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  • Christians, my wife and I is having a disagreement about our 9yr old son in relation to God.please read, we need help and will answer all?

    ....our son used a 4 letter word the other day (the big one) and said he don't believe in Jesus or God , it shocked us both to hear it and my wife whipped him and took away his games etc... and told him not to ever say that again or i will disown you and put you out.I told her she was to hard on him,she said God is love and he needs to understand that....I laughed and asked her if she still loved him?..she said of course I do,I (she and me) I could never stop loving my child!....MY QUESTION IS DO YOU THINK SHE SHOULD DISOWN HIM LIKE SHE SAID AND PUT HIM OUT?

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  • Christians, if we are God's most treasured creation why are we so inferior to the "lesser" creations...?

    ....It really makes no sense that a starfish can regrow it's limbs,(even though it only lives about 35 years and wouldn't know if they were gone anyway.) a turtle can live for hundreds of years,(and does nothing but eat grass) a ant can pick up many many times it's own weight, a eagle can see for miles....AND ALL HUMANS CAN DO IS WISH!!!!!!

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  • Why is it that we can write the most beautiful fantasies of peace and love ,and yet can't live or show it in reality?

    ......I believe that we all are made up of good and bad but mostly good (like Mother Theresa) and a little bad (like Hitler).....

    If we can imagine it then it must be possible, but the same goes with bad/evil,how else can you account for war?

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  • Why do White people think that they are "SUPERIOR" to all other humans?

    They have convinced themselves and their offspring that all but the white race is subhuman!... Yet they act in such BARBARIC ways for a "SUPERIOR" species. They destroy whoever don't agree with their philosophy, they steal other cultures land and identity, they create weapons that can destroy the whole planet (to ensure about a oxymoron!) and they set laws in place that ensures that ENIGMA OF SUPERIORITY!

    Why was their a need for Jim Crow and Segregation? (if you are SUPERIOR you would let others compete equally...Right?..Hmmm!)...Muhammad Ali gave all fighters a chance at his crown with no stipulations...

    The bottom line is , the fact that White People lack emotions and can't see that they are no better than anyone else is a deficiency to their so called SUPERIORITY!..... TRUMP IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THE GREAT DISCONNECT!

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  • Am I prejudice or mean because I HATE FAT WOMEN?

    ...I'm a old fashioned, down to earth, hard working and responsible MAN!....I accept a lot of things and understand different points of view.But what I can't stand is fat and obese women ,for a multitude of reasons, first, they don't even try to exercise to see the best that their bodies can's like they just don't care! the animal kingdom, especially among mammals, THE MALE IS ALWAYS BIGGER THSN THE FEMALE!....that's nature rule,not mine....I can't imagine having a fat girl crawling across my bed ,sweating and funky.And then they have the audacity to wear spandex to amplify how fat and bad built they are!

    I know I can't be the only person that feels like this, ENOUGH with pacifying them into thinking it's alright (the you do you philosophy) to kill yourself because in the end that's what they are doing.

    If someone was on drugs we would criticize, talk about,get angry and everything else to get them to see that they can do better...


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  • The Las Vegas killer killed 59 people (and the number may go up)..while OJ "supposedly" killed 2, how is that the trial of the century?

    .....There have been numerous shootings with multiple deaths from Columbine to the Sandy Hook Elementary school where 20 children were massacred!!

    Can someone honestly tell me why OJ Simpson's case is labeled "THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY'....Even though he was found innocent, as opposed to children who never had a chance to live their life before they were slaughteredl

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  • If you are a member of Joel Olsteen's mega Church in Houston (or not) ,I have a question for you?

    Will you continue to be a member?

    Christians ALWAYS ask God for a sign especially in times of need and he answered with a resounding "GET OUT"

    Joel Olsteen locked the doors of "YOUR" Church ,the one you paid for,the one you pay the lights and gas for the one you give your hard earned money to...

    And now that you are going thru literally the worst "STORM" of your life and needs to seek the shelter that he preached about,he denied you a place in your own Church... How do you justify that?

    Are you going to believe him when he say's "Satan got me at my time of weakness".. Even though he tells you to " stand strong and Satan will flee from you"

    I can go on and on..but I'm SURE you get my point! what time do you Trust in God and not man.God is showing you the inner man!

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    ....What he was really saying is "I didn't think Putin could pull it off ,but he did,he really did.Wow"

    Now that I'm in office what do I do , shhh! I have no experience and those idiots voted for me ,shh!(scratching his head)


    First I'll say that there were more people at my inauguration than any President in history , damn that backfired!.. OK ,um!

    Ban the Muslims , yeah they'll like that..oh oh, hmm..this is getting Tricky BWAAAAAAAHAHAHA (laughing uncontrollably while popping his meds)

    Say Obama wire tapped my office , but how?..oh think will you think think..ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    This is so hard.

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  • Don't you think that the Republicans that have come out and said that they don't support Trump's raciest views and how he's handling..?

    ...World affairs , should shut up!

    For better words they are the party in power, which means that they have the authority to start the impeachment process!!!

    Don't pacify or patronise us with your rhetoric in order to get re elected!!

    We need Republicans that are dissatisfied with him to put it on paper and get this man out.. Your words means no more than his,WE ARE LOOKING FOR ACTION!

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  • Republicans , if Trump was just a regular person (it hurt so hard for me to type "regular") on the street would you believe anything he says?

    ....if he was a gossiping and messy neighbor or a store owner that discriminated based on race , gender or orgin would you listen and support him?

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  • White guilt is real....?

    When I played high school football , my all white team were tied at 32 32 with this black team with two minutes left in the game.we were one of the worse teams around.

