any details. Can some one help?

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  • Why should we pray?

    When we were volunteering to teach children in a sunday school in our temple, we read a religious story and invited questions from children. A nine year old girl raised this question as to why we should pray?

    We did not want to give her a wrong answer, or give her an answer which she could not understand. We also wish to give her a complete answer without leading her to ask further questions to understand our answer. I posed the question to the parents and adults in the congregation, I posed the same question to the teachers and preachers of religion and all their answers were either disconnected to the question or too complicated. I am seeking for a short, precise, complete and simple answer which a 9 year old child could understand.

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  • What is the meaning of the Mantra Pushpam Slokas starting with the verse Yopam pushpam veda.?.?

    Even if any of you can tell me where to find it, I will try to get it.


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