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  • Did Konami ever make Yugioh action figures?

    just christmas shopping for kids. I found a few figures on Amazon but they are just the little figures that you buy and sit on a shelf and collect dust. im mainly looking for ones you can play with and move the arms legs and head.

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  • Does anyone find ASMR relaxing?

    Many people I know say that ASMR makes them uncomfortable or doesn't relax them like it may do for other people. For me, I use ASMR usually before or while i'm going to bed/sleep, so I can relax and fall asleep quicker. It also depends the kind of ASMR they/you are listening to. Personally, my favorite kind of ASMR is when they whisper or read a book to you. (not a bedtime story kind of thing, it just makes me feel like i'm in a library.)

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