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    Poll: Where were you born?

    I was born in Pakistan

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    The US is a shìt show.  Time to leave?

    There's 190 million whites.  Half of them are homosexuals and feminists.

    There's 40 million blacks.  Most of them are in prison, on parole, on drugs, and committing crimes.  They usually sell drugs on the side and increase costs of medical care, and all that.

    There's 40 million Hispanics.  Most of them are construction workers that sell drugs on the side.  They help spread the opiod epidemic, run up the cost of medical care and increase the crime rates indirectly through their drug dealing businesses.

    Then there's the Asians.  They're mainly quiet, work hard, study hard, do good in school, and get lucrative engineering and tech jobs.

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    What's wrong with humans :'(?

    The human forgot for a sec that he is just a week, worthless and stupid creature, then became so arrogant and sees himself different !!

    Gold has dominated his body so he boasted, money has contained all his bags, so he revolted.

    Oh mate. don't you turn your face away from me. I'm neither a charcoal nor you are a diamond :'(

    You did not make the silk nor the pearls that we use

    You don't eat silver when you're hungry

    You don't drink the beads when you're thirsty

    You are a human bruh, just like me

    You live in earth too and you suffer and enjoy

    I got hopes in my heart just like you do

    You think that they are to vanish and 

    yours are for sure to stay forever

    No bruh ! :'( your wrong it's just like anything

    that goes and comes!

    your like me

    your face glows for the blessing and 

    and in case of calamity

    it darkness :'(



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    Should race issues drown out all other issues?

    Can anyone else get a word in edgewise, or are racial issues the only issues worth talking about? Even the virus has taken a back seat to race issues, starting with the George Floyd riots in late May. Is there nothing else worth talking about in the world?

    32 AnswersPolitics2 days ago
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    What does BLM want? They are protesting and rioting today in Kentucky even after it was proven that officers were innocent?

    Favourite answer:

    they want reperations. they apparently were 1860 pre-civil war slaves freed by the Umion but prior to that forced to pick cotton and tobacco and have illict sex, in spite of being neutered, in barns on southern confederate american plantations owned held by spanish nobility and royality.

    they are angry and want the 2020 United States of America tax payer to pay them and the whole congress senate judicial and president, backed by the United States army, air force navy and marines, national guard, state guard, and various flavours of US militia, NSA, CIA, federal and local police, US marshalls, FBI, state police, highway patorl, county sheriff, local police, lawyers, (I leave anyone out) cian't stop their might for obviously at 180 years old on average,

    hobbling their way around IS kinda impressive.

    dont your think they should put those 180 year olds on internatipnal television?

    after all BLM wouldn't LIE about slavery would they now?

    a group just passed here and they all looked so young after pickin all that cotton and tobacco in that blinding hot southrrn sun. they must use skin cream.

       They wuuusss....SLAVES!.......

    56 AnswersPolitics2 days ago
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    I called the police when my Muslim neighbor was beating his wife. That means I'm a racist, correct?

    Favourite answer:

    IF you are White? Then Yes, according to the current definition. 

    65 AnswersPolitics3 days ago
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    Trump has ADDED almost $7 TRILLION to the US debt in less than 4 years. Since when is out-of-control spending a GOP platform?

    And no, it's NOT bc of coronavirus. He was already spending like a drunken sailor BEFORE.

    167 AnswersPolitics4 days ago
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    My gf says she is “figuring herself out”?

    So, I’m in a relationship with this girl and we’ve been together for nearly over three months coming up. Everything was running smoothly, we would argue sometimes but we got over it and she says she loves me I say I love her. Today’s the day after my birthday and shes been lukewarm today but  I texted her later in the evening asking if she’s alright, and she told me “im just figuring myself out, just been feeling odd today.” I took her word for it and I’ll let her have her time it’s just whenever I see a girl say that it’s right before disaster strikes, and I can’t handle getting cheated again tbh, I’ll be as bitter as a lemon.

    34 AnswersSingles & Dating1 day ago
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    Was Jesus a real person?

    How come there's no contemporary historical record that says anything about him? 

    52 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 days ago
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    Covid19 is the 4th deadliest event in US history! Your thoughts?

    Favourite answer:

    I read a few of the responses your question has before opting to answer, anonymous...and I am very concerned about the appalling levels of anti-science, anti-truth disinformation the Trump toadies and Russian MAFIA-run troll farms has injected (like a deadly virus all its own) into our public discourse.  As expert Dr. Fauci and leading health experts have tried to warn:  The U.S. is not even through the first phase of COVID-19, and we are now approaching the flu season where some people will be double-hit, many of them not surviving.  

    My younger brother died of COVID about three months ago, and now our anti-mask-mandate Missouri Governor and his wife are both infected.  Autopsies in hard-hit Florida and New Jersey have revealed blood clots , one ER doctor has disclosed, in otherwise healthy young men whose brains and body organs came under attack once the disease mutated into what looks like a blood disease.  

    Consider this psychological principle, my fellow Americans:  Like a spoiled-rotten rich bully-brat, Donald Trump wants to "show off" his "power" over people who support him by ordering these conned fans to put their lives and the lives of their relatives, neighbors, or people they may meet---to attend his ego-driven televised public "rallies" without masks, without any distancing, and then boasting that they "love him" so much they are willing to DIE if he demands it of them.  Our death toll has gone above 201,000 so far, with at least 1000 more Americans of all ages, from all political parties, from all walks of life dying EVERY SINGLE DAY!  You Trump folks are mere PAWNS in a malignantly narcissistic self-hating lifts-wearing (5'10" pretending to be taller) sociopath incapable of empathy.  

    Attorney Kirschner has publicly stated that Donald Trump is "guilty of criminally negligent GENOCIDE," and he continues to worsen the problem by refusing to allow the necessary tracking that follows the mutations in order to accumulate DATA BANKS that will identify commonalities in order to improve any possible vaccines!  Let's send this ugly Edenic snake---this soulless personification of evil---packing in November!!

    71 AnswersHistory3 days ago