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  • Where can I download Realplayer 11 and 12?

    The new realplayer installer does not work with my Windows 7 64-bit laptop. It reaches around 80% before the installer just 'disappears'. I have tried everything. It seems to be this new installer which goes back by quite a few versions. I think the ones that use the old installer are Realplayer 11 and possibly 12. I would be grateful if you could send me a link where I can download these exe. files please.



    P.S. Really need those two versions and no earlier because they have the video download and conversion feature.

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  • I need the name of this book from World Book Day from around 2005?

    There was this book that came out a few years ago, perhaps 2004-2006 for World Book Day. It was a really short one, (one of those £1 ones you can get with the voucher). It was about a boy who is attending church and he notices a girl with black hair.... he eventually ends up losing his virginity to her not so long after. I think it had a blue cover. Would be grateful if you could find the name please!

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  • How do criminals break into houses and cars without breaking the windows?

    I want to know how a burglar gets into a car without having to smash the windows. A few weeks ago our window on the car was found slightly open with the door unlocked and the car ransacked. Nothing was taken.

    The same thing is happening to our house, but so far they haven't managed to get in.

    How do they do it, what tools do these professionals use and how can we take measures against it. Note that we can't afford a security system but we do have a motion detection light.


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  • Kinetic theory?

    An ideal gas is taken from a temperature T1 to a higher temperature T2, using three different processes: A, B and C. In process A the temperature is increased by adding an amount of heat QA, while keeping the volume constant. In process B the temperature is increased by adding an amount of heat QB, at constant pressure. In process C the temperature is increased adiabatically, by compressing the gas.

    a)Rank the 3 changes in internal energy, Ea,Eb,Ec, greatest first. (Use only > and =, eg. Ea>Eb=Ec).

    b)Rank the 3 additions of heat, Qa,Qb,Qc, greatest first. (Use only > and =, eg. Qc>Qa=Qb).

    Whoever answers correctly first will get 'best answer.'

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  • Need help with some conversions?

    Heat of fusion of ice from 3.55 KJ/kg to joules per mole

    Density of ice from 0.917 g/ cm^3 turned to kg per m^3

    Conductivity of ice from 2.00 w/ m/ K to m kg / s^3

    4.5 cm to m

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  • A pond of water at 0°C is covered with a layer of ice 4.50 cm thick. If the air temperature stays constant at

    Specific Heat Capacity and Thermal Conductivity


    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A pond of water at 0°C is covered with a layer of ice 4.50 cm thick. If the air temperature stays constant at -11.0°C, how much time does it take for the thickness of the ice to increase to 9.00 cm?


    Hint: To solve this problem, use the heat conduction equation,

    dQ/dt = kA T/x

    and note that the incremental energy dQ extracted from the water through the thickness x is the amount required to freeze a thickness dx of ice. That is, dQ = LA dx, where is the density of the ice, A is the area, and L is the latent heat of fusion. (The specific gravity and thermal conductivity for ice are, respectively, 0.917 is 2.0 W/m/°C.)

    2. Relevant equations

    Heat conduction equation

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