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  • Red Sox fans...the question has to be asked....?

    Now that Manny Ramirez has been suspended for performance enhancing you think David Ortiz may have been using too? The evidence suggests that the possibility exists given the dramatic decline in production since Manny has left. Jason Bay has more than adequately filled in the void in the Red Sox lineup since Manny has been traded. So you can't say Ortiz is exposed in the lineup. Not trying to trample on Ortiz's legacy with the player has been more clutch for them over the last few years but there is a certain irony about Ortiz since Manny has left.

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  • how many of your contacts have no life and spend their whole life on Y/A?

    100 questions in a day??? I wish I had time to waste like that...

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  • Would MLB be better served by scheduling the WBC in the Fall versus Spring?

    I think there would be a better tournament and more star players would participate in the WBC if it was held in November versus the current format coinciding with Spring Training.

    1. Pitchers would be stretched out.

    2. Hitters would have seen live game pitching for 6 months.

    3. There would still be injury concerns but players would have the rest of the offseason to rehab for the next season.

    4. This is not an annual tournament so it largely would not be competing against the NFL and would fill programming slots for ESPN, MLB Network.

    The tournament could be played at warm weather sites around the country like it is currently scheduled for the Spring culminating in the championship around the Thanksgiving weekend. I think this would generate more interest in the US and would put less stress on teams and players to decide if they play or not.

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  • Change we can believe in......? ?

    How many Obama supporters feel betrayed now that Obama is staffing his administration with several players from the Clinton White House, including Hillary herself...this is too funny! Glad I wasn't fooled by Barry.

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  • Don't you think MLB's priorities are screwed up when they try to play a game in weather like Game 5?

    MLB wonders why it has lost popularity and a great example of this is trying to play games in monsoons. This only stands to get worse as next year due to the World Baseball Classic (another spectacular joke thrust upon us by Bud Selig) pushing back the start of the season the World Series will not start until November. The World Series is the pinnacle event in baseball but over the last several years seems to treated as a circus sideshow. All opinions welcome.

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  • Whatever happened to Michelle Masters?

    She was always active in polls and surveys. We used to chat all of the time and she has since fell off the planet...anyone still in contact with her on Y/A?

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