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  • 3 months after thyroidectomy complications?

    It's been three months after the removal of my whole right thyroid, and I am experiencing stiffness and pain under my right jaw. When I look up it hurts, and even when I don't move I can feel there is something wrong around that area. When I press on it it hurts as well to. It feels like I might have slept on it wrong, and I hope that's what it is, but I have a bad feeling it is something more sever. Is there anyone out there who has suffered the same experience i am going through. I just want to know should I make an appointment or is it just the healing process? I really don't want to see my surgone about this because they're mean, and I don't feel like looking for another doctor. UPMC employees are hostile.

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  • Was the manager right or was he unprofessional about handling a situation?

    I had to report someone at work because she conitniued to harras me and made a threatening remark. The .manager told me because of how serious this is, this has to remain a confidential matter. I pulled her aside and asked her if she made the threats and she said no. If this was such a confidential matter why would he pull her aside and tell her about the situation? After the issue was talked over I notice the coworkers friend always coming on to my floor and I thought she was spying on me to try and get me in trouble. So I brought it up to my manager but the other manager interfered and told me that he feels that I am turning the problem into something more bigger than it is, and that he feels I am just knit picking and am basically doing it on purpose to get people in trouble. Now the girl who I felt was spying on me was really on my floor because the managers wanted to keep her busy, and that it has nothing to do with that. But, I just find it hard to believe because why would the girl make the comment about not seeing me on my floor when she did see me on my floor? Do I sound paranoid or is it just a crappy place to work? The place I work at is a very shady place, and the women I am speaking of are cruel and everyone has complained about the and no action had been taking against them. And the managers even told me the employees treat them rudely and they do nothing about it. I felt stupid after that and feel like crap now. I don't even want to go back to work after that.

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  • why do women hate each other so much?

    I noticed this type of behavior as a child with the girls my age I used to play with. Growing up wasn't easy because I went through a lot of abuse, and used to get picked on by my teachers and the kids. The females hated me and the boys were intimidated by me. Now that I am older, I finally understood what the problem was and that was jealousy. Why do people waist their time with jealousy? And create some ignorant assumption that fair looking women are stupid? People believe pretty women have it made easy and that is nothing but a lie! Still till this day I get crap from people because of that fact and that I don't allow anyone to take advantage of me. I praise God for the wisdom he blessed me with! But, why commit verbal murder? You know nothing of what that person is going through, like myself, and you are doing nothing but destroying dreams and aspirations like what happened with myself. I am close to breaking down spiritually because of this madness. And , when I am close to the finish line there is some verbal murder awaiting to happen. Yes, people tell me to not let it bother me, but when it has been happening through out my life, I have my breaking point just like everybody else. This sucks that I have to rely on the internet to answer my questions because I have to freaking family to comfort me.

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  • Why do some stars twinkle erratically but others don't?

    I notice a few years ago that some stars, about four to count, have been twinkling erratically and changing different colors like red, green, and blue. I have never seen this as a child. Instead the night skies where filled with stars in their natural form, but now their are only but a few which are the known stars like the dipper, mars, Jupiter and so on.

    When I was younger I did a lot of research about space and how stars are born. From what I learned, stars that do this erratic twinkle, means they are about to die. This is also information I gathered in the year of 1994, so I don't know if that is still accurate. But, these stars that I see now have not died, are always in the same spot, never seem to move along with the other stars, and twinkle as if they're about to explode. The twinkles also go from big to small as if there are explosions going off.

    Can someone explain this? Are they stars or unidentified objects the government put in the sky? I say UFO's by the government because they have been doing strange things and it makes me wonder about the sky and what goes on up there late at night. Also tonight I went on my lunch break and those specific stars aren't up there, but there is one above the cathedral of learning that's doing what I described these other four stars do. The others strangely are not up there, and from time to time they don't appear, but most nights they are there.

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  • yahoo answers, why is there a limit to answering and asking questions?

