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  • Laptop blue screen help?

    Hi guys,

    Got an Asus laptop a while ago and recently it's been blue screening now and then. I'm an avid gamer and enjoy playing Minecraft. Now I'd either be playing Minecraft or using Google Chrome and then my laptop blue screens. I don't really read what it says when it blue screens (I know I probably should) but when I log back on and carry on playing, the laptop seems to be much faster.

    For example, normally when I play Minecraft on it (I know I shouldn't really), I get about 20-30 FPS. When it blue screens and then restarts I get on average 70-120 FPS with the same settings.

    I was just wondering if there's any way to replicate those settings when it is running normally, as when I restart my laptop it goes back to being slow and annoying. I've looked at all the settings I can think of such as the Power Settings and things.

    The laptop also seems to be overheating when everything's running well (I thought that'd be expected as everything's running 3-4 times better.

    Any ideas on how I can replicate the better performing laptop state? I would make sure that it doesn't overheat too much when I'm gaming.

    Thanks in advance

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks7 years ago
  • I have an appointmrent tomroow morning for an endoscopy & colonoscopy at a London (England) hospital.?

    I have followed the instructions carefully & took the two bisacodyl tablets, then the first sachet of Picolax at 10:30am. I have just taken the second sachet of Picolax. So far everything is normal, but what I really need to know is when the stuff does start to take effect, how long will it be before they stop, as I have at least an hour's journey to get to the hospital. I am really stressing over all this & would appreciate some safe, sound advice.

    Thanks in advance.

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases1 decade ago
  • Runescape question? King Black Dragon information needed?

    I'm in need of a lot of money of Runescape. I've heard about the King Black Dragon (KBD) but no one will team up with me to help me kill is as I am only level 85.

    Many of my friends have said I am able to do it. Here are my levels:

    Strength level of 66

    Attack level of 70

    Defence level of 60

    Ranged level of 55

    Magic level of 57

    Could anyone please give me tips on what I would need to kill it. (Food, armour, weapon, potions)

    Thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Problem with printer: Photosmart HP C4485?

    This printer is installed into a Vista computer, the printer is quite recent and came with partially filled Ink Cartridges.

    I have just gone to PC world and bought 2 cartridges (colour and black). I have removed the old ones and replaced them. On the screen it came up with " cartridges incompatible" I followed a link and did what it said: I washed the cartridges very lightly and carefully and I have looked at some other ways of fixing this.

    Has anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersPrinters1 decade ago
  • A question on Runescape. Need help urgently...?

    I am getting very bored raising my stats on Runescape and was looking for some other way of raising them that is quicker and easier. I found out about BOTS and how they work. But I haven't been able to find a free and decent one that does what I want it to.

    I want a level 60 Woodcutting by chopping down Oak trees in Draynor Village.

    Thanks In Advance

    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • MP3 Download sites? I have been trying to download a song called "I Wish I Was James Bond" by Scouting For...?

    Girls. I can't find a website that will let me download it for free or without downloading any other software. Has anyone got a free MP3 download website?

    Also, I have been wanting to play the piano parts to the same song but cannot find anywhere that has the music for that song. I would prefer a video showing me how to do it as I cannot read sheet music too well.

    Thanks in advance

    4 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • What are the event dates for Pokemon Pearl/Diamond & what do they involve?

    I have tried typing this into Google with no luck. If anybody has the event add-on or the event game you will probably know this.

    Also, is it true that if you use the Wi-Fi connection on Mystery Gift, you can pick up Legendaries/Rare Items/TMs?

    Thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersOther - Games & Recreation1 decade ago
  • Just got a new Vista computer...?

    Used to have Windows XP Home Edition, but now when I go to Yahoo games, it won't load and also won't tell me why it isn't or what it's missing.

    Any ideas? Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersOther - Internet1 decade ago
  • For our next food lesson at school, I have to take in ...?

    1 med. onion

    1 med. tomato

    1 green pepper

    1 large potato (cooked & wrapped in foil

    to make a Spanish omelette (eggs etc supplied by school)

    The teacher didn't say how she wanted the potato cooked. (peeled & boiled, baked in oven?)

    What is the best thing for this recipe. Hpw do you think we might use the potato?

    Thanks in advance

    11 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Just to liven the place up for a while........?

    A gave Stevie Wonder a cheese grater for his birthday

    He said it was the most violent book he'd ever read!!

    4 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago
  • My young cousin (10) has just bought her first MP3 player & is having trouble finding...?

    free downloads. She likes all types of music, some chart stuff, but some much older stuff too, as she's a good singer & dancer. She says she has to look all over the place to find stuff & it takes ages to find or download or she has to pay?

    Any suggestions please?

    9 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • Still struggling with homework on the Hajj...?

    The teacher has set us some quite difficult questions. I can't seem to find any sites that answer what she wants to know. Im not a Muslim, but she seems to want the answers from a Muslim's point of view.

    I have to write about traditions to do with the Hajj.

    Thanks in advance.

    6 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • I'm havnig trouble finding a good site to explain to me about the Muslim Hajj to Mecca...?

    I've got to write about and explain about the method of transport from the UK and why they go in the first place.

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Who was Fat Larry and what happened to his band?

    Where is he now?


    5 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Where does the word 'nark' come from?

    As in 'copper's nark'?

    6 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • Dame Kelly Holmes?

    For a school project. I have to write about Kelly Holmes and her career. Have found out through various sites about her athletic career, but have to finish off with some information on what she is doing now. Can't seem to find anything, can you recommend any useful sites or or offer any accurate info?

    Thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • What do you get for a Nobel Prize?

    Is it a cash prize, do you get a trophy or medal? Is it the same for all the categories? I've already been to &, but not much help.

    5 AnswersChemistry1 decade ago
  • Did nobody guess who I was talking about?

    It's pretty obvious to anyone with a sense of humor.

    Trickydickh**d & Fidgety Fumbles.

    Bet it all falls into place now.

    11 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago