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  • Would you like to come to Florida to look for oil on the beaches?

    There's one airlines who believe that this is a way to sell tickets to Florida!

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  • Stanley McChrystal why is the president doing?

    Why did the president invite Stanley McChrystal to the white house?

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  • Gulf oil safety value on ocean floor i think that someone could of sabotage it?

    The safety value on the bottom of the ocean used in The gulf oil spill just how hard would be for some one along the way before in was installed to break it.

    There a safety value on the bottom of the ocean for oil well from what i heard they all have a main safety value. Well who ever installed the one for Gulf oil leak did they check it or did sabotage it?

    Just how hard or how easy for someone to sabotage it? That needs to be checked? No one cares what caused it but it was a accident? They just keeping pointing fingers at everyone? So i believe this type of madness will not accomplish much. Just about every company in the united states is cutting cost on safety for more profit. The question here was who ever installed the Gulf oil safety value on ocean floor did someone or country sabotage it along the way before it was installed? Or did someone break it on purpose? I can think of several groups who would want to do this. This is the first type of question former president Bush would be asking!

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  • what is the idea of the oil spill in the Gulf? All in one?

    Here my details what is the cause of the oil spill lately I see that the world is not

    taking my questions with any respect. Well I guess you choose to take the side of

    the people who may caused this thing speculation as to the cause, reason and why it is not fixed already. Raises some serious questions as the why the government is sending all there resource into counting and speculating the size and how is still coming out. Has got be the no brain thing i ever seen this country do. Wake up people if that all them scientist do is calculate the size of this thing which so us very good anyway. This oil leak should been stopped. Speculation as why if we could of stopped it and has not been stopped. Tell me that this world system has much problems as the way it is run. Part of the idea i telling you is I had idea to stop this thing long ago and it was never put to the test as far i can tell. The idea is to put resource into this thing to stop it all that we have. To work on this we ask or scientist to what they know how do not count oil drops in the ocean. but come up with a solution to fix the leak and easy high tech may be better. But know this government USA has a agenda to let this oil leak be a problem for some reason. nation security and or future. Or another speculation is that maybe is planned by another country. Because that too makes sense because this country weakness is oil so weather the nation security thinks that is a possibility or not i will consider it and wonder why the heck there no questions being asked. Wake up people if the system returns to way it run before than that is no good you got ask your self what is going on here speculate more and figure out what would happen and why. I have a very troubling theory as why and the cause of the oil leak but it just a theory. Stop the oil leak now don't just sit there and do nothing. I could stopped when i sent BP my email telling them to implement my high tech device to stop it fast easy but no they wast time with stuff that has not worked. Time future has been created and i not sure if they wanted it to happen like this and made it happen like this and wanted it to happen like this. There not going change it.

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  • By How much bigger is the Gulf oil spill compared to the biggest oil spill.?

    They say the oil spill is the biggest but by how much?

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  • How come it took so long for top kill they should investigate why it took so long.?

    What the hey why so long to do top kill.

    Some one was just sitting back in there chairs while the oil leaks out.

    After all this time they come with top kill that should of been done the first day.

    This type of response you get when you let the corporation run things.

    There no excuse for this type of behavior NO just look at or country Just look at or country tell me there is a excuse for it. There none what so ever. Just now it has gotten. Look at or water look at or coast. The top kill should been done the first day the first day. We lost the war to the company who done this and the government who let them. Just look at or water along the coast. Man it's a sin to do that to let it happen a crime to give a excuse for it. A crime to tell me it top kill could not of been done the first day.

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  • Okay give me Scientific Laws, Hypotheses, and Theories on how to fix the Gulf oil leak.?

    I think talking about the Gulf oil leak is not going accomplish much.

    I like all quick ways on how fix this thing. Remember it's 1 mile under water where they cannot use there hands and they use a submarine to accomplish small tasks. My theory is use electronic magnet fields to fix this which would require less work. I like any ideas posted.

    Were we can review them. Add to any ideas existing that you think are good but could be done in a different way that may be a little better. Lets come with a invention to fix this thing if we have to.

    I real tired of this. Right now i seen the video today of the leak for the first time. My idea i would fix this I don't know the size of the hole but I think i would take something about 1/4 inch by 2 inches by how ever long as need to cover this hole. Okay now i got several of these and i would make make a flexible

    patch with all of these they going be connect by a wire which runs through them because there is a hole running through the same as the flat part with a wire will be used to connect them together. The flat part will cover the hole. So what you have is gentle plastic patch. Maybe some cloth or rubber used on the part that will cover the leak. What ever i want to be very gentle not to make it worse.

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  • Okay i need to ask the same question in a different way about Gulf oil leak.?

    Now the government is not focused on stopping that oil leak the hot heads from the white house just make matters worse by not staying focused on the accident that happen it was a accident and not anyone fault.

    From the little news I seen and heard. They talking about holding people responsible and checking other oil wells for the same problem and wanting to make new laws or change permits etc...

    Well all stuff is just made things a lot worse no one needs them big shots running around acting like hot heads right now.

    What the Obama administration should be doing right now is catering the oil company who is trying to repair this thing. Calling it a accent and not wanting to blame someone while it still leaking. What could be done is get a few scientist start thinking to fix this it and ask a few more if they have any ideas obvious that the oil company can not. This requires a scientist mind to solve.

    Not the oil company there good at fixing things they know how fix. This may be something they need scientist some one like Einstein to work on. next a engineer and then the oil company they all need to work together with a few other people come you all you need to work together not fight together . The hot heads from Washington a should not be pointing fingers at any one.

    How does the Government fix it listen carefully I only going to explain it once.

    They help they don't actually fix it they help it get fixed.

    They could Start out by sending taking the doing something for the tired oil company boss or owner by taking them out to eat some where nice that is trying to fix it.

    Explain it as a accident is all that will take heat off the oil company who trying to fix it and they can work better at fixing it.

    I have even came up with a solution myself which i posted a few weeks back.

    I said i could make several devices slow down the oil leak using a electric magnet but there other

    who know how do this.

    Well I have not seen the oil leak and the facts on what and where and why there want to fix that way and for what reason there trying to fix it that way so i would not be able to describe how to patch something I did not know about you don't do work like that. But electronic magnet will definitely be a good aspect to look into. The magnet are really strong and you don't need to hands. Just flip a switch. Well i have several ideas that may work but there no know need for me to post it because no wants to hear them.

    i telling you all how the government can fix it is helping out the who are working on fixing the accident.

    I don't see on real Collaboration with the news the government and the oil company.

    Oh yeah I have a idea with a electric magnet that i think is good but i not going wast it on a forum that call me names and don't try to understand my writing. They just like to call names.

    I got a idea a day ago it good idea . I amazed at it how i came up with it. It could work in a lot of situations to almost stop a leak.

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  • Obama is not stopping the oil leak! Instead is focused on things about the oil leak.?

    Obama said there is a very large fleet now where the Gulf oil leak is.

    He also said other stuff like where requiring new oil well set up to have permits.

    Making the people pay who are responsible of this.

    All of this is good to talk about but we do that stuff later after they have stopped that oil leak.

    He did not give any progress on stopping that oil leak.

    Where is the progress on stopping the oil leak well none so the Obama administration has done absolutely nothing to stop the problem.

    there no focus on the problem just things around the problem.

    There progress on stopping the oil leak in 0

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  • Oil company is miss leading saying there trying to fix the oil leak?

    What good will it do to fix the gulf oil leak if it takes 2 months? Lets vote to seal it and stop the leak?

    Now allot of time has gone by there has been enough oil that has leaked into the ocean to kill off allot of fish and who know how much algae will be killed.

    About 70% and 80% of all the oxygen we breathe comes from algae!

    Plus Algae also keeps Global warming under control by cleaning the air of CO2.

    The only one who want to play around with the oil leak and let it leak and not seal but let it leak and say they are going to fix it is the oil company but they can't even do that right. Hello everyone just let these guys in charge of very important task and take these guys words. Well what i want them do is stop the leak as soon as possible not

    hear them say where going to repair it. I want them to just stop the leak seal the leak. Wake up people to the facts.

    This oil leak needs to be plugged or sealed in any way possible.

    I think most people would vote like the way want I want it. Stopped and sealed so it won't ever leak again and it

    should of been done that way the very first day.

    But know the oil company they just point there finger at public and tell everyone there going fix it.

    I don't think any wants it to keep leaking. It sounds like they are going stop the leak but no don't you hear them say there going fix it. I don't think anyone really cares about fixing it if going be leaking for 3 months the whole time they are trying to fix it. I rather have them stop the leak and seal the well.

    This is a big lie they are telling everyone "We failed in fixing it so it's still leaking big time".

    The public they want that oil leak stopped right away if it can't be fixed.

    The oil company is misleading the public by saying they are going to fix it. What they should say is the truth we are just going to try to fix it if we can't fix it then we are going let it leak. But where not going try to stop the leak because we want to fix it. So we are going to let leak till it we get it fixed.

    I want Gulf oil leak stopped in any reasonable way possible.

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  • How much of the oceans Algae will die from the Gulf oil spill ?

    About 70% and 80% of all the oxygen we breathe comes from algae!

    Plus Algae also keeps Global warming under control by cleaning the air of CO2 and other nasty stuff.

    Just determine how much algae will die and that will tell us our near future outcome.

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  • Could we be near the end of our evolution from the Gulf oil leak?

    Let's take a look at all the oil leaking into the ocean. Let's not forget all the chemicals going into the ocean to treat the oil spill.

    Some should look at the facts what will the impact be.

    Let think that it going to surely make all environmental issues worse that we already have and multiply them by 2 times.

    That's right Global warming will increase big time from this.

    We will have less clean drinking water.

    The marine ecosystem around the world will be affected.

    The oceans will be twice as polluted as they are now.

    Less sea food for the world. The oceans fish will have more toxins in them now.

    New cancer cases in fish and people from all the chemicals that where put into the ocean.

    We will have less air oxygen to breath.

    Do you see i could go on and on but lets face it if or oceans go then we will not be far behind

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  • Big Oil Leak Big government and big lies and false facts " The Oil Is Leaking"?

    The big problem is that we trust the oil company to patch this thing.

    This is the whole problem. Nothing but lies from them. Every word can be a lie there's no one that can tell me different a lie to cover up there *** is all.

    The US the people voted for a small government right and it may be small.

    So we just let the big companies run things.

    So what can happens when we put or trust into the companies.

    The whole problem with that is they can lying yes they can lie and lie every work can be a lie. Everyone sits back and does nothing. We listen to

    excuses we do nothing finally after they mixed the facts around with truth to make it like they want every to here it and want people to think like there lies.

    So what's my point the points is people heads up people.

    We could have as much environment problem up and down or coast i guess as lets just say as much environment damage as 20 atomic bombs and yes we put them there or self. This is what can happen because people can be natural liars and they live like that they will never give up there lies because people believe it and people trust there words.

    By the way:: Why not just clog up the leaking oil well under the water. I can think of several devices that are powered by electronic magnet that would do a pretty good job to temporary stop to leaking oil.

    This will just be one of them things where the people of the USA voted for a small government because the voters like the way it sounds and like the phrase. Now look at your self and explain your self. No one is running this place but big companies.

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  • oil leak in bottom of ocean most likely not going to be patched soon right?

    The oil leak most likely not going to be patched soon. As i can tell you the future holds no

    cure to this.

    This is something simple but everyone is looking and talking about other things.

    This oil spill will not worry the USA government at all in fact they will just let be to do so they

    get more oil later.

    well after everything is polluted my friends the excuse will be it already polluted so this is our best place to drill for oil. And this new argument you being hearing a lot.

    This oil leak would be fix it's deep but there ways to go down deep now just put a smaller pipe into the leaking oil well put it down so that it deep enough.

    They need to put something on the front beginning part of the pipe that they would placed into the leaking well to stop it maybe a small explosive charge to collapse the well so that soil and mud will seal the well. Or maybe put something on the end of the pipe that will expand maybe come chemical like glue to pump in to the end of the pipe or anything else that would have the best possibility to seal the well and stop the leak. If it not possible to place this pipe into the well then just drill as close to the leaking well as they can then when they get deep enough to set off the explosive charge to collapse the leaking well and seal it the sand and mud water pressure will be a factor and the math needs to be done to find out where the desire depth should be to seal the leaking well

    What do you think they are really doing?

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  • So why is the Government not enforcing the laws to keep the illegal out. this is insane the USA?

    Our president said one nation under God. Well all the illegal immigrants and the terrorist who come over with them the only thing they want to do is cause us harm Terrorist they just want to case harm in any way they can wake up people. i not talking about just one thing i talking about trying everything to make problems of everything. So why do we agree with them or let them and them into our country why not enforce or law. Well tell me this the south in the civil war said this is part or Freedom well did we agree with them no. So why is the president or anyone in government not wanting to enforce the law . It would do this country a little good to be less dependent on the immigrants who do chores. there would be more jobs into this country. We be more prepared to survive as a country as one nation. Sure things may not be as easy when some people can no longer find a illegal immigrant to do cheap work for them and i talking about the everywhere the maids in homes the business small and big well if that is there only excuse that they must have them they are already dependent on having them and are so bad off that are not thinking how to survive. So why not make this country stronger and start enforcing the law.

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  • why there so much conflict about immigration law?

    thie law to keep illegal immigration out is fair. but we have to many people plus all the emigrants and all emigrants friends saying it not

    The fact is this country don't know how to see this.

    There nothing to talk about send the illegal immigration home. But the immigrants want to make up what ever they can make up to say the law it not fare. It easy to lie and add stuff and use stuff like it or freedom or say it there right to invade USA and when they get this place there going take advantage of all these people here. The law is fare it just that the emigrants have influenced the federal government into think it not fare. But fair it is. The emigrants don't care about anything they just want to bring there whole poor country over to USA all here friends and anyone. They don't really like the citizens here to start with. Don't you all see this so they are always going to complain They just want to be here because it better for them. They will lie cheat and lie steal to do it. Who ever thinks different needs to wake and see the light. God Bess this country. Let us keep the laws and in the name of Jesus let the federal government see the truth. The truth we don need all this many immigrants who are here illegal

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  • I don't think that any New Health care plan is going to work very good. I think it will be a waste.?

    I don't think the New Health care plan is not going to work as good as it should?

    The president wanting to make health care better may not work. May just be a wast of his valuable time. In a perfect word it would but even with all the power the USA president has. He may not be able to make health care for the US people like he wants to. All though I think he well be to accomplish a lot of other things and do a good for people and countries. I think the effort to fix the health care for Americans will fail. Maybe it might make the health care a little better than it is now in ways . But it will not achieve the results he wants it to. I Think he could help out the American and the world by doing good for them. I think he will be know for all his good work and all the good he as done for people. But not for making the health care better. What do you think?

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  • Could the main fuse box for the house be bad?

    Could the main fuse box for the house be bad?

    What do you think from my description of problem do you think the fuse box may be bad also.

    I not sure where the problem is but I think it may be in the fuse box itself.

    I checked both electrical main wires coming to fuse panel and have each has 110 volts and when checking both together I have 220 volts.

    But when I check the fuse box two buzz where the fuses get there power one has 110 and the other only has like 30 volts.

    But when I check them both together I get only like 40 volts.

    This fuse box has given me problems before in the area of where the two fuses that go to the main well they have been not making a good connection and sometimes I have bump the outside of them to get them to seat and work right. But I think there a much bigger problem right there.

    I think the whole fuse box is bad. And may be the cause for shorts that I having in my place. and other electrical problems.

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  • why is my home electrical acting like this?

    let me describe my electrical system a little I have a fuse box for main panel two 110 volt main go to..

    If my fan running in one room I turn on my coffee maker the fan increases and draws more volts

    (145 volts)

    and my coffee maker seems to be drawing more amps and less volts? I turned them off quick I don't want a melt down.

    I also have taken out 3 fuses in the main electrical box and notice that I have a 1 volt reading on the wire that goes to them even though there is no fuse so I know that is not right.

    There also has been other problems like the air conditioner will blow a fuse when turned on and will not work. So it is now unplugged.

    Another problem is washing machine will run real slow and not work.

    I had a surge protector on my TV and it was not even on and and when I turned on my window unit air conditioner by the way is not connected to the surge protector and in another room the surge protector just melted and made a load noise.

    Do have any reason for something like this to happen.

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