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I'm a semi-retired - I can do what ever I feck'n want, it's a charmed life. I was in a near fatal auto accident in 94, spent 10 days in a coma, woke with total amnesia and spent six months in the hospital, I still have pain, nausea, memory issues and a distinguished limp I'm a farmer/rancher - It keeps me connected to beauty of the Dakotas I'm a Master Gardener in two states - I know how to grow some really good sh!t. I'm also a beekeeper and amateur mycologist. I'm an organic chemist - Read the books TIHKAL and PIKAL to know what I can do. I was an aerospace mechanic but I still can't say what I did. I own a pimped '67' 1275 Austin Mini-Cooper 'S' set up for rally and autocross. I'm an HVAC Master Mechanic - I owned my own mechanical contracting company D3ltaD3sign I've made some bad choices in my life. But I've also made the choices to quit cocaine 22 yrs ago, smoking 12 yrs ago, booze 10 yrs ago and morphine alm

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