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  • Liability for oil slick ?

    Hi there I live in Mesa Arizona and I have a question I was riding home on my Harley and about to turn the corner at a stop light making a right turn and as I made the turn I hit a massive oil slick going down the road and around the corner and laid my bike down pretty hard me and my motorcycle are fine I have a few cuts scratches and bumps but I’m alive and my bike is scratched and scraped to hell now and my bars bent inward along with it making a funky sound now but I followed the oil slick all the way up the road to a truck that is in my apartment complex you can tell because he reverse parked and so did the oil but here’s the question I have plate numbers make and model of that vehicle is there anything I can do about it I also have video of the entire oil slick traveling straight up the major street of university 

    9 AnswersMotorcycles2 months ago