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  • I need help with my hair please?

    I have somewhat thick hair and I don't know how to make it look better. I don't do anything with it. I also don't apply heat to it. I had got my hair trimmed about a few months ago and the lady suggested I use their brand, great clips tea tree, to help with my dryscalp. It can be hard to scrub at my hair in the shower because it just seems weighted down and I think it is just hard to get all shampoo out. It has seemed since getting my haircut and using this shampoo it has gotten heavier and also more oily. Not at the roots though, the rest of my hair. I used to use a type of head and shoulders before this. I shampoo about every 2 to 3 days. What other info can I give to you to help me better understand what to do with my hair?

    1 AnswerHair1 month ago
  • Cry it out with almost 7 month old. Please only reply if you have tried this method.?

    We are sleep training our almost 7 month old which we tried to do at 6 months. We did it for around 2 weeks and every night she would cry for either a hlaf an hour to an hour. When we did that she slept the whole night till around 7 30 to 9 oclock. Falling asleep around 9 at night. The nights we didnt let her cry she would wake up every hour or 2 to feed off me or use me as a pacifier. After 2 weeks we felt so bad and thought it wasnt going anywhere so we brought her back into our room. She began waking up again every couple hours and also not napping as well during the day. She would get cranky of course and after a week or 2 of that we decided we needed her to sleep in her room again so she can get better rest. So here we are again on the 2nd night of sleep training and she is taking quite a while to go to sleep. Our doctor told us to start doing it when she was 6 months and suggested every 10 minutes to go in and say goodnight if she is still crying. The problem with that is it makes it worse. She cries even harder. I just don't know what to do. We feel so bad but she gets such better sleep this way and naps. Do you think there is an end in sight? Do we just keep doing it night after night?

    3 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 year ago
  • My cat ate ribbon?

    Yesterday afternoon our cat ate a few feet of ribbon from a ballon. My big mistake that we have kept him away from others but he managed to get this one and we feel horrible. We took him to the vet within an hour. They gave him something to try to make him throw up but he didn't. They said he didn't because cats can be stubborn. The vet said the best thing to do is to take him home and wait to see if he passes it. To watch for signs of lethargy, not acting normal, etc. So far it has been a little more than 24 hours and he has acted perfectly normal. He had a bowel movement that was normal but no ribbon. How long do you think it could take if we were to see bad signs if something were to happen?

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  • Cry it out in 6 month old?

    Have any of you done it with your kids? We have tried plenty of other things but nothing has seemed to work. She hasnt slept in her own room before this and has not gone hours without being breastfed back to sleep. Since we know she needs a full nights rest we have put her in her crib for the past 2 nights. It has worked great with her sleeping through the night but not without her crying so hard. Its her 3rd night and she is still crying for a half an hour. Is this ok. We go in and say its ok every 10 minutes now but then she cries harder. She tends to settle down after so long. But how long is too long?

    4 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 year ago
  • Am I wrong?

    Today my husband and I got into a big argument. It all started because I told him to feed our daughter slower inbetween bites and less on the spoon. The main reason why he got mad is because he says I always nick pick or complain. I tell him I am not complaining I am just saying and asking. I do it calmly. He says how I say it doesnt matter its that i said it and i dont trust him. Again I tell him thats not it I just wanted it slower. I do tell him a lot of little things here and there but it is not in a rude tone. I told him I don't want to fight anymore about this. Basically he said he doesn't want me to control how he parents. Forward to the end of the day and he is getting her water ready for the bath. I go to put her in and when my hand goes in it is way too hot and she flinches and gasps. I told him it was too hot and he gets all sad and moody telling him I did it again. I told him it was just too hot and that was it just cool it down. He is in a mood again where he thinks I'm being rude. There is more to these kinds of things but it would be too much to type. What can I do?

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  • My ferrets stopped wating again?

    This is about the 4th time my ferrets have stopped eating their ferret food. It is the same food just a fresh new bag. All other times i have taken them into the vet because they would go days without eating. The vet would then give them a shot to help and within a couple days they would eat again. I left them with their dry food, their dry food with olive oil, their dry food in warm water and a plate of mush powder mix a vet gave me to see if they would get some stuff in. All in different dishes.They gave me that last time. What do i do. I will take them into the vet if i have to but its been very frequent with a new bag. I can't keep spending 100 or more everytime they refuse to eat a new bag. Its because they are fussy or picky with the food. They don't do it with every bag but recently its been more often. I have had them for about 8 years. Any help?

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  • Baby has cold?

    My daughter, a little over a month old, has gotten a small cold from me. She got a stuffy nose. Has had no fever though. Her pediatrician has already given us nasal drops at a previous appointment because she was already nasaly since birth.

    So since she had gotten this stuffy nose the past couple days i have been using the nasal drops more before feedings. But i am also using the bulb syringe and also the sucker that we have where you use the tube to suction it yourself more often.

    I am scared that i did it too much because i just read that you can do it too much. But then i read that you can do it more if your child is sick and is needed. But cant find that much info on it. Does anyone have any answers or i fo on using the suction equipment too much. I am worried i am overdoing it with her. Nothing has come up that is bad. I use it when she sounds really moist and or sneezes to help get out what has loosened.

    5 AnswersNewborn & Baby2 years ago
  • Baby in pants?

    Was wondering if putting my baby in pants most of the time is ok. She is just over 1 month. I have onsies and t shirts for her which i pair with pants. I also have the long onsies with panta together but if she spits up or leaks out of diaper or when i change her some gets on it i have to change the whole thing. On the other hand i just uave to change pants if she gets it dirty or just change her shirt or short onsie. Someone said that the pants are not good all the time because it is tight around the waist. But she already is in a diaper which is strapped around her waist. And i use bigger pants so it isnt tight. Do you think its fine

    2 AnswersCleaning & Laundry2 years ago