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  • Cost of Living in Bangalore?

    I am thinking of buying a 2BHK home in Bangalore for my mom and myself.

    I have a few queries before I do so. So I would appreciate few genuine suggestions and advice in relation to them.

    1) What is the cost of living in Bangalore city, like electricity, corporation water, grocery, medical, LPG cylinder, property tax, cable and internet, (Minus rent, maid, school fees, Landline Telephone, Petrol).

    2) Which is a better option: buying an apartment or an independent home.

    3) Which area in Bangalore is better and cheaper in terms of buying a home and cost of live and security.

    4) Lastly, if anybody has recently bought a house in the city, please suggest a property (New and ready to move)

    Thanks in advance.

  • Can Motherboard be recycled?

    I replaced the motherboard of my desktop pc with a new one because the old one was giving some problem like unable to book into windows. Can the old motherboard be repaired and used in other desktop pc?

    Can it be recycled? what should I do with it?

    Does anybody from Bangalore wants to buy it and use it in assembled pc. I have the motherboard CD also.

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  • Price of 10kg and 5kg cast iron stones?

    Does anybody know the price of 10kg and 5 kg cast iron weighing stones in India?

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  • Scrap price of 1hp borewell?

    Answers from Indian users only.

    I have a 1hp old borewell (Not submersible) with base, 2 feet GI pipes (Weight around 40-45 kgs) and pair of 100 feet PVC pipes. Please let me know at what price I should sell them. What is the scrap value of these items.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Visiting Mysore Chamundeshwari temple during solar eclipse?


    This is only from Indian residence.

    I am planning to visit mysore chamundeshwari temple on 26th Dec, 2019. I want to know, as there is solar eclipse on this day, is it a good idea to visit the temple or should I reschedule the trip.

    I will be leaving from Bangalore at 6:00 am and reach mysore at around 9 am and visit the temple by the 1008 footsteps.

    A guidance from astrologers or similar persons will be really appreciated.

    Thank in advance.

    Other - India11 months ago
  • Nomination for Pension account of my mother.?

    After my father's expiry, my mother started getting the pension as she was the nominee. Now, is it required to name a nominee for the pension account to receive the funds after my mother? Am I entitled to receive pension after my mother?

    Thanks in advance.

    5 AnswersPersonal Finance12 months ago
  • Can physical shares be sold.?

    I have physical shares of Ultratech Co. Can they be sold without dematerializing the shares.

    3 AnswersInvesting1 year ago
  • Between i10, i20, etios and swift.?

    Which car is better in terms of mileage and cost of spare parts and repairs?

  • Aadhar card not received?

    It's been 18 months, I have not yet received my mother's aadhar card. Should I re-enroll her for fresh aadhar.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics5 years ago