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  • Sex dream about my friend?

    Last night I dreamt that my friend and I had sex. I’ve had sex dreams before, but none about him. I don’t think of him like that, especially because I’m a Lesbian. 

    What could a dream like this mean?

    11 AnswersDream Interpretation1 month ago
  • My family is mad at me for being anxious.?

    They’re in the backyard setting off fireworks and fireworks make me anxious but when I went to go back inside my stepdad told me I was ruining the fun. What do I do?

    8 AnswersWeddings3 months ago
  • I’m a lesbian but sometimes I think guys are hot, is this normal?

    So I call myself a lesbian because I only feel romantic and sexual attraction towards women. Sometimes, however, I find men hot and want to be physically close to them, but I don’t want to have sex or be in a relationship with them. Is this normal? Can I still call myself a lesbian?

  • My friend ate a bell pepper for the first time??

    One of my very good friends who is 15 years old just shared in a group chat that she had just eaten a bell pepper for the first time in her life and that it “tasted like thick leaves”. This is not super surprising because they only things I’ve ever seen her eat are Nutella on white bread, popcorn, popcorn chips, smart food, piarates booty, Lindt chocolates, cheese pizza and water. This is not an exageration at all. These are the only things I’ve seen her eat. How can I explain to her that this is not acceptable. Also she doesn’t know how to tie her shoes. She is fifteen and cannot tie her shoes. It’s also worth noting that she is in no way physically or mentally handicapped. She just lives this way. How do I tell her she’s wasting her life????

    2 AnswersFriends2 years ago