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  • Does anyone care if I wear a Free Mason pendant as a Non Mason?

    I have a gold Mason pendant that I like wearing because if it wasnt for the masons I wouldnt be walking (I went to shriners as a kid). I understand that if youre a mason you get a ring with the Masonic symbol on it. Would any Mason have an issue or take offense to me wearing a Mason pendant on a necklace?

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  • Can Multiband watches be tracked?

    Just a random thought. I cant find any info on this online. 

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  • Why are we here?

    Opinion and views?

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  • Alpaca wool vs sheeps wool?

    I react to some materials and Ive heard the lanolin in normal sheeps wool can be a irritant. Ive also heard that lanolin makes wool antimicrobial. Then theres alpace wool that is considered hypoallergenic due to the natural lack of lanolin.

    However, do this mean that alpaca wool doesnt have the antimicrobial properties of sheeps wool?

  • In Christianity, was Aaron a prophet himself or not?

    Im having a friendly debate about Aaron with this girl. (It came up because Im named after Aaron lol) Anyway, was Aaron himself a actual prophet? To my understanding he was just a High Priest and spoke for Moses because Moses wasnt good at speaking. So, I was thinking Moses was the only actual Prophet. Am I correct or am I missing something within the story?

    (Im refering to the Christian perspective, I understand he is veiwed as a Phrophet in some other religions)

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  • Whats the best AMD GPU I can use with my Dell Optiplex 9020?

    I ordered a Dell Optiplex 9020 and 2 curved Samsung monitors that I intend to use for making music as well as a budget gaming PC.

    Unfortunately the monitors dont have display ports, only AMD freesync. I plan to upgrade the PSU to a new 500w supply.

    Anyway, here are the current specs:

    Core i5 4570 Quad Core 3.2ghz 4th Gen, 128gb SSD with 1tb HDD (if that matters lol), and 16gb of ram.

    If anymore info is needed let me know and I will try to find it. Thanks in advance for any answers!

    P.S. the current graphic card is listed as Graphics Processor Intel HD. Which Im assuming is the standard that comes with this Optiplex and probably not optimized for gaming capabilities

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  • Opinions on why some versions of the Apocrypha have 70 less verses in 2nd Esdras?

    To clarify, I understand the debate on whether the apocrypha should have been/shouldn't have removed from protestant bibles but, this isnt about that. With that being said. What is your opinions or knowledge on why those 70 verses that describe the pits of hell arent included in some versions? 

    For example: I have a KJV aporycpha that doesnt have those verses (Chapter 7:36-100) but the New Oxford Annotated Version does have them.

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  • Are there ANY gravity water filters that arent sold out?

    Im looking for something similar to Berkey Water Filters. I cant find any brand that isnt sold out. Could anyone point me in the direction of any? I would like one of the same quality, if possible(stainless steel) but at this point I may be willing to compromise on that aspect.. It does have to be a gravity filter to fit my needs tho. Not a under the sink filter(not portable) or pitcher filter(doesnt filter like the kind Im talking about). I want this for camping/survival uses so, basically, it needs to be able to filter lake/pond water if needed. Thanks in advance.

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  • What if Enoch and Jesus are the same person? ?

    Im reading the book of Enoch currently and before hand I had done some research as to why its not in the bible. The main reason that made sense to me was because it apparently claims Enoch to be the messiah rather than Jesus. Im only half way through the book myself and Im obviously reading it with a grain of salt due to this claim. 

    However, a thought occured to me today. Is it possible that Enoch and Jesus are one in the same? 

    Apparently, one definition of Enoch is "the initiated one" or the "anointed one" and since I havent finished reading the bible myself I figured I would ask for opinions on here from people that may have. (Im only reading Enoch now because I just finished Genesis and, as I understand it, this is meant to be around the same time period so I wanted to go in order of the history) So, my question is whether or not this theory conflicts with anything else in the Bible that I havent read yet?

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  • Beginner running PT plan?

    Im going to MEPs sometime at the beginning of next month, assuming this stupid virus doesnt mess anything up. Im looking to join the Marines.

    My recuiter said after that theyll have me come and do an entrance PT. My upper body and core strength is not my issue. I can do 11 pullups, 16 chinups, and at least come close to maxing out the 2 min times situps. However, my cardio is crap. I can only run a mile in about 7 mins then I have to stop from being out of breath. My recruiter said that if I cant get to where I can run 1.5m in 13 mins 30 seconds theyll put me on a PT plan to get me there. I want to try to get to that point before then tho, id love to get to where I can run the whole 3 miles before then honestly. Could anyone point me toward a good PT plan for me? All the ones I find are for people that can already run 2 miles and people that run regularly. Maybe Im just searching wrong, I dont know. Regardless thats not me, I need one that can build my cardio up to get to that point of the people running 2 miles. Thanks in advance. P.S I would ask my recruiter but the recruiting offices are closed around me due to the virus and I dont want to bother him while hes with his family or doing other things if I dont have to.

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  • Is there a reason no one refers to older versions of the bible?

    Of corse a lot people refer to KJV. Then, theres some that refer to the Geneva and Douay Rheims. However, why is it no one seemed to mention the other versions of or before that time? Such as these: Matthews Bible 1537

    Taverners Bible 1539

    Tyndale Bible 1526 1534

    Wycliffe Bible 1388

    Is there a reason other than them not being as widely used?

    13 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 months ago
  • Most accurate modern bible translation?

