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  • I hit a gate while delivery driving. I immediately called and tried to tell the  ?

    I’m a delivery 

    driver it’s the most

     reliable job offer in months. I recently hit a sliding gate while trying to locate a address and not paying enough attention. I called and told the company l to fix the mistake I made. They are telling me I did damage to a sign I did not do damage too. In fact their business practices seem so shady even the outside person who apparently personally reset the gate is saying I shouldn’t be charged for that since they personally did it. 

    Is this response ok?I will be sending the 350 for the gate. As I can see by the corresponding email and my communications with the company, in which I specifically state I hit the gate and nothing else, as this is a truthful fact, certain practices do not operate on these principles. Despite my honesty I am being blamed for damages that are blatantly not my own, as in the case of the sign. I took accountability for my actions and mistake. The fact that someone is willing to take advantage of this is proof why so many do not value accountability. I will rectify what damage I have done to the most extent that I caused, but also not more. At the very least, understand I am a recent college graduate trying to deal with a very tough economy by delivery driving, at many times for less then minimum wage, with out relying on any support be it government or family.  I don’t have much money to spare, but I will rectify my mistake. Please don’t take advantage of me being honest and trying to fix my mistake.         

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  • How to read Arthur’s notes as John ?

    I know I’m late to the game but I just finished RDR2 and when I go to look through the journal John now has a lot of the notes Arthur had done are gone all the landmarks are not there or the extra things I found. Am I doing something wrong? I really miss all the notes Arthur wrote. 

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    What kind of bird is this?

    Found it while kayaking in central Texas, 

    2 AnswersZoology3 months ago
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    Is anyone able to tell me what type of fish this is. ?

    I found it while kayaking in a small river where I normally only catch baby fish. I feel like I’m ok with identifying fish but this one is dead and decomposing and I can’t tell. I’m curious though as to what type considering I only ever catch small fish here but this one was decently bigger.  Also any idea what killed it? It looks like it had a bite taken out of it though it may just be little critters eating it I guess. 

    2 AnswersFish3 months ago
  • Why does my cat doesn't bathe himself well? ?

    He's not sick, we just went to vet. He’s always been like this we got him when he was 6 weeks old because he was lost under a neighbors shed with no other litter mates or mom in site. So we took him home and got him checked out he was healthy and has remained so with all his check ups. He’s a bit overweight by 5 pounds but this is a recent development of about a couple of months. We’ve started hiding food instead of leaving it on a bowl. He’s got a companion, an older cat we had first, who’s like an older brother to him. When he was little the older cat would like force him down and bathe him it was pretty funny. They still groom each other but it’s more of a friendly thing then a proper bath and they just end up playing. Now the little one does groom himself just not well enough he cleans his face all the time but it’s like he’s a kid who just ignores what people won’t notice he barley cleans his back for instance. I’ve taken to putting water on him so he will be forced to clean up. It works but I’m just wondering if this is odd/abnormal behavior from other people’s personal experiences. The vets didn’t really think much about it by the way they weren’t really concerned. 

    2 AnswersCats3 months ago
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    What type of fish is this one?

    This one reminded me of a red breast sunfish but his back was red as well not just his belly. Is this just variation or hybrid breeding?

    2 AnswersFish4 months ago
  • Waitr delivery ?

    In Waitr, what happens if the total amount is 12.90 with a $9 tip in cash, $1.90 compensation and $2  priority but they didn’t give the cash tip 

    to you, does that drop to only being $3.90?

    I’m not sure why she didn’t tip me I didn’t think I did anything wrong. I let her know when I had the food and was on the way even though the address was wrong and I had to drive more to get to the correct one.  I just drove over 13 miles to get the food then deliver it and I tried to keep communication on everything. 

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  • Reverse split on JNUG?

    I really wish I had known before it was happening but wasn’t paying attention but JNUG just split and I went from 10 shares to 1. Now I know I didn’t lose money in fact I’m still gaining about 50% more then I put in. However I feel like I don’t have any holding in it anymore since I only have 1 share. 

    Should I sell after a reverse split? Should I risk it and buy more? 

    Is it possible to sell before a reverse split at the higher price and get that per share before it becomes the price of one? 

    Apparently they had announced they were doing this but I wasn’t paying attention. I’m not sure where to get information like how to manage stocks in this case.

    1 AnswerPersonal Finance5 months ago
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    Is this a blue catfish ?

    Phone died as I was taking the pic but the other side looked like a dark blue to me. Caught the lil guy on a dead minnow. 

