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  • Royal Mail?

    Hi guys, I’m sending my boyfriend a parcel, I’m from England, he’s from USA, Louisiana. 

    I’m sending a kind of scrapbook, and inside a love letter that I’ve written (talk about old fashioned). 

    Do I need to add a stamp on my parcel if I’m sending it there, or just write out his address etc on the sticker?

    Also, even though the letter will be inside the scrapbook, will I still need to put a stamp on the letter? 

    Thank you. 

    Hope you’re well and safe!:)

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  • Sending parcel from UK to USA?

    Hey guys, I sent my boyfriend a parcel on August the 2nd, it was supposed to reach him in around 5-8 business days. 

    However, it still hasn’t been delivered to him and my last update from USPS was on August 5th, saying that it was on transit to its last facility. 

    The man in the post office told me that I could send tea, so I did, this exact one; 

    and that I didn’t need a stamp on the parcel, so I didn’t. 

    Could any, or both, of these two things be why it hasn’t reached him yet? If so, why?

    Or could it just be because of corona?

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  • What to write in book for boyfriend?

    Hey guys, I’m doing like a scrapbook kind of thing for my long distance boyfriend, he’s from USA & I’m from England, and my brain is fried. I have no clue what to put in it. 

    I have a section of reasons why I love him, and I’m now on date ideas, and then I’m going to do a section for types of date ideas, like Christmas, Halloween etc.


    If not, ideas pleaseee:)

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  • Online courses? ?

    Hi guys, what is the best website to do online courses? 

    I want to take a Teaching Assistant course but I’m not too sure what website to go for. 

    Also, is reed legit? I’ve been looking on there and the prices seem too good to be true?

  • International student?

    Hi guys, I’m 18 and I’m from England, and my boyfriend is from Louisiana, America. 

    I am planning to become an international student at the community college near his home to study Teaching for 2 years, then the course transfers me to a university to study the same course for a further 2 years. 

    He is going to phone the college for me soon (I know it would look better if I did, however I do not pay my phone bill and I don’t start my new job until next week) to find out how the process goes. 

    Just so I know a bit sooner, could you please help me with how this process goes? 

    Such as the applying, the student visa (will I have to sort this out myself, or will the college help me?) how long before starting the college will I need to fly over? (He May have his own place by then so I’ll be staying there, if he doesn’t, his parents have welcomed me to stay at theirs) etc 

    Thank you. 

    Hope you and your families are all safe!

    And also if you’re from Louisiana, stay safe during the hurricanes!

  • When can we travel again? (UK to USA & vice versa)?

    Hi guys, my boyfriend is from Louisiana, USA, and I have been googling, but no website, even the professionals, seem to have anything clear on them. 

    Realistically, when do you think it will be possible for me, from England to visit him in Louisiana (or anywhere in America really, just as long as we can see each other) and/or him to visit me?

    Thank you. 

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  • Why do people believe in God? (Catholic)?

    Hi guys, I’m non-religious, however, my boyfriend is Catholic. As I do not know much about Christianity, other than the things he tells me and the answers he gives me to the questions I ask, I would like an opinion from other people, in detail, why you believe in God (google doesn’t do it for me on this). 

    As he’s my boyfriend, I would love to know a lot more about Christianity (Catholic) and why people follow the religion? 

    I’m a very open minded and non judgemental person, so I would love to know more about the religion so that I can understand his families religion more, what they follow, their beliefs etc. just so that I’m educated on it. 

    One question I would love answered is when we have children will they have to be brought up as Christians? 

    Even though I would never convert, I’m not bothered one bit if they would need to be brought up following the religion. That is also another reason why I would like to know more, so that even though I’m not a Christian myself, I can still help to teach them stuff that they would need to know about the religion and their beliefs etc. 

    Thank you, and I hope you and your families are healthy and safe right now!:)

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  • Internationally recognised qualification?

    Hello, I am from England and moving to Louisiana, USA. I have a CACHE Level 2 Diploma for the Early Years Practitioner. Is this qualification recognised in USA?

    Also, is the City and Guilds Level 2 Travel & Tourism recognised in USA?Thank you!:)

    Studying Abroad1 month ago
  • Becoming a Flight Attendant?

    Hi guys, I'm 18 & in September I'm going to college to study Travel & Tourism, afterwards, I hope to become a Flight Attendant.

    I'm from England, but if everything goes smoothly, I'm hoping to be living in Louisiana, USA, by 2021, anytime after next July.