    I understand the debate of accuracy between KJV and older bibles vs the newer translations that claim to be based on older manuscripts. Im neither here nor there because I refuse to blindly accept anything just because a scholar says it to be true. Therefore, Im interested in comparing a newer translations to either KJV or older and then later on Ill move on to comparing them to greek and hebrew if I ever gain the ability. What is considered to be the most accurate, word for word translate out of all the "new-age" translations? I have a ESV from a church that used it as well as a KJV currently. Are there any considered to be more accurate than the ESV? Also I would appericate a reason as to why your answer is considered the most accurate if you are able to answer that part. Thank you in advance.

    PS. If youre not spirtual please dont waste your time commenting "there is no god" or anything useless like that. Youre views are youre own as are mine. Lets leave it at that and respect each other.

    25 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 months ago
  • What is considered a small bible in Marine boot camp?

    Im going into the Marines boot camp at Paris Island and, to my understanding,  you can bring a "small" bible or other religious text. However nothing specifics on what they mean by small? I want to get a good leather one to bring with me where ever the military takes me. The smallest i can find right now is 8.75"x6" and 1.5" thick listed as "hand-sized". Is this considered "small" by their standards?

    8 AnswersMilitary7 months ago
  • Can anyone point me toward a good, compact, USA made KJV Bible?

    Im joining the military and I would like to get a good quality, small, leather bible to bring with me to boot camp. I DO NOT like anything made or printed in China..its been very hard to find something thats not over $100. It can include the apocrypha or not. It doesnt matter to me as long as its KJV and printed in USA. Also I would prefer it NOT to Bonded leather because I want this to hold up where ever the military takes me over the years. Thanks in advance for any recommendations..

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality7 months ago
  • Least synthetic material running shoes?

    I really hate synthetic stuff/plastic. Ive got into running recently and Im trying really hard to find a good running shoe that isnt made of synthetic bullcrap. I understand that its nearly impossible to get 100% natural material running shoes but I want to get as close as possible. Right now my best option is looking like Saucony Low Pro Vegans. They have canvas/hemp uppers. Does anyone have any other recommendations that may be better? Im absolutely fine with REAL leather since its natural and Im in no way a vegan despite the pair of shoes im looking at now having vegan in the name.. But, yeah, so any better options than the Sauconys besides going bare foot? Lol

    Running7 months ago
  • Is there any way to get a bible that contains the missing books?

    Me and my youth pastor(Im no longer underage but I still refer to him as my youth pastor) had a conversation about how many books were missing from the bible. Im interested as to if there are any publishers that produce a bible containing all of the books that were removed by the romans and such as well as the books that werent. Does anyone know of a complete version such as this?

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  • Bugs and meditation?

    I started doing my meditation outdoors when possible. No shirt, no socks/shoes and feet in the grass. Normally if I was in the grass i would get ants crawling on my feet or other bugs landing on me. I noticed it seems that no bugs bother me during meditation. And if something does land on me it immediately leaves like as if it was accidental. Has anyone else noticed this or know why this might be the case? 

    1 AnswerReligion & Spirituality7 months ago
  • Can I use Burt's Bees Hand Salve on my beard?

    The beard oil has an ingredient that is synthetic so Im nervous about trying it because I have some type of contact Dermatitis and I havent figured out what chemicals trigger it since I only found out about it recently. 

    However, I have been using Burt's Bees hand salve that has no synthetic ingredients and love it. So, I compared the ingredients and it seems most are the same. 

    Here are the differences:

    Hand salve ingredients NOT found in beard balm;

    Sweet almond oil, lavendin oil, rosmary, lavender, sunflower seed oil, tocopherol, soy bean oil, linalool

    Beard balm ingredients NOT found in hand balm;

    Aloe extract, Cannabis sativa seed oil, safflower seed oil, pear extract, coumarin, hexyl cinnamal, hydroxycitronella, undiscribed "fragrance"

    Is there any reason as to why the hand salve wouldnt work fine in a beard? I might as well just try it out but Im so nervous because of the Dermatitis. Im afraid of it making my beard fall out if I have a reaction to something lol. 

    Skin Conditions7 months ago
  • Is it weird to start remember all of your dreams all the sudden?

    I went from never remembering any of my dreams as a young teen to remembering bits and pieces, and now remembering nearly every part of all my dreams, multiple dreams each night even. Also, Ive began lucid dreaming a lot lately as well. Its always on accident, something will just tip me off that Im dreaming. When I do lucid dream sometimes I will go fly around and other times I will just go along with the dream if they are interesting enough. Is this odd or trying to tell me something? 

    Ive always been interested in dreams and I use to try to remember them better ever since I became an adult (Im 23 now) and Ive had lucid dreams in the past through meditation every now and again, but I kind of gave up on practicing that a few years ago. Now, though, its almost effortless. Lucid dreams every other night and ,like i say, if Im not lucid dreaming I still have very vivid ones and I remember so much detail. I did quit smoking pot a few months ago, could that be a factor? Also, should I start a dream journal?

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  • Upgrading 2011 21.5 iMac Logic Board?

    I just got a 2011 iMac 21.5in with a 2.8ghz i7 processor. Im mainly going to use it to make music. However, Im worried that FL Studios may eventually stop supporting high sierra OS and I cant upgrade to Catalina with the current GPU in it. As I understand it, the GPU is soldered to the logic boards on the 21.5in versions. Therefore, would it be possible to take a newer logic board from say  2018 or 2019 21.5inch Imac and have it put in to my old one? Ive found a shop that will put a logic board in for me but said I will have to purchase the parts myself and they cant replace just the GPU due to it being attached to the logic board. So, I want to make sure whatever logic board I get is compatiable. If not as new as I mentioned, would any newer logic boards fit in it at all?

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