    1 AnswerFish5 months ago
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    Is this how much I will be paid with Waitr?

    When will I receive it? does it count the cash tips? 

    1 AnswerCredit6 months ago
  • Can any one tell me how my math teacher got the number 121?

    I cant remember how my math teacher got this number. I know the steps to it though. we are trying to solve by square theorm. we have

    1) a^2=87

    2) a= square root of 87

    then get lost cause suddenly

    3) (d+5)^2= + or - square root of 121?

    she says 87 cant be evenly squared but 8+7 is 15 which is divisible by 3 so 87 divided by 3 is 29 which also cant be evenly squared so where does 121 come from?

    1 AnswerMathematics6 years ago
  • what is army civil affairs like in a combat area such as Iraq?

    I just joined the Army reserves and have reserved this job. I know the job has a large emphasis on humanitarian missions, getting to know the civilian population, and more I was wondering if this differs slightly in a country were at war with and countries we are not at war with. Also why is civil affairs classified as special operations and is tis a status only with active duty members?

    3 AnswersMilitary6 years ago
  • how to become a veterinarian technologist?

    I want to work with animals and I liked vetenarian technologist I hear you can major in whatever you like so long as you take requjred classes for certification is this true what classes should you take I also hear to become certified you have to either take a certifying course at your college or work with a veterinarian for 2 years. Since none of my colleges have a certified veterinarian technologist program I would have to spend 2 years with a vet. Can anyone tell me how this is like if they have done it this way. Also what is the vetenarian technologist exam like. How do you learn about caring for the animals I know if I worked with a veterinarian I eould likely learn about the basic pets but how about other animals like farm animals? Basically I just want to know how to get into the field.

    1 AnswerOther - Education7 years ago
  • is alabama state a good university?

    i got a scholarship that pays tuition and fees. and i want to know if it has good academics as compared to some of my other schools,

    hampton university- possible 10,000 scholarship

    robert morris university-waiting for reply

    boston university-applied recently

    temple university-on hold

    university of south florida-waiting for reply

    york college-waiting for reply

    my gpa is a 3.3 and act score of 22.

  • why does my natal chart not desribe me?

    so i researched my natal chart and i am triple fire with sun/leo moon/aires and rising/saggatiraus. but i feel like a water sign and can relate more to them. my mercuery is in virgo. venus/gemini. mars/cancer. jupiter/capicorn, saturn/aires, uranus/aquarius, neptun/capicorn, pluto saggatirus, lilth leo, asc node/ libra. i only have 3 house in water signs 9th in cancer and 11th and 12th in scorpio. the rest are earth and air.I cant understand why i feel more like a water sign. the only thing i dont do that a water sign does is express my emotions to people, but i feel very deeply. I am not very outgoing like a leo, aires or saggatirus but i can see some of the more postive charactersistics in my personality. but i am so not cool like a leo or the other fire signs. im more serious and brooding

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay7 years ago
  • what is the best way to become commisioned in the marine corp?

    I did not meet the test score's to apply for the marine corp scholarship. ( 1 piont off) but I still want to be a marine officer however I cant affored the colleges that I have gotten accepted into that have nrotc. I will most likley get a full scholarship to alabama state university but they do not have NROTC. What can I do to become a officer and what is the best route. Should I go reserves or do plc, If i do PLC how does the traning work and is it competitive to get in. P.S I am applying for the army scholarship if i recieve it can i transfer the scholarship to another branch. also I have a gpa of 3.4 unweighted, act-21, nrotc 4 years, Graduated from cadet officer leadership program and leadership academy. im on staff of my njrotc unit were i hold the position of training officer. I have been in a 4 year visual peforming art program, athletic team, cyber security team, drill team, and i am joining the swim team.

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  • do I need to know my major for the marine corp scholarship?

    I wanted to major in geography for geospatial intell. in the marines but 3 of my university's don't offer this major. can i major in something different for these 3 universitys instead of geography?

    2 AnswersMilitary7 years ago
  • Would asking an american senator be helpful ?

    I recently learned that their are still native indigenous tribes around the world struggling to survive against brutal killings, their land being taken, disease foreigners bring, and plain disrespect by " civilized" governments all over the world. it was a harsh reality I thought they had all ready been exterminated but here they are still being killed off. I joined a site to try and help one option is to call a us senator but the particular issue I wanted to help with was from Canada would this be a useful action? Also would any one who answers or views this question please take part and join the site its really easy and its just signing petition's and such but anything helps.

    2 AnswersCivic Participation7 years ago