    So I'd appreciate if both British & American Flight Attendants could answer my questions.

    What is the training/assessment process?

    How long after becoming a Flight Attendant do you start long haul flights?

    Do you have to be pretty to become a Flight Attendant? I have been told by people I'm pretty, but I don't believe I am and I have only ever seen pretty Flight Attendants?

    What are the benefits? Discounted flights, etc?

    Is it a nerve-wracking job? I'm a confident and outgoing girl, but it even seems nerve-wracking to me, especially things like forgetting the safety announcement routine?


    Thank you, I hope you and your families are all well during this time:)

    8 AnswersAir Travel2 months ago
  • My parents always check my bank?

    Hello, I'm 18 and my parents constantly check my bank account, they will even moan if I have spent only £1 on a drink. 

    They constantly tell me to find a job instead of staying on at my current one, which I do, I am on Indeed every day and apply for at least 5 jobs a day. However, they still moan that I do not have one, even after telling them all the applying I do, they act like I can force someone to give me a job?

    They are even trying to force me to do Travel & Tourism at college, when I do not want to do travel one bit, I have said that I want to do a Nursing course but they have told me I'm not smart enough for a Nursing course, so I'm not going to bother with it and am trying to find a full-time job instead, instead of college and a part-time job.

    They have told me that when I get a job I have to start paying for everything, such as rent, help with bills, my phone bill, clothes, haircuts, dentist etc. Which I wouldn't mind if they told my brother to do the same. He is 21 next month, has 2 jobs, sometimes makes around £200 a day, yet they only make him SOMETIMES (maybe once a month) pay for his petrol, and nothing else.

    I personally do not think I am a bad person/child, I respect my parents even though they are not nice to me, I completed my college course, I have a job, I have good friends, I am trying to find a new job, I'm not disrespectful etc.

    Should I open a new account that they do not have access to?

    If so, how do I do this?

    Thank you,hope you are well and safe:)

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  • Sore vagina?

    Hey guys, I’m (18) in a LDR with my boyfriend so we have FaceTime sex often. 

    The other day we had it once in the morning and then in the same night, since then, this was around 2/3 days ago my vagina has been quite sore and sometime itchy. 

    I don’t know if it was because of how fast, hard and deep I was going because I haven’t done it that intense for a few months. 

    And when I try to enter my finger now it feels weird, it feels as if there are small bumps right the second I try to push my finger in. 

    Should I be worried or could it be because of how long it’s been since it was last this intense?

    Thank you!

    Hope you and all your families are well and safe!

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  • Boyfriend liked girls Instagram picture?

    Hey guys, I know this seems very dramatic. 

    But, my boyfriend and I are both 18, known each other for 6 years and in a long distance relationship. He is from America, I am from England. 

    I noticed earlier after a bit of stalking that he liked a picture of this really pretty girl, who lives near him, wearing a crop top from early July. We have been officially together since early March.

    I only got worried and suspicious as after previous stalks, I’ve seen that he NEVER likes any girls pictures, and this is the first one of hers that he has liked. 

    So I got worried why he’s suddenly started to like a girls pictures, especially seeing as she’s the ONLY girl who’s pictures he’s liked. 

    Guys, and girls, am I being too dramatic?

    Singles & Dating3 months ago
  • Boyfriend liked girls Instagram picture?

    Hey guys, I know this seems very dramatic. 

    But, my boyfriend and I are both 18, known each other for 6 years and in a long distance relationship. He is from America, I am from England. 

    I noticed earlier after a bit of stalking that he liked a picture of this really pretty girl, who lives near him, wearing a crop top from early July. We have been officially together since early March.

    I only got worried and suspicious as after previous stalks, I’ve seen that he NEVER likes any girls pictures, and this is the first one of hers that he has liked. 

    So I got worried why he’s suddenly started to like a girls pictures, especially seeing as she’s the ONLY girl who’s pictures he’s liked. 

    Guys, and girls, am I being too dramatic?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 months ago
  • Boyfriend follows his best mates new girlfriends private/spam account, but the best mate doesn’t even follow it?

    Hi guys, I'm hoping that I'm just being overly-dramatic here but I need help just to confirm that.

    My boyfriend and I are both 18 and met on omegle 6 years ago (classy, I know), we have now been properly together since Early March. He is from the USA and I am from England.

    Basically, my boyfriend follows his best mates new girlfriends private/spam Instagram account, and she follows him back, which only has 43 followers, so I'm guessing it is only for people that she is close with. However, she doesn't even follow her own boyfriend on it and he doesn't follow her, either? They both follow each other on their main accounts, but not on her private.

