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  • Why do some blacks believe that blacks are only recipients of racism and never the perpetrators?

    I am well aware of racism targeting blacks but I notice that black dish it out just as much as they receive it - if not more. I think many blacks lose sight of that. Blacks point out disturbing instances when white cops, by their action, took the life of a black man or child. But how many know about the case where black cops took the life of a white man or child. Recently, in Louisiana, 2 black cops shot the white driver of a car and later discovered they had shot and killed his 6 year old son, who was strapped in the rear seat. The father had his hands up and no weapon was ever recovered. In addition, it is still unclear why the cops stop the car in the first place and why they opened fire. You don't hear about that case too often. Nor do you hear about the case of a black man in New York who yelled, "I’m going to punch the first white man I see!” and he did. The elderly white man fell and hit his head on the concrete floor. He went into a coma and died the next day. Two good Samaritans, who were white, tried to help the man after he fell to the ground but he started attacking them and chased them away. He would not let anyone help the man he hit. Finally, the police arrived and arrested him. This incidence drew very little media attention. Black people shout, "Black lives matter." My response is all lives matter! On a few occasions, I hear black people say, "How can I be a racist? I'm black!" I don't understand that statement.

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  • Black communities' reaction to O.J. Simpson Acquittal?

    O.J. Simpson's trial was broadcast on national T.V. Many of TV networks televised the verdict of "Not Guilty." These TV networks also filmed the reaction of several black communities as the verdict was read. The vast majority were cheering and jumping up for joy - literally. My question is were the black communities cheering because they thought O.J. Simpson was innocent or were they cheering because they thought a black man could not get a fair trial in United States? After the Rodney King incident, it was clear that the L.A. Police had a serious problem with racism within their ranks. It is understandable that the black community had little faith in the fairness of the L.A. justice system.

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