    You know some answers and questions need examples and explinations to them. So why is there a limit to the amount of words we can use?

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  • Has anyone wet the bed due to a wet dream?

    I work the grave yard shift and trying to get sleep is hard enough, but I don't know if that is the reason why it happened or I was in an extreme deep sleep. Well I dreamt I was taking a bath, and while I was washing up I had to pee so I decided to pee in the tub, but nothing was coming out. So I pushed harder until I was able to be and I did. Well the dream went on and then I finally woke up. I woke up and realized my underwear was soaked!!! I feel traumatized by this because I am 28! Has this ever happened to anyone?! I am afraid to go to sleep and worse I am spending the weekend at my boyfriends!!!! This has never happened before.

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  • why is the media more focused on the ray rice case more than what is going on in the world?

    I mean, his broad of a wife wants to marry him. So why should this case be a big deal when she wants to be with him. The women who are forced into this life style in other countries want to get out of that kind of life style but end up dead to where this woman, his wife wants to be in that situation. So again, why I is this case so important.

    I apologize if I offended anyone with how I asked the last question. I forgot how sensitive people can be to this topic, when I have been in that situation, lived with some like rays wife and so on. It just angers me that people feels more sympathy for his wife but she wants to live that life style. And, no my attitude is not the reason this world is going to hell, it's society and their lawless ways which are causing the owlrd to burn in hell. And how can you say were burning in hell when you don't even know what hell is like. This is not hell for hell is far worse. Before answering this question how about you think for a minute.

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  • why is the media still focused on this ray rice character?

    Like who care? Almost every woman on this planet has been battered. So what makes this broad any different? She is marrying the man so why should we care? Shouldn't we be more focused on how the world is falling apart and not on these two imbeciles?

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  • Do you people know who tgis corrupt woman is Susan G Kolman?

    Do you guys know that the majority of the donations given to the Susan G Kolman breast cancer society goes to the higher ups of the foundation? And, very little of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research and the rest goes to court sized seats to nicks games from higher up to their friends. Well just putting it out there what I have seen and heard about their corruption.

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  • why do people allow themselves to believe the world revolves around them?

    I only ask this question in regards to people who are told many of times it's not about them or you tell them what the issue is and it's like talking to a brick wall. Like someone I know promised that it would just be ylthe two of us on 4th of July, no family, just us. But, instead his family is his focuse along with his own desires of fun time. Now he is giving me some attention, but I feel it's only because he feels bad. I told him time and time again I just want it to be me and him, but I am always spending it with him and his family.

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  • is it just me or do we live in a world of lawlessness/carelessness?

    I noticed watching and talking with people about certain things like raising children and just keeping a community safe people don't take it seriously. For example: I was at work last night"I am a security guard", but the basketball camp students which are highschool students are staying at the dorm room for a basketball competition. Now there coaches are there and the students have a cerfew, but I couldn't help but notice the coaches left them unattended and all went out to get drunk. The students were running around being boys way past their cerfew, and the coaches didn't get back until 5 in the morning. I brought this up toy boyfriend and he said if he was their coach he would have done the same thing as well. I said if I was the parent I wouldn't leave my children with an adult who is under the influence let alone leaving them alone like that. I noticed people don't really care for the well being of other especially children any more. Why has this world become a self centered world?

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  • Do I need a passport and passport card to travel to Costa Rica or can I travel there with just a passport?

    I am trying to apply for a passport to go to Costa Rica, but when I read over the application it states that I need a passport card if I am traveling outside the U.S.A.. Now my boyfriend and his mother travel to Costa Rica a and the two of them just have passports. I mean when I askedhim the other day he didn't even know what a passport card was.

    I tried contacting the post office because that's were you go to get them but no one will answer the phone, and I don't want to wait in line to just ask one question. So does anyone know if I need a both passports or just the one passport.

    Thanks for your time.

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