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  • Whats up with my fuel gauge/tank?

    1995 GMC K2500 Suburban with a 44 gallon tank. When full it only reads 3/4 and reads empty after using only 22 gallons. The needle on the gauge doesnt move around alot or anything and it always reads consistently, just inaccurately.

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  • Do I need to redo all my motorcycle license tests? California?

    In 2013 I took a class to get my M1 which included the written test and the riding. When i turned my paperwork into the dmv i was told since i wasnt 21 at the time i still had to hold my permit for 6 months then to come back and go straight to the license photo line and exchange my permit for my license. In the 6 months i moved out of state for a few years and got a new license in the new state, eventually moved back to california and got a new california license. Old permit is well expired and missing. Id like to start riding my bike again but dont know what i should do. I gave the dmv actual paperwork from the class i took so i would think it would be in the system that its all been done??

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  • What is the difference between the cast and lower control arms?

    I have a 1995 K2500 suburban with stamped lower control arms. The guy i bought the truck from gave me a lift kit for free but after closer inspection the kit states that it is for trucks with cast lower control arms. I'm not exactly willing to buy a new 1300 dollar kit If I can modify what I have.


    Chevrolet11 months ago
  • How do you mirror kindle fire hd8 to TV?

    Finding too much information online and nothing really specific the the HD8. The TV is not a smart TV so if there's a way to do it with an HDMI cable or something. Also if there's something I should buy to make it work or simply a better tablet that can do it easier please leave a link to the product!

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  • What's wrong with my dash/gauge lights?

    While fiddling with the ignition in my 1995 GMC suburban while looking for the ignition feed i got fed up and put everything back together and realised my gauge lights no longer worked. I did not unplug anything because I could not even get to the wires. I checked the small fuses on the side of the dash and only one that seemed off was one labeled "illum" which I assume has something to do with it but it's wasn't even getting power into the fuse and the fuse was fine. What could be the problem? Also where's an easy spot to get access to ignition between batttery warning light and actual ignition?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • how do i get my battery isolator to work?

    200 amp argo fet isolator by victron energy and a 1995 gmc k2500. Have battery cable from back of alternator going to "input" post and starter battery on "output 1" post and "output 2" post is currently has nothing, also yes its grounded. Turned vehicle on and notcied battery was not charging. Read in the instructions some alternators need input voltage before they can work and diode isolators dont allow power to go backwards to read voltage so there is a special "energize input" post that is supposed to be hooked up but i'm not sure exactly where to. I put the post straight to the battery thinking maybe it can just detect voltage that way which seemed to have worked at first but then slowly the volts gauge was reading less and less so I shut it off. I dont fully understand electrical diagrams so heres a link to the manufacturers install sheet.

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  • Whats the best way to add solar panels to a battery bank thats already hooked to the alternator?

    Would you just install the the solar panels, hook them to a charge controller, then from there to the batteries or is there something i'm missing aside from fuses?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • What size wire should I use for makeshift RV?

    I have a 200 amp alternator going to a FET diode isolator then from isolator to starter battery and battery bank which will be about 15 ft away from isolator. Battery bank will have a 6000 surge/3000 continuous power inverter hooked to it. I just dont know what wire size or fuse I should use between everything

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • What size fuse should I use?

    I have a 200 amp alternator running to an FET battery isolator to separate starter battery and deep cycle battery bank. What size fuse should I put between the isolator and the batteries? Do I need one for the starter battery was well or just the deep cycle bank?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • What size fuse should I put between my power inverter and my battery on vehicle?

    I have a PowerDrive 3000W inverter with 3000W continuous 6000W surge. On the box it says - Fuse:30A(12) but I dont know if thats referring to fuse inside the inverter or not because a 30A fuse on the battery cable seems a little small, nor do I know what the 12 is really for. Thanks in advance!

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Do I need to worry about burning up my alternator from too much usage?

    I am going to put in either a 2 or 4 battery bank system in my make shift RV and using a FET battery isolator. If I decide to run the xbox, tv, mini fridge, etc. for a full day or even just half a day and then decide I am going to travel somewhere else, will it be too much for my alternator? I do have a good battery charger but cant think of many opportunities where i'd get to use it.

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  • When using a Victron Energy Argo FET Battery Isolator 200 Amp for an make shift RV, will I need fuses on any of the cables?

    I see pictures online of people using fuses in their cables but never see a reason for it.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Can you wire 3 batteries in series and parallel?

    like if you wired batteries 1 and 2 in parallel but batteries 2 and 3 in series. So lets say 3 6v 10 amp batteries, would it it turn out to 12 v 20 amps or do you truly need 4 batteries to get that done.

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  • Should I use a diode battery isolator?

    adding 2 6v deep cycle batteries to my truck (make shift camper) and want them to charge off the alternator but dont want any of the accessories to pull power from the starter battery or for the 3 batteries to share power back and forth. From what i've read the only TRUE way of getting that is with an diode isolator but is that correct or is there a better way? I want the 2 6v and the starter battery to be truly seperated from eachother.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • what amplifier should i get?

    I have 2 kicker CVR 10" 4 OHM subs that can handle 700 peak/350 rms and a sealed box with 1.1 cubic feet per sub. Id prefer not to have them bridged and i only need the amp for the 2 subs, no speakers. I suppose cheaper is preferred but no BOSS systems, ive been told they are cheap build and overheat more than the other brands. I honestly dont know much about sound systems in general just a little bit of stuff off google but the more i look into it the more confused i get so flat out straight answers are better. I understands it all comes down to preference but i just cant make this decision very well. I mostly listen to metal or hard rock but a little bit of everything over all if you need to know. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

    3 AnswersCar Audio1 year ago
  • What should i feed my camel spider?

    Its a little one still, whole body an inch or less maybe. Wild caught. Refuses to eat anything I try to feed it and isnt really active at all. Could it be molting soon? Just worried its gonna starve and I wont know why :(

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  • What movie is this?

    I saw a clip on YouTube that I can no longer find. The clip showed a man in a small car driving frantically to get away from truck drivers that were trying to kill him and he ends up driving into a big dirt lot full of trucks (truck stop?) And they all try to smash him. He ends up getting crushed between two trucks driving head on. It was an older movie, 70s maybe. I think it had something to do with somebody getting framed for a murder but I m not sure.

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  • What's a good anime to watch?

    I want an anime where male MC is not wimpy or short or anything like that and can change into something like a monster or at least transform his body into something else. And I don't mean transform like hair and eye color change, I mean legitimately looks different. Also MC isn't someone who refrains from transforming or being violent. I like shows with blood and obviously fighting. Also what would work is if MC doesn't transform then he just has more savage behavior and is very tough, or cannibalistic, feral, stuff like that, maybe has a supernatural abilities of some sort? No pretty boys please or unintelligent characters but also not super cold with no personality please. I know its very specific but there's an anime for everyone out there that's what I always say.

    Shows I've watched.

    Attack on Titan

    Hellsing Ultimate



    Others I probably can't think of... my memory is poor

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