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    accounting help?

    Jan. 1

    Purchased office​ equipment, $ 110 comma 000. Paid $ 73 comma 000 cash and financed the remainder with a note payable.

    Apr. 1

    Acquired land and communication equipment in a​ lump-sum purchase. Total cost was $ 340 comma 000 paid in cash. An independent appraisal valued the land at $ 267 comma 750 and the communication equipment at $ 89 comma 250.

    Sep. 1

    Sold a building that cost $ 550 comma 000 ​(accumulated depreciation of $ 260 comma 000 through December 31 of the preceding​ year). Guilda Bell Associates received $ 330 comma 000 cash from the sale of the building. Depreciation is computed on a​ straight-line basis. The building has a​ 40-year useful life and a residual value of $ 40 comma 000.

    Dec. 31

    Recorded depreciation as​ follows:

    Communication equipment is depreciated by the​ straight-line method over a​ five-year life with zero residual value.

    Office equipment is depreciated using the​ double-declining-balance method over five years with a $ 6 comma 000 residual value.

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  • Unadjusted Trial Balance?

    Explain what an Unadjusted Trial Balance is, and the relationship between the Unadjusted Trial Balance, adjusting journal entries, and the Adjusted Trial Balance. 

    4 AnswersInvesting9 months ago

    A theater is presenting a program on drinking and driving for students and their parents or other responsible adults. The proceeds will be donated to a local alcohol information center. Admission is $ 16.00 for adults and $ 8.00 for students.​ However, this situation has two​ constraints: The theater can hold no more than 210 people and for every two​ adults, there must be at least one student. How many adults and students should attend to raise the maximum amount of​ money?

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  • Marketing Question?

    What are some upstream, mid stream, and downstream examples for Hospitality Guest Houses?

  • Motown Music?

    Describe the rise of Motown and its importance on popular music especially in bringing African American music and artists to the forefront.

    2 AnswersR&B & Soul1 year ago
  • new Orleans jazz music?

    Why do you like Dixieland new orleans style jazz music

    5 AnswersJazz1 year ago
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    Dyball & Newell?

    Use this diagram (Dyball & Newell Figure 6.10; modified version Module 3, page 28 figures 6.10 a, b, and c) to explain Dyball and Newell’s concept of Convergence in your own words. In your post, compare and contrast “a”, “b” and “c” as depicted in the diagram, explain which part of the diagram shows the greatest level of social justice, then explain which is the best human-ecological solution.

  • How to write and or request a month to month rent letter to land lord template.?

    How to write and or request a month to month rent letter to land lord template.

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 years ago