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  • If your a urologist/doctor please help?

    I’m a 20 year old male. 3 days ago, I started to feel slight discomfort on my right testical area. I’m a delivery drive to I hop in and out my car. Today, it is lower than my left testical (

    I’m not sure if my right testical was lower prior to this) and looks slightly bigger than the left testical as if it were swollen. The right side of my scrotum is slightly redish compared to the other side. It feels like there’s a small ball or lump underneath the right side of my testical almost like it flipped over. Overall the pain is very light and I only experience pain when I touch or lift a certain spot. The right side of my groin also hurts whenever I feel pain down there. It also feels slightly numb when I’m laying down. I’m not sure what this is. I’ve tried to do research and see but I’m not sure. I thinks this has happened before and I didn’t do anything and it went away but if anyone can help I appreciate it

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  • How do I get a security job/clearance in the DMV?

    I’ve been trying for months now to get a job doing security in the DMV. For someone like me who has no security experience or license it’s damn near impossible to find a security job because most of them want  you to have some type of experience or certification and from what I understand you cannot obtain a certification or license without being hired by an agency first. The system is seriously flawed and for the job that don’t mind you having any experience or licensing, you have to be 21 or order and even thought I’m almost 21, applicants who have more qualifications are still going to apply and an employer will likely choose them over me. Some may say I should lie but a lot of applications ask for a security guard license number. Plus, I don’t have any health insurance and I know most security jobs ask for medical history and state from your doctor. I really want to get into this field but it seems impossible unless you know somebody. Is there anyone in the DMV area who can help me out or get me in? 

    I’m a 6’1, 170 pound, 20 year old male          (I turn 21 in September) 

    Clean record No Felonies

    Over 3 years of customer service

    Have transportation and drivers license  

    I reside in PG County

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  • Where can i find a sugar mama?

    Ive heard tons of stories of people finding sugar daddies making tons of cash but what about sugar mamas. Is there a certain website for them or do yall just find them. If anyone had or has one let me know

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  • Advise for 20 Year Old Realtor?

    just became and realtor. I’m 20 years old. I got into this industry because i was interested in wholesaling properties. My big goal is to let my money work for me and acquire multiple properties and rent them out. Hopefully I can find apartment units. Im not going to lie, im a little nervous though. Luckily my mom has been by my side and is assisting me. Due to her, I have my first client whos looking to buy. Shes going to blast my card over facebook which has got me shaking lol. I just want everything to go right. Being a realtor at my age to me is great from what i hear but i feel like people want realtors with experience and i feel like if i make a mistake, its going to tarnish my rep especially since im brand new to this. I also hear that a lot of realtors dont make it. I just want to know are there any other realtors in the maryland area or where ever who are my age who can share there experience and can i get some advise from you all and experience/seasoned realtors or brokers as well.

    My questions are 

    -how did you get clients when you first started off and whats the best way to do so

    -does anyone do wholesailing/wholetailing on the side(thats the whole reason i got in this industry)

    -(This is question is for top producing agents) how are you able to sell 40+ homes a year and how long did it take you to become a top producer

    -is there a certain way i should have my hair. Im trying to grow it out (Im a male)

    -have you ever found it hard to find sales/stay committed

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  • Penis Irritated (Male)?

    I recently masturbated with some type of oil         (I believe it was grapeseed oil). It was my first time using that type of oil but while I was masturbating, I believe I may have gotten some in the tip of my penis because for the last 3-4 days, the tip and the bottom of my head of my penis has been itching. It almost feels like the inside is itching sometimes. When I pee it slightly burns but not too much (I think it just feels weird cause It kinda relieves the itch). When I masturbate, it just feels different. I stopped using the grapeseed oil after that and reverted back to lotion. Do I need to see a doctor or will this just go away on its own. I’ve had cases like this before but it never itched, it just burned.

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  • Just got my ears Pierced for the First time and don’t like them. Can I take them out?

    I recently got my ears pierced for the first time about 3 days ago at claire’s. I got 5mm studs in each ear. I noticed they were a bit off and I wanted them to hang a bit. I was wondering if I could take them out now and wait for the hole to close, then go to a tattoo parlor shop and get them re-pierced or should I wait the three-six weeks, then remove them and wait for the hole to close and then get them re-pierced. I’m asking because I see people saying your earring shouldn’t be removed untill the three-six weeks are up. Also, when I removed them, should I still clean the hole with claire’s solution that came with the earrings untill the hole closes or no? Thanks

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