    The ball was passed to me and I ran down the sideline and clearly stepped out of bounds and I knew it!

    The white referee called it a touchdown and we won the game while half of the crowd booed.(whenever we played another white or predominantly white team the calls were fair and right!)

    I knew I was out and even my coach said it was clear that I was out but the important thing is we won the game.

    For years I didn't feel that we deserved the win.

    One day years later a new employee (black) started working at my job and we became friends , come to find out he was on that team we played in highschool.

    He said "you know if the game was fair y'all would have never won that championship.."

    I agreed,and thought about all of the other ways white people have beaten blacks unfairly.

    There have been laws like Jim Crow that held them back , racial profiling , discrimination , of course slavery , the judicial system where blacks are disproportionatly jailed for crimes that white people walk free on , outrageous bail bonds..etc..etc..etc..


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  • As a Trump voter , how do you feel about all of the evidence coming out but yet your President telling you it's a hoax?

    ...for better words do you think that the collision is a conspiracy to undermine Trump , or do you think Trump is playing his voter's for fools in believing they will believe anything Ihe say!

    Also how many Trump voters believe that the evidence of collision is real but you don't care because you believe Trump is generally good for the country

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  • What does the Bible say abou?

    Eating booty and farting on the elevator , I think both of them are sinful but I can't find the Scriptures , I know somewhere in the old testament Jesus said "Thou shall wash thy face before thine azz and never pop the tiny bubbles for they stinketh"

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  • Donald Trump's speech , delivery and demeanor reminds me so much of Jim Jones who led "HIS" followers to their death?

    The tragedy was the people did not resist his brainwashing techniques even though everyone else were warning and begging them to break away including their families!

    They were SUPPOSED to be "good" Christians and yet they put down their Bibles and listened to only what he had to say love like zombies.

    They called him father (think about that , a grown man calling some other man besides God or their biological father father..are you that weak to not break the spell)

    By the time it was to late they were already lining up willing to drink the poison kool-aid...the few that realized what everyone else had been telling them was true , was gunned down like dogs to the lust of a egomaniacal narcissistic mad man that needed them to make his insecurities manifest!

    Trump is weak just like Jim Jones but their followers are weaker and they knew that and therefore used them up and then disposed of them like trash.

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  • Where in the world did white people get the concept that they are Superior to all other races..?

    Let's be honest , white skin is no match for the complex structure of black skin in enduring both heat and cold .

    White reflects heat and black absorbs it , so it's a MYTH that white people can withstand more I said white reflects heat away from the body , while black keeps the body warm!

    Physically blacks are more lean and muscular , it has nothing to do with "slavery" as they like to claim as if they had something to do with black conditioning , we were who we are before we came from Africa , it takes more than "wishful thinking" to change DNA and phenotypes to create a being that will adapt to a climate or situation... We came with the black color and strength to function anywhere in the world...WHITES HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

    For better words how long do you think it to for a Giraffe's neck to elongate enough to reach the leaves at the top of a tree?..400 years ? Come on! Be realistic and not racist!

    As far as intellect goes , there are many contributions that blacks have made and history decide not to record or teach (elevate one race while at the same time putting another down!) Besides the fact that for over 400 years we were not allowed to read or be educated , so there is a huge advantage for Whites that the avoid in discussion!

    So again I ask , where do this concept of white Superiority come from, because for the most part it's s myth and fable!!!

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  • Why do racist Whites constantly call Obama a Muslim... Are you people that dumb?

    One thing about the Religion of Islam is that all they do is in honor of Allah no matter how extreme "some" of them are....

    Therefore they would never dishonor him by lying and saying they are a Christian. (or any other Religion)

    Whenever they attack or kill they take full responsibility for their actions by admitting they did it!

    That's why we know that when the Malaysian Air Plane went down and was never found we knew it was not a Muslim attack because they would have immediately acknowledged it.

    As cruel as "some" of them are their faith and honor goes to Allah...

    Now , in saying all of that , Obama would be a poor excuse for a Muslim to deny his faith at any cost , in fact EXTREMIST would have tried to kill him by now for being a tratior/infedl to Allah!

    Muslims are not wishy washy like Christian's , no matter what they do they own up to it!

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  • Christians , do you think Satan will torture sinners with the worst case of hemorrhoids known to man if they wind up in hell?

    ....I personally would rather be burnt with fire and brimstone everyday than to have hemorrhoids...

    I believe that Satan would tie you down and stick his finger up your booty with alcohol on it and rub those swollen fart strings until you called him Lord.

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  • Why are White people so appalled that blacks want the Confederate Flag , statutes and monuments as reminders to slavery removed....?

    Why should Blacks have to be subjugated to emblems that any normal and stable minded person can see is obviously wrong.

    They would riot in the streets until it was removed if it was the other way around , also you must remember that they lost the war , so how in the Hell do you immortalize LOSERS and make them HEROS?... only in America can they justify this blatant BS!..

    That's like giving the Superbowl Trophy to the Atlanta falcons instead of the New England Patriots!...Give me a God Damn Break!

    How would they like it if N.Korea planted a flag and statue of Kim Jong-Un in their neighborhood and told them "we love him and what he stands for so, Phuck you!"

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  • Why are White people are so appalled that blacks want the Confederate Flag , statutes and monuments as reminders to slavery removed....?

    Why should Blacks have to be subjugated to emblems that any normal and stable minded person can see is obviously wrong.

    How would you like it if N.Korea planted a flag and statue of Kim Jong-Un in your neighborhood and told you "we love him and what he stands for so, Phuck you!"

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