    My boyfriend told me that he has never spoken to her, and that his best mate doesn't follow her on it as he is never on Instagram much, only to reply to their group chat dms.

    I really hope that nothing is going on, and I really hope that it actually is his best mates girlfriend. I hope he wouldn't throw away six years for this.

    I am quite hopeful nothing is happening as I have met his family over FaceTime, his mum and sister both follow me on facebook and Instagram and I regularly talk to the sister on social media, and his little sister always asks to say hi to me when we FaceTime, which is every night. Apparently, his family are all also very eager to meet me.

    So, do you think that I am being overly-dramatic and nothing is going on, or do I need to mention it to him again, or get my girly FBI skills out?

    Hope you’re well and safe!

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  • Meeting Southern boyfriends family?!?


    I'm an 18-year-old girl from England, dating a Southern boy (American).

    In England, especially with my family and friends, we are as laid back and informal as you can get and we speak fluent banter, which my boyfriend thought was just as being mean until I explained to him what it was. We can hardly go one sentence without including banter in it.

    So, I need help, especially from strangers as I have asked my boyfriend a lot, but I don't want him to be sugar coating anything.

    How should I act down South?

    I know it will take them a while to get used to banter, I would like to know how on earth I need to talk?

    Such as greeting people (ESPECIALLY when I meet them for the first time), saying my farewell to them, and just in general, in any types of conversations. I'm just stuck on how to act around them and talk to them as we are so much more laid back, informal and playfully insulting every second here.

    I don't want to not act like myself, but I also don't want them to hate me and think that I'm being rude.

    I have briefly met his sisters (older and younger) and mum on FaceTime once, and his mum and older sister added me on facebook and Instagram, and his little sister always asks to speak to me when me and him are on facetime, and all of them, including his cousin and best mate who I know, and his dad can't wait to meet me, so it's a good start!

    Thank you guys so much!

    I hope you and all your families are staying well and safe during this time!x

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating3 months ago
  • ‘Open When’ letter ideas for Best Friend?

    Hi guys, it is my best friends 18th birthday at the end of July, I have already got her main present, and I'm now just about to order 'Open when' letters, but I want it to be more sentimental, so I'm trying to find a website where I can also customise that part instead of being sent the envelopes that have the whole sentence on.

    I've thought of most of the open when parts that I would like to have, however, I need help with a few more sentimental ones.

    So far, even though we are only 18, I have sentimental ones such as 'Open when you get engaged', 'Open when it is your wedding day', 'Open when you have your first baby', 'Open when you are homesick', 'Open when I can't be there for a special day' (I'm going to be moving from England to the USA). There's just a few rough ideas, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't lose these as she is a very organised and tidy person. 

    I feel like sentimental ones, especially ones that she can't open until years later, are a great idea and it shows how much I love her.

    So, any help with sentimental ideas will be amazing.

    Thank you!I hope you and your families are staying safe and well during this time!

  • Animal care or Travel and Tourism? ?

    Hello, I am going back to college in September to do either Animal Care or Travel and Tourism. However, I am not too sure which one to do. I don’t want to do one this September then one next September as by then I will already be 19 and will have to pay around £3,000.

    Could you please weigh out the pros and cons for both subjects? 

    I’m really confused as to what to do. 

    Thank you! 

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  • Art supplies?

    Heyy, for christmas I'm getting one of my best friends some things to do with art as she absolutely loves it. I was just wondering, especially to all you art enthusiasts, what should I get her? I have absolutely no idea about anything to do with art. But bearing in mind I'm only 15 so I don't have a lot of money to splash out on her. Thank you(:

  • Thrush? Treatment?

    Hii, I'm 15 (female) and have thrush. How long does it usually take to go? And how long does it usually take for the itching to calm down? Also, I have Canesten cream, where exactly do I apply it & does it go up the vagina or not? Any other treatments you know of that work well would be appreciated, too. Thank you(:

    4 AnswersWomen's Health3 years ago
  • Vaginal itching?

    Hello, I m 15 and have had an itchy vagina for around the past two days. I decided to look to see what it was and they were quite a few things on there that looked like those milk spots you get on your face. And there was quite a few on the middle part of the vagina that sticks out more than the rest. Do you know what it could be? If so, will it go on its own? And is there anything like sudocrem I should put on it? I don t really want to go to the doctors about it as I get really nervous about stuff like that, but if I HAVE to, I will. Thank you